Friday, September 23, 2011

Angle Retires?

Not by November "The People" retire him.
Why, because he has mislead, misinformed and mistreated the great NorCo for far too long now. "We The People" are sick and tired of the fabrications made by this miscreant to benefit no other than himself.

The People of district 4 MUST understand by now that Mr. Angles angle is to continue to serve himself, throw some bones to his proclaimed lawyer BO, and in The Peoples opinion conspire with Mr. Stoffa to hurt the County even more than they already have, all the while helping only themselves.

Recall Stoffa...still a possibility because he has disgraced NorCo in many ways. How so, well for example, if any member of the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families even attempted to walk into the courthouse without going through the metal detector they would probably end up in cuffs...but it appears that BO can do as he pleases because he has been observed entering bypassing the detector. Seemingly the county executive allows it, and that in our opinion is a disgrace because BO has been known to commit wrongful acts which the entire county is aware of. So what are we to believe? That stoffa gave his permission, after all he is the CE. In the opinion of many of The People of NorCo, BO is a vicious lunatic capable of anything, his past is the evidence of his potential. Let us hope and pray that his wicked deeds do not lead to an atrocity in the courthouse. If so, who should we hold responsible? Ultimately...Mr. Stoffa.

Mr. Angle needs to break out his golf clubs, and he may as well clear the dust  off of his fishing gear...soon he will have plenty of time to use them. No one in his district fears him anymore, thanks to the grass root group which stood against him like David against Goliath...and GoliAngle went down just like the history book tells us he did.

When will they understand, and what else must they see, hear and smell before they comprehend that with GOD on your side...NO ONE CAN STAND AGAINST YOU.


  1. This post is just about Bernie on his blog he had a write up: Council Candidate
    Matt Connolley
    Behind on Real Estate Taxes Again.

    I asked Bernie if he pays taxes on the money he gets from Angle , and Stoffa under the table for doing their dirty work and I mean dirty work.
    Bernie is good at running people down- but when he does the same thing it is ok.
    I posted about this twice and he removed it both times with out a mention guess I hit a nerve.
    Bernie you are getting in deeper and deeper hope you have a big shovel.
    Pay back's are a bitch.
    I don't know Mr. Connolly, But I will vote for Mc Clure he can stay on top of thing's with out going to all the meetings - - That is a good man
    he does his home work.
    You go for it Mc Clure !

  2. Maybe it is time the IRS takes a look at BO finaces. He pays for things with cash why?

  3. The word on the street is BO you can not deleate the comments on this blog, can you. With work like it is a lot of people are behing. Mat Connolley is a good man, better than the county goons, he was on election commission that Angle has the Angle, tried to strong arm. The commission let the COAF collect names. This is the reason he is against him.

  4. This blog post contains several serious allegations that are not only false, but are made with knowledge of their falsity or with reckless disregard for the truth. You have until Sunday to remove these false statements or I will take legal action for ALL of the defamation that has been posted here over the last year.

  5. Start your leagal action, we'er ready. We will provide proof of all the defermation you have committed on your hate blog. Your a racist pig thayt should be paying your fare share of taxes but don't - what about the 18.5k you were going to pay for a car for a young lady you have a crush on. Please, file your action, the people no longer fear you, and we can prove what we say. And your the last person who should talk about truth because you donn't kmow the meening.


  7. Bernie look who is calling the kettle black.
    sorry charlie.

  8. no law license -no lawsuit-disbarred-disgraced and smells worse than cows

  9. This B man must be insane he hurts anyone he pleases then say hay your not allowed to hut me crazy I say just plain crazy

  10. Where is he going to get the money from, the under the table bussiness you might run. You need money to file lawsuits. The truth is finally starting to show. BO can you handle the heat. BO, Stoffa let you run wild in the courthouse it is time you acted human, instead of one of the NORTHAMPTON GOONS,

  11. Let him make his silly move and then we can go after him IN PUBLIC in front of the ENTIRE COUNTY.
    Go BO, payback really is a bitch.
    Hey, I need a loan for a car. Will you help me or just pay for it outright?
    Have you ever, BO, made that offer to anyone since you are so broke!!!!!
    Think of the Army of people who you have defamed because they stood alone. Well, guess what,people are gathering to watch your demise for all the harm you have done to others.
    Down with the despot!

  12. Who is afraid of the big,big, bad,bad,bad wolf?
    I hear that Love is in the air for you.
    Maybe if you took a bath, you might have a better chance.
    If you cannot afford the soap, perhaps the PEOPLE who you have defamed over the years might find room in their hearts to buy you a bar(no pun intended).

  13. Just heard through the grapevine that Stoffa is in real hot water. There are some whistle blowers who learned how to blow the whistle at a government seminar. They are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the truth to the residents of the county. This regime of illicit officials are sure to witness there own downfall. Keep up the good honest work COAF. You have given us the courage to do what is right.

