Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Baby Cries!

Stop your crying John, it doesn't yield results!
Ron Angle left County Council a defeated man, head facing the floor.

John Stoffa may still be in office (for the moment), but he too is a defeated man.

The difference between the two is that Angle knows he was defeated. And realized that crying doesn't help, so he stopped crying.

John Stoffa on the other hand continues to cry like a little baby. He stomps his feet and throws his tantrums to no avail. Nothing he has done has helped him succeed in his diabolical scheme to throw the widows and orphans of the county under a bus. To throw Gracedale under a truck. And most recently to throw Millard D. Freeman and his management team under a tractor.

John Stoffa is loyal only to John Stoffa!

It certainly seems like John is very aware that time is running out. He is desperate to accomplish what has become his legacy...

...Destroy Gracedale.

Tom Shortell said it best yesterday when he penned:
"Stoffa, who is begrudgingly operating the nursing home after voters opposed it's sale in a 2011 voter referendum".

That fabulous statement reveals the TRUTH, and exposes John Stoffa for the liar that he is. On Business matters (after he lost the vote) John Stoffa said: "the people have spoken" and "we have to make it work".

Well, if Mr. Shortell is correct (in this instance we believe he is), then Stoffa has been scheming all along, not to make Gracedale work, but to make her fail!

And it certainly appears that when Stoffa shared his plot with Ross Marcus, Mr. Marcus thought it best not to be around when this volcanic obsession is released. He decided to camouflage his job search as a vacation.

Or perhaps Ross Marcus is tired of misleading the poor taxpayers. That would be a good question to ask Ross upon his return. Well, we're not sure when he'll be back to answer some questions (if at all).

...John Stoffa's career was over the moment that he sued the taxpayers - using tax resources. He should actually suffer the same fate as Joan Orie Melvin. There is nothing he can do to change that fact now. Wait a minute, yes there is...

...He can RESIGN!

COAF was determined then, and is more determined today to expose John Stoffa as the conniver he is! And we continue to wait patiently!!! Justice will prevail by eventually catching up with Stoffa.


  1. He won't resign. He is wasting taxpayer money yet again by going to a conference in Erie. This is a guy who will be out in a few months.

    Anyone lese and O'Hare would be screaming but he think sit is wonderful that John Stoffa goes to this conference on the taxpayers dime.

    O'Hare claims Stoffa's knowledge can help the county in the future. Whoin the world would want Stoffa's advice? It will take years to undo the damage he has done.

    His incompetence has wasted millions of tax dollars and he has practically destroyed not just Gracedale but the entire Human Services Department. Wait till the million dollar plus a year rent comes due on the new Stoffa monument to himself.

    Sad days but at least Stoffa will be gone and we can ensure good people are in county government.

  2. Why doesn't Stoffa take the Hairball with him to Erie? And STAY THERE? They will make a lovely couple and the rest of us can go on with life much more happily without them.

  3. There is a special place for people like Stoffa...future prediction...he will be placed in his coffin face down, to show him where he is headed. He's an old angry man who has been corrupted by too much power for too long a time.

    He does as he pleases regardless of laws.

    Others who do that wind up in jail. Another protected untouchable. He's a diseased fermented bad apple with mold and worms, and not even fit for a garbage disposal, IMHO.