Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Will Never Ever Give Up

In case you haven't noticed, will never give up!!!


  1. Is it true that B.O. comments under other names on his blog like "Brenda". I know a lot of people here thought Trish was "Brenda" was she ?

  2. When you believe justice has not been served it is important to NEVER GIVE UP. Stoffa, Angle, bo and the others who have mis-used taxpayer money need to be held responsible. Mr. Otter do what needs to be done!

  3. Scott Parsons, is looking better and better all the time. district 4 needs honest leadership.

  4. Bernie says that he cannot wait to appear in court with Mr. Otter.
    Bernie,Bernie, Bernie, we cannot wait either.
    No wonder you placed this on your blog. You and the boys do indeed have more than money to concern yourselves with.
    The activities of you 3 are coming out to our attention day by day.
    I can almost feel you shaking inside.
    We already know that your bulldog is and your favorite exec.
    This is a little like the loyalists in Lybia ripping off their uniforms to join the other side.
    You guys should be ashamned of yourselves. I know that John is starting to feel the guilt of joining up with you 2 slanderers.
    The other comment says it all: Parsons is looking better as each day passes.
    Remember the detention center: The people had to fight while their representative,Angle, got free dinners and even more money in his warchest.
    He even made money on his own people,Champion Of The Little People. Sure, at their expense to line his pockets.

  5. Scott Parsons is the one people want to represent them in District 4. That's the word on the street. People are tired of the antics of Angle. He's lost the respect of the people he was elected to serve. The same holds true for Stoffa. The voters will not forget who wanted to put a prison in their town and who wanted to sell Gracedale. The County Council receives little or no cooperation from Stoffa. They ask for a report and it's not provided. What's up with that Exec?

  6. We'll drink to that.

  7. Word on the street BO is up ot his usual, I only post in my name, yea. See your meal ticket is drying up.
    Without Stoffa you will have to act human when you enter the offices in the courthouse. BO can you handle no more free rides. With any luck we will have only one GOON left.

  8. Is it true Bernie was trying to lose weight so that Trish would date him ?

  9. Bernie was trying to lose weight because football season is starting
    He didn't want to be confused with the GoodYear Blimp again

    As I typed I had a epiphony

    don't stoop to his level

    Ignore the jerk

    I'll let my comment stand as a reminder

    I'll drink to that!!!

  10. Epiphany

    yeah yeah

  11. Why would anyone want to be with Bernie. Remember, he likes to humiliate and hurt. I'd like to meet the person who would stoop that low to discard his/her dignity.
    The walls are closing in.
    Do not be afraid ,for Angle will come to help you, Bernie, IF there is something in it for him.

  12. Give it up, BO, no one is intimidated by you any longer.
    You should hear what the Administration says about you and their own boss.
    You have hurt alot of people and they are coming out.

  13. The West Easton Cartel has a working deal with with the Norco Cartel not to sign any contracts with the DUI center prior to election day. Gee, are we surprised by this?


  14. O'Hare has posted another attack on Gracedale on his hate blog. He is claiming that the private management firm will fail. He has some bullcrap about an employee.

    It is obvious he is setting the stage for the next Angle/Stoffa strategy, that the private firm says they can't save Gracedale and it must be sold.

    Word on the street is that is the deal Angle/Stoffa cut with this company. The company is to say they can't make Gracedale work very well so the disgusting duo can cry about dumping it before the five years are up and demand another referendum.
    The fight to save Gracedale is far from over. We need to stay close to our friends who are knowledgeable about these things. Never let up and trust Stoffa, Angle or O'Hare. We all know their agenda.

    Fight harder then ever to save Gracedale. This firm is an Angle/Stoffa smokescreen.

  15. Interesting development at West Easton Borough council meeting last night. Abe Atiyeh lawyer Mickey Thompson appeared at Borough Hall to make a presentation. He is asking for an inpatient detox hospital to be built directly adjacent to the DUI center on the land owned by Abe.


  16. The Angle/Stoffa plan is to blame the unions. They may have an agreement with management company to continue to run Gracedale into the ground, but I very much doubt that. There will too much scrutiny, and it will adversely effect the managers reputation. COAF has the ability to communicate what's going on here to other points of interest.

  17. Word on the street is you cannot blame the union, if the chief GOON WILL NOT MEET WITH THE UNION. Still waiting for the management company that will be in place on MAY 18 2011. As for head GOON, no bids will be in on the 18th, no we will run it down some more first.It is SEPTEMBER 13th no one in sight yet, have to sign contract first. Do you remember the mod squad well Northampton County has the GOON Squad. Stoffa, Angle, bo.

  18. You have to wish the stae attorney general or the auditor general would be alerted to this situation. This demands a full scale investigation on all fronts by a stae agency.

  19. According to the latest posting it appears


    wants Gracedale to fail.

    What is it with that guy?

    He indicts the entire staff, because of

    one "alleged" bad apple? I say "alleged" as I

    for one can not believe a word of what this

    guy says, I would need further proof as to the

    true story of the case.

    This kind of crappola occurs EVERYWHERE.

    If the story was valid that person

    would have been arrested.

    Union or no union, I'm pretty sure strangling

    someone is against the law.

    On another thread I see Tricia

    is self employeed.

    Healthcare for her would have been

    $19,000 per year if she chose to pay for it.

    Good luck Tricia, I wish you could afford to

    pay this, as no one knows what the future holds

    even if we do take care of ourselves..

    However,no word from the pauper,

    the 14 floor walkup dweller.

    What is O Limbaughs annual cost?

    Let me venture a guess,

    he has pre-existing conditions,

    he does not have the finances

    to afford private healthcare.

    He is covered by a welfare type policy,

    a "government" funded welfare type policy.

    Then rails Obamacare?

    hmmmm....prove me wrong.

  20. Another point to be made about the alleged incidents as reported by O'LIMBAUGH

    I don't know how the county works however if the company I work for released private information such as disiplinary actions and or details of specific incidents in relationship to ANY of our employees, we could and probably would be sued, this according to the HR department as of 4 PM this afternoon. As I had a converstion with them, via telephone, I directed them to OLIMBAUGHS blog, we went over it section by section. Other than their take on that specific subject, they did bring up the fact that the posters seemed to be mostly troubled and in need of mental help.
    I had to laugh, and agree.

    Prehaps this woman O'LIMBAUGH is dedicating his daily rant about, should be informed so she can persue all legal actions afforded to her under the law, against O'LIMBAUGH and the people who have provided this private information.

    Just a thought I could be wrong , its' not as though I am a famous disbarred over the top drunken lawyer in bad standing or anything.

    Ya' know????

  21. I wonder if the woman now has an even stronger case against the county after Stoffa and company leaked her personal information to O'Hare for publication on his hate blog.

    We will probably once again be forced to use our taxes to fix a problem created by Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare.

    I beg of you District four voters give Scott Parsons a chance. If you don't like him put Angle back in office in four years. God knows he will be running for things until he dies.

    Please enough is enough. Please give our beloved county a chance at civilized and competent government.

    Thank you!