  14. Although I am unable to sue this blog for the anonymous comments posted here, I can sue for a defamatory post. That post is defamatory. It falsely portrays me as someone who has the run of the courthouse as a result of some corrupt arrangement with the county administration. It also falsely portrays me as a vicious lunatic who could go off at any moment and engage in "atrocities" at the courthouse. This goes too far. Although this blogger may think he is clever by not revealing his identity, he is about to find out that nothing is really anonymous on the Internet. The continuing tirade of increasingly bizarre accusations has to stop. I have a right to protect my reputation, which is damaged when these defamatory comments are published. I also have a right to protect members of my family, who have been subjected to racist comments at this venue. The person who posted this most recent defamatory comment has assets, including two homes in NC alone and a sports car. I will do what I have to do unless this defamatory comment is removed by Sunday. Those who know me know that I do not threaten litigation without following through. The only reason I am posting about this here and now is because I have an obligation to mitigate damages. I have fulfilled my responsibility and will do what I have to do.

  15. Allow me to say that if COAF removes this posting which I see as acurate, bernardo will own the blog and will dictate it's very future.

  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it bernie himself, on his internet forum who said that he had sercumvented security at wfmz69 during the last taping? So what exactly does he find so offensive with this post? I have read his and I have read SPG, of the two his is definately worst because he tells alot of lies. People are entitled to thier opinions.

  17. I only deal in cash
    I take it from my stash
    I have more than I can handle
    As much as David Jaindl

    I have it hidden well
    Enough to buy and sell
    I'll buy my favorite bunny
    With all my illegal money

    What money cannot buy
    When only pigs will fly
    She splattered me with mace
    As the door slammed in my face

    Alone again


  18. Word on the street is, This E MAIL sent from Date WED.2 March2011 18:24:18--0500 to Larry Otter BO said that members signed the petition more than once Mary ann Smoyercirculator and member of Gracedale initiative Committee who signed the Petition at least three times. Petition 372, line9, petition 476, line 4, petition 424, line 25. NOT PHYSICALLY CONFIRMED. it appears that Petition 476, line 4, is MARY ANN SCHMOYER'S DAUGHTER MARY M SCHMOYER. AS A RESULT OF HUMAN ERROR, THE THRID SIGNATURE WAS INCORRECTLY LISTED, BUT I WILL FIND IT. Since you represent Schmoyer , why not ask them to fess up? Bernie O'Hare Remember election fraud. she signed the petition three times ELECTION FRAUD, THEY ARE GOONS, LYNCH MOB. REMEMBER bo, a lot of miss truths came from your sheet may be we should nail it up in the outhouse and use it there.

  19. Last night was a nice evening with Scott Parsons and Steve Barron. They had the opportunity to meet some really good, salt of the earth people in the Northwest Tier, people who have lived here for multiple generations. The word will be spread. Thanks to all who attended.

    Please, please stay focused on the mission at hand.

  20. It seems that they get a warm receptiopn where ever they go. Good people.

  21. Hahahaha.....this is hysterical. Bernie O'Hare threatening a lawsuit for defamation. Bernie, you need to take a look at your own blog. Things are happening in Northampton County and it isn't good for the trio of Stoff, Angle and O'Hare. Looks like people are starting to get courage to blow the whistle on these GOONS!

  22. I don't know Bernie, I don't seem to see any defamation written BY THE BLOG. Maybe some things being said by anonymous people that might be hurting your ego a little, but not anything different than what I have read on your blog. In fact, I have seen YOU write articles that I would consider defamation more than anything mentioned here.

  23. BO should be on notice that should he follow through on his frivolous intention, the people will counter, and he needs to remember how many names and how many times he defamed every member of the Coalition, as well as many others in the county. Conceivably his action will result in justice for all whom have been wronged by his unfounded malicious, virulent criticism of any who cross his path.

  24. bo if this post is removed I for one would be very surprised and very disappointed. The reason is , since the beginning I have found that unlike bo's blog this site has been informative and truthful. Some guest members have of course posted nonsense. The COAF members have always been willing to stand behind their statements here and everywhere. Unlike Stoffa, Angle and bo the COAF believes in the power of the truth.

  25. Certainly O'Hare would once again be the laughing stock of the courtroom. DENIED, DISMISSED..bring it on, I cant wait

  26. Looks like someone has hit a nerve with the King Of Mean.
    Romance WAS in the air.
    Some can dish it and cannot take it. The appropriate word for BO is BULLY.
    I heard that he once told a friend that he was going to enjoy watching this individual squirm as he took him down on his blog.
    Does this sound like a person who cares about others?
    He is now on the defensive and needs a little LOVE.

  27. WORD ON THE STREET IS, I guess some one is turning the heat up. Stay tuned for the next round.


    376 U.S. 254

    New York Times Co. v. Sullivan

  29. My daddy used to say that you had better treat people fairly ,honestly, and nicely on your way up the ladder because you will surely meet them on the way DOWN the ladder.
    The Unholy Trinity should have spoken to my daddy before they opened their big, nasty, shouting mouths including the SCARY/UGLY stares.

  30. Poor (yeah right) bo has money to wine and dine after working out? I wonder if he reports his income? He has judgements against him yet I believe. Shouldn't every penny he gets go to the people he allegedly swindled out of their rightful claims?

