Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who Is Ilisa Sacknoff?

Looking at this photo, she looks so sweet and harmless, but don't be fooled...that's just an appearance, an illusion, and the furthest thing from the truth.

In our opinion, Ilisa is a scorned manipulating social worker who seems to thrive on hurting the family unit. She feeds on controlling the family members of those entrusted under her authority as a social worker.

She searches relentlessly for a vulnerability that she can exploit and take advantage of...and then she does just that - continuously displaying control dependence tendencies.

When family questions her direction relating to their loved one, she exclaims "you have no choice". And her smirk reveals just how devious and sinister she is.

But, thanks to you Ilisa...we organized - and we demonstrated to you that we had a choice, and because of you, they (those who cannot speak for themselves) now have a voice (COAF).

When we say that she has no business caring for the mentally challenged, we're not being mean-spirited, simply honest. Consider that while at Gracedale - during the windows project, one of our members heard her tell a nurse on the eighth floor: " I know how we can make this move go smoother, just give them all a high dose of Ativan"... and she laughed wickedly. Do you remember that Ilisa? We do!

Sadly, all the residents of that floor at that time were Alzheimer's patients. Needless to say, her answer to their misfortune was ATIVAN. What many of you may not know is that under a high dose of Ativan, a patient cannot even eat...a basic fundamental necessary to sustain life.

Imagine however, the priceless look on her face when she realized who was standing by her, who she feared may have heard truly was priceless.

It is our humble opinion that she lacks scruples, common sense, and most importantly compassion.

Yes...the answer is yes, it was reported but, Chief  Administrator Steve McShane failed to hear our concerns. And Ross Marcuss pacified us, while John Stoffa...simply put - deceived us. one listened, and that was the extent of the problem which committed us to the Gracedale Initiative.

We know that Ilisa will eventually trip, and when she does, we will be right there to confirm who she really is. And hopefully, enough evidence is produced to put her where she belongs for abusing those that cannot care for themselves.

We concluded at one point that if any member of COAF would have done to our loved ones what Ilisa was doing, we would in all probability be incarcerated for elderly abuse...But Ilisa was the government - protected by Ross Marcus, who is directed by John Stoffa.

We wonder what the National Association of Social Workers would think about her malicious behavior. We wonder if they would be interested in details we can provide? Hmmm.


  1. Ilisa it looks like your goose is cooked

  2. She was given free reign to do and say the things that she did.
    Of all the times that she walked up and down the hall of SW2, no one ever saw her walk into a room and ACTUALLY say something to the resident.
    And she calls herself a social worker.
    I read her job description, I know from their lack of action, that her supervisors from the local level to Marcus and Stoffa themselves could not have possibly read it-BASED UPON THEIR LACK OF ACTION TO CORRECT HER DEFICIENCIES.

  3. Thank you for looking after the real needs of the Gracedale residents COAF. Unfortunately Stoffa, Marcus and some on county council just don't care. They only see dollar signs.

  4. It really is a shame that she would be allowed to continue her morbid behavior. It is also a shame that two of the most influential representatives of the county didn't do anything to stop her. Truly sad.

  5. I had first had experience with this person on many many occasions and could describe her total lack of compassion & professionalism. She was disrespectful to families and most importantly to residents. Once, when I suggested she act as an advocate for the residents as here job description described she replied "I work for the administration". Now tell me what kind of a "Social Worker" is that? Ross Marcus was told to his face by members of the COAF that if it were not for his inaction in dealing with this so called Social Worker there would have been no reason for the COAF to be formed. Perhaps in the long run it has served Gracedale well. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK COAF---THERE ARE STILL MANY SNAKES IN THE GRASS!!!!

  6. You haver that right and even moe snakes in the grass that want to become county leaders. This will be a very difficulat time.

  7. I haven't seen a shred of evidence, no proof has been offered. A conversation 'overhead' is hearsay and not proof of anything. Allegations, both as to who the author of this post is as well as the person who overheard this horrible conversation, are anonymous.

    This post as it stands is nothing more than character assassination - which is a sin in the eyes of God.

    If you have real proof, let's see it. If these allegations are true then you'd have the entire Lehigh Valley at your side on this.

    As it stands, no one will pay any attention at all.

    Be better than this.

  8. It is the truth as stated. She knows it is. Enough people will come forth to verify every word stated here if and when necessary. Do you think the people posting here are stupid enough to make statements that they are not willing nor able to verify? If you do then you better re-think about it again!
    I know I personally have had enough information on the people in power in this county to write a book. It's an absolute disgrace how they have abused their positions of power and our hard earned tax dollars.
    Their days of abuse are numbered. The truth is slowly but surely revealing what scoundrels we have unwittingly put our faith in by electing them.
    Stay alert !

