Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Can See The Light

How do we know that our forefathers had it right when they wrote our Constitution? because of the milestone reached tonight during the CC meeting.

At some future point we will look back and realize that it was not just a milestone...but a true miracle.

Consider the night 13 months ago that Angle threw a childish fit stating "We will be here until 2 in the morning if need be, but we will vote to sell Gracedale". And tonight he voted along with the other eight councilmen/women to turn over the capital improvement projects to a private organization that will work to help Gracedale succeed.

Who would have ever thought they (CC) could all agree on this matter...and did not have to stay until 2am. The Coalition Of Alzhiemers Families thats who, and they honored the Constitution in the process.

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  1. Stay vigilant my friends. Never let your gaurd down with this crowd.

  2. Agreed. Low life people and liars never change for the better.
    Does anyone really believe that the UNHOLY TRINITY will do what is right for the elderly people before themselves?
    They had more than enough time to work with the taxpayers.
    But no! Mrs Ferraro had a great idea -just like this one a year and a half ago-which would have saved the people alot of tax dollars.
    The UNHOLY TRINITY had to continue a battle which should never had happened.
    By the way Mrs. Ferraro's plan would have only been for 2 years not 5.
    Therefore, Angle fought with her and disagreed. So, the man who is always telling people how he is going to save them money is now and has been spending our money to satisfy his own ego.
    Congratulations to Mrs.Ferraro for submitting a or the same plan for a shorter amount of time which would have saved everyone alot of taxpayer money and unnecessary battles and work.

  3. They still want to sell it. You will just have to make it very difficult for them to that.

  4. 1:44 is correct. I was told that Angle was heard telling someone that when this company FAILS, people will agree it should be sold.

    I don't trust Stoffa or Angle, no way. I am hopeful Gracedale can survive until we get a qualified and honest county executive.

  5. You can count on it.
    We are getting stronger everyday.
    For one year and one month,COAF has been way ahead of those 3 who try to hurt the people by their behind the scenes activities. They still have not realized that from their mouths to our ears.
    I, as one, do believe, to a degree ,that Stoffa finally is making an attempt to do this Gracedale project as best that he can.
    Beware trio, information is coming in on an almost daily basis.Stay honest and on target.

  6. The Angle/Stoffa plan is diabolically simple. They are going to blame the unions. I'm told that the the county has made proposals to AFSCME and the Steelworkers that actually set the employees back financially 5 years. In other words, they are trying to force them to strike. They are going to continue to talk about the declining census, and in the meantime that will do absolutely nothing to get the beds filled. This will cause larger county contributions to be necessary. They will try to sell Gracedale again in two years.

  7. Maybe,but let's see how much Stoffa and Angle are willing to lose in terms of their careers.
    They now know that a very large portion of the County is watching very closely.
    If they keep playing games, even the unions are going to start looking good.

  8. I think pay cuts are out of the question. Pay freezes should be part of the answer. I would think a pay freeze for now, and that it is reviewed yearly throughout the life of the contract. Plus eliminate some holidays, and look into the Cedarbrook module as far as healthcare contributions.

    The pay freeze idea would be based on profitability. No profits, no raise.
    Some of these holidays are excessive. They get paid for Easter, Presidents Day, Veterens Day, most companies offer 6 paid holidays. I do realize that the place is 24/7 so if you are scheduled to work those holidays of course you should be paid.

    Another option is to have a two-tiered system. The place from what I have been told has a fairly high turnover. The new hires should be offered whatever it is the county determines they would find affordable in a long term scenario. If you hire under different paramters 5-10-20 years from now the equation will be better balanced. Another option is to have the majority of the staff part-time, savings realized in benefits not paid. That would make any full time positions more coveted. The administration needs to respect employees that have made this place a career, not unlike themselves who have made careers in government positions, they should have the basic parameters of their benefits held steady as possible.
    Those that are eligible to retire, should be encouraged to retire prehaps with some sort of incentive package.
    I am not privy to the mechanisms that are at play as far as financing however these ideas have worked for other companies.
    Good luck with your negotiations.

  9. I have an observation NEVER puts his hand over his heart nor does he say the Pledge of Alligence at meetings? He just glares at other people as he looks around the room. Odd behavior even for bo.

  10. He could be a Jehovahs Witness.

    I went to school with 2 brothers that were, and they wouldn't recite or put their hands on their hearts during the pledge, that was in the '60's
    They also were excused from the class Halloween party, and when we had to dance with the girls (ugh!!) they didn't, and at Christmas they did not pick a name from the hat to exchange gifts.
    They were my friends and even though that was deemed pretty radical we got along fine.

    My 4th and subsequently 5th grade teacher made a comment that in retrospect I think was directed at them.
    She said to the entire class in a speech she was giving about careers and jobs, that she was approached by the FBI for an interview about a former student seeking a classified type job.
    They asked questions pertaining to her view of the former student. She said she liked him and he was a good student , however, she told them he did not engage with the rest of the class when reciting the Pledge. She went on to say he was turned down for that job.
    Both of these brothers were in the room at the time as we had combined 4th and 5th grade classes.
    I wonder if a teacher could get away with that now?
    Anyway maybe OhairBrain is a Witness, I feel sorry for them if he is, as he is more annoying than they could ever be.

  11. How wonderful for Gracedale if Stoffa really saw the light. I have my doubts. It's election time. Angle and Dowd are up for re-election so they are being nice. Stoffa wants his DUI center. The public knows very little about this extremely expensive long-term tax- payer funded venture with a questionable developer.
    Now Stoffa is hoping contract give-backs from the union at Gracedale will help cover the cost of the swaption. What about asking the other unionss in the county to give up a little too? Let's not forget about the forthcoming fines from the asbestos fiasco. There are also legal battles looming from the referendum that need to be judicated.

    I would love to believe that Angle and Stoffa have truly seen the light. To me they are like a very serious life-threatening disease organism that is opportunistic. At the moment, they may be dormant but at the first sign of weakness they will stike again. Thank goodness we've had our preventive shots!!!

  12. No, everything they've done can be seen in another light. The management company is brought in to manage the decline, and provide a "see we told you" type of political cover for Stoffa/Angle. The repairs that are being made would have had to been made by the private buyer. At least 5 million was going to be knocked off the final sale price to account for that. You could say they are improving the physical plant at virtuallly no cost to the county to make the facility more promising to a buyer - not less. Just sayin'.

  13. Well if Angle was non-political, and can be