  31. West Easton has a chance for some new blood on their Council. I hope they are wise enough to vote out the old and vote in the new. You see what the old has gotten them--Drunks, deadbeats and now prisoners!

  32. Well the tables are turning on the trio, it's about time.
    Tell me how does it feels to be on the other side of the fence ?
    It is getting hot but it is going to get alot hotter where you three my wind up some day.
    It could not happen to nicer people, keep smiling.

  33. MajorityBrennan, joined by Warren, Clark, Harlan, Stewart, White
    ConcurrenceBlack, joined by Douglas
    ConcurrenceGoldberg, joined by Douglas
    Laws applied
    U.S. Const. amends. I, XIV
    Wikisource has original text related to this article:
    New York Times v. Sullivan

    New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964),[1] was a United States Supreme Court case which established the actual malice standard which has to be met before press reports about public officials or public figures can be considered to be defamation and libel[2]; and hence allowed free reporting of the civil rights campaigns in the southern United States. It is one of the key decisions supporting the freedom of the press. The actual malice standard requires that the plaintiff in a defamation or libel case prove that the publisher of the statement in question knew that the statement was false or acted in reckless disregard of its truth or falsity. Because of the extremely high burden of proof on the plaintiff, and the difficulty in proving essentially what is inside a person's head, such cases—when they involve public figures—rarely prevail.
    Before this decision there were nearly US$300 million in libel actions outstanding against news organizations from the Southern states and these had caused many publications to exercise great caution when reporting on civil rights, for fear that they might be held accountable for libel. After The New York Times prevailed in this case, news organizations were free to report the widespread disorder and civil rights infringements. The Times maintained that the case against it was brought to intimidate news organizations and prevent them from reporting illegal actions of public employees in the South as they attempted to continue to support segregation

  34. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it bernie himself, on his internet forum who said that he had circumvented security at wfmz69 during the last taping? So what exactly does he find so offensive with this post? I have read his and I have read SPG, of the two his is definately worst because he tells alot of lies. People are entitled to thier opinions

  35. Bernie O'Hare is a no good, disgraced, disbarred , lying, asshole who has made a complete mess out of his entire life. No one wants him in their lives except for Stoffa and Angle. When Stoffa is no longer county exec and Angle is voted out, all the wheels he spins will come to an abrupt end. His ex-wife , children and ex-girlfreind fromA-town want nothing to do with him and none of his kids speak to him. None of his siblings speak to him either. He turned on a West Easton woman who supported selling Gracedale. Now she wont have anything to do with him either. He keeps no family, no friends, and only has Stoffa and Angle in his life. When they wind up where they belong its Bye-bye Bernie. BYE BYE you useless TROLL

  36. It is really facinating that ohare who is known for his coercion tactics could believe that he deserves better than what he gives. Did he not recently cause a West Easton candidate to remove herself from the ballot because of threats he was making about exposing her past? He is a disgraceful man who stops at nothing to get his way. We must shun this wanna-be from our politicle and govermental system, or the system will decay until there is nothing left of it.

  37. Mr. O'Hare, you sir are suppose to be Mr. Angles best friend, so why is it that you appear to be his worst enemy. Do you by any chance realize that you are costing Ron Angle this coming election? We look forward to your action so that we can reveal everything we know relating to your evil ways, as well as how you, Angle and Stoffa are tied together. Everything you say and do is reflecting on him, very poorly we may add. We thank you however for your un-solicited effort. Also take notice that COAF after saving Gracedale is now hellbent on bringing honest government back to Northampton County. We want and demad civility and honesty by all elected officials. When that goal is acheived, there will be no room for you or the likes of you. We promise you that we will pack the house with testemonies that will bring your world to a sqreching halt, and end any chance for a Ron Angle re-election. Please feel free to test us.

  38. Can ohare under oath say that he never walked into the court house without going through the metal detector? he better not because the people have witnesses who will testify they observed it, and they won't be lieing, he will be. Possible jail time? hmmm

  39. It is Sunday pm. Bernie I would think long and hard about legal action for defamation against this blog. Sit down and take a good look at your own blog and the thing you have printed about this COAF group. The names you have called them, plus election fraud,thing's about handicapped people, I could go on, and on not to mention people on the council and candidate's and other people in office you have tryed to de-fame. It is ashame you can't do something productive with your life. If you are going to go in to the kitchen be sure you can stand the HEAT.

  40. We recently have come into so much more info about BO's tactics that we cannot wait to expose them.
    We even know things that he could not possibly realize that we have learned.
    How "hilarious" it would be to have him hear these things in public.Unless he would rather hear them at the Tic-Toc in front of his other 2 buddies.

  41. bo has nothing but time and support from Angle and Stoffa. Anyone can file a suit about anything. Don't be afraid. Any judge seeing and hearing all the evidence will throw his suit out. He has made himself a public entity and as such is open to criticism just as he criticises others.

    Stay strong, bo is long winded but stick to your guns, he is powerless. He can't hurt you in court. He is just being the bullshit bully he has always been. He is in need of mental health counseling. The court folks all know this.