  9. I did not say they were stupid, so please don't put words in my mouth. I asked questions that apparently you don't like.

    Before I or anyone I know would get behind this, there has to be proof offered and names of the accusers public. I don't think that's an unreasonable position.

    So I ask again, let's see the proof and the names of the accusers. If it's solid, you'll have the entire Lehigh Valley behind your movement and will accomplish something fantastic.

    Knowing this, I have to ask why haven't already moved forward? If what you say is true, then there is a sick, twisted woman there who needs to be removed. Your faith demands that you do everything in your power to protect the weak, aged and infirm.

    So if you have proof, I beg of you to come forward.

  10. Ilisa knows very well what she said and who heard her. The time is coming when she will have to answer for her misdeeds.

    Anon 2:21 you want proof, identify yourself and we will give you proof.

    There is in fact documented evidence that COAF was concerned about Ilisa early on, to the point that they addressed it in writing. But those in authority like McShane, Marcus, and Stoffa did nothing.

    We understood then as we do today, that eventually her actions would catch up to her, and apparently she is fearful that truth is materializing now.

  11. How did you know Ilisa was coming? CLICK CLICK CLICK the sound of her high heels strutting down the hallways like she owned Gracedale. What she never did during any of her walks was check in on the people that were entrusted to her.

  12. I don't know what you're waiting for, proof as you state would be actionable in a court of law, and could be used to bring down Marcus and Stoffa as well.

    The fact that you're willing to risk the lives of the aged and infirm patients at Gracedale rather than come forward with this proof is mind boggling to me.

    If this is all true and you are waiting for some reason, may God have mercy on your souls.

  13. this post jumps straight into libel. you better hope she doesn't lawyer up...

  14. Hey Bernie, we're as afraid of her sueing as we were of you. No fear whatsover because what we're saying is true. She knows it and if she sues she will be burried in court and that will allows us also expose the rest. we only welcome it. Do us a favor and stay off our blog!

  15. Anon 426 you actually don't know what your talking about.

    Ilisa doesn't work at Gracedale any longer, shes at DP where she is casting her ill will on others.

    She has issues pending that will soon expose her for who she is.

  16. At an Alz support group meeting of which she was in charge, IS actually said that she was an advocate for the Gracedale Administration and NOT an advocate for the Alz residents.
    This was announced by her in front of the entire membership of the people who came to the Alz support group meetng held monthly.
    Near the end of her reign in that position, she had her superiors attend the meeting for her "protection." They knew very well what she was doing,so did many of the workers who she ignored on a daily basis.
    Ross Marcus knew and heard all the complaints and accusations which could be verified in front of 33 taxpayers and the chief adm. at Gracedale. What did Marcus do to help? Change her position. Sounds abit like the priest scandal to me. No supervision-just get her out of Gracedale.
    Our tax money at work.
    Kudos to the activist group who stood their ground, for the BOSSES chickened out.

  17. hey anon 6:00 PM- i ain't bernie. was actually an ally of yours.

  18. No ally would say or think the way you do. We know it's you Bernie u kid no one but yourself.

  19. Monday Mondays la la lalala la
    so good to me la la lalala la

  20. What is a "Program Specialist II for SCO"? oes anyone know?

  21. Stoffa, Angle, and Marcus-before Angle was re-routed- made so many errors with Gracedale.
    It would be my hope that at this point they follow through with this personnel matter which Marcus,for sure, has known about for approx 3-4 years.
    I suggest that they do what they should have done while they were also trashing Gracedale using incorrect figures and polite "politically correct" language.

  22. Word on the street is Marcus said Ilisa was not right for the job. Social Worker at Gracedale, why give her another job in goverment service?

  23. Either Marcus or Stoffa have enabled this worker's inappropriate behavior and incompetence for quite some time. It is time that the workers in Human Services unite with COAF and make this more public. It sounds very similiar to the number fudging and polite language Marcus use in DP as he has done in the past with Gracedale. The workers, advocates, and consumers need to unite an put an end to politics within Human Services in NorCo!

  24. Rumor has it that Marcus and Stoffa are trying to break several articles in Collective Bargaining Agreement that was recently signed with the union in January of this year. I hear Marcus has been holding positions in Human Services since last year and did not open them up to union members as obligated by the CBA. He also is now trying to start the layoff plan before the 30 day notice also outlined in the CBA. I also heard a meeting is to be held later this week with Marcus and the Union later this week. Only a matter of time IMO that the press and public will hear the real story of what is going on. Stay tuned

  25. Does Lisa have the goods on someone from her days at the district attorney's office? How else could she act with such disdain and license unless she has such power or is doing the bidding of her handlers? She is not very bright but is long on hubris. Her boundaries are very ill-defined and she cow-tows to those who, she perceives, may help her get ahead. She has a character disorder, more they likely, a personality disorder. How many can say "I had a long conversation with Ilisa and it was enjoyable"? Can anyone perceive what her subordinates see so clearly?

