Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Bigot Speaks...

...And what he says is insulting, not just to me and all Puerto Ricans in Lehigh Valley, but also to all races and nationalities all over the world.

He says on his blog: "You just can't have rational discussions with these people".

In a politically correct world, you know, the one we live in. I have to ask: Who exactly is Bernie O'Hare referring to when he says: "These people?" Me???

I have to believe so because he mentions me specifically. I can assure all of Northampton County that he has never ever attempted to have a rational discussion with me about anything.

The times that I have initiated civil and respectful communication with Bernie, he has responded to me with dirty profanity. He knows it's true. In fact, during a Nor-Co County Council meeting he is overheard belittling me for asking him how he was doing. Despicable!

Hmmm??? That's interesting.
I get the feeling he really wants to hurt me, and I suspect that if he could get away with it, he would. 

Yes it's true that I called him out before on this blog, but only because I was tired of his threats. But me? I don't even have the time to dislike Bernie.

If he  ever presents me the opportunity for civil discussion, I would share the Gospel with him.

If instead however, he would prefer to hurl fists at me, well then, I would invite him to do so for charity at Frank Pintabones Boxing Gym. We can do it for charity. All proceeds can be donated to the gym. I'm game, and I'm sure Frank can put it together.

We can invite all the local dignitaries like the Honorable Mayor Sal Panto, Mayor John Callahan, all of Norco County Council, City Council, and on and on. Oh! Let's not forget the deceiving John Stoffa. He can come watch his  Amigo humiliated in the ring.

I'm sure we can all have a great time! Well, except for Bernie. It's no fun being a loser.

Think of the headline:

 The Disbarred Loser Vs. The Rev

Hey Frank: What do you think?


  1. Dear Rev. Mario, I don't see all of your essays but I'm glad to have read this one--and I love it!

    It's been along time since I have heard such a creative challenge in community affairs--Slugging It Out for Charity. I presume that there will be rules governing this contest and that a trained physician would be standing by.

    Well, I can't wait to attend and I will change my schedule to make I'm there. Please let me know how I can help schedule this innovative and entertaining fund-raiser. Maybe we members of the audience could bid on special privileges like being the person to pore a cold bucket of water on one of the two beleaguered contestants.

    I'd say you've hit a home run with this idea except it's the wrong metaphor. So, Knock 'Em Dead!

    Best Wishes, Don Dal Maso

  2. What did you expect? His best friend and role model, Ron Angle is a sanctioned anti-Semite and bigot, who spoke of buying African Americans tickets back to Africa.

    Can anyone expect any more for people like O'Hare?

  3. Now we will see just how intimidating the fake lawyer really is.
    I am ready and willing to donate for such a worthy cause.
    More money will help Mr. P with his gym and kids.
    Kudos for such a great idea.

  4. I wouldn't call Callahan and Panto dignitaries. They have done a pathetic job of running their cities. I spoke to Pastor Santos today, and he told me about Panto's attack on his Rock Church. Its sickening. ANd Callahan would be ten times worse than Stoffa at running this county. Wake up guys.