  26. Word on the street is, Is lisa a Medical Doctor? Why was she making medical decisions. It seams that the state said only a M.D. can decide if an ALZ. resident is stage 3 or stage 4 the final stage. She told the families they were at deaths door. No Medical decisions were made just her decision., in violation of state law.

    1. She is not but does believe she's an expert at medications which is why she tried to advise GD nurses on med types and dosages. She has a high opinion of her capabilities

    2. Her answer to people with ALZ was dose em up with ativa, I know she did it to my Mother too.

  27. Gracedale advisory board meeting Thu. at 430 floor 1 Gracedale

  28. I'll tell Marcus,Stoffa,and Stellar how great a social worker Sacknoff was with Alz victims.
    Gracedale's admin at the time told COAF that Sacknoff was their EXPERT on Alz.
    At an Alz support group Sacknoff replied to one of COAF'S questions by saying that MOTIVATION,STIMULATION,and ACTIVATION were not important for our beloved family members who she and Stellar-no medical degrees-moved from an open stimulating area to one closed in floor with 4 Alz.residents in each room. Why? According to them it was because they were at Death's Door.
    My family member lived 2 years longer in an unstimulating environment along with 46 other victims.
    Of course, the families had no choice until the famous battle took place.Some were them given choices instead of fighting.
    This is what Sacknoff,Stellar, McShane,Marcus and Stoffa allowed.
    They went so far as to change the nomenclature of the floor classifications in order to get away with it.

    Thank you,Sacnoff,Stellar, Marcus,and Stoffa.
    The tragic part of this story is that the open Alz areas which Gracedale HAS were the best of all the nursing facilities in our area,in my humble opinion. That is why I CHOSE Gracedale for my family member WHO COULD NOT SPEAK FOR HERSELF.
    Where was my beloved social worker? Read her job description,for our county administration really could not have.For if they did,this form of elder abuse would never have taken place.
    Wise up,Marcus an Stoffa.

  29. with the move from T-8 to SW 2 we were discusing with Ms. Sacnoff having a person moved in to our mother's room trying to help her out with a language barrier. Ms. sacnoff asked me to step out onto the hallway and she said " you really don't want that women in the room with your mother do you ?"Now does that sound like a caring social worker to you ? Instead of doing something that would help the resident out it was just the oppsite. The lady was never placed in the room instead moved to another floor. I was also told I had no choice many times when it came to my mother. I could go on and on.
    This true and really did happen.


  30. Confrimation to comment posted 5:34

    This is in fact true. It was my Mom that Ilisa was talking about.

    My Mom due to Alzheimer's lost her second langauge English, so she almost always spoke Spanish. In my opinion Ilisa didn't like that dealing with my Mom because she coundn't understand her.

    Ilisa did alot to hurt my Mom, me, and our family. She went as far as having my Mom sent to a hospital in Scranton to conduct the very same evaluations they could have done in St Luke's.

    But she wanted to control the family, believing that we would not go to Scranton, she was wrong, I was there every day. An hour+ going, and an hour+ coming back...but I was there every day, and to get my Mom released better than a week later, I had to attend a hearing, and I have a witness to prove it.

    In the end it will all come out and Ilisa will pay the price she deserves to pay.


  31. Have no fear, she is now working with the children and families of No.Co. I am sure she will be compassionate with them. Ha Ha. So, you see, when she had problems at DP, she was transferred again. Way to go Marcus and Stoffa! I like the consistency. Also, just another note, her horrid career did not start at Gracedale. She first created havoc on the Juvenile Justice Department. I pray for our children and families in need at DHS

  32. I am someone forced to deal with Lisa, as she calls herself, on a personal basis. She has entered herself into mine, and my family's, life. I am highly concerned and frightened by this horrid fact. I'd like to get more information on this horrid excuse of a human being. I would like to talk to anyone who has dealt with her at extent. Does anyone have an e-mail I can contact them at? This is urgent? The very existence of my family may depend on it. Please HELP!

  33. I knew Lisa on a personal basis. I can tell everything written about her personality on this blog is true. She likes to control people and she uses human kindness as a weapon against them. She believes that she is smarter than most people and also seems find problems with everyone around her. She comes off as a nice person and then uses it against you to control you.

  34. She has her daughter working for lawyers now!

  35. She has a personality disorder for sure, some sort of God complex who cannot handle any constructive feedback whatsoever. She'd rather prove herself "right" than do the right thing for her consumers. I can't wait until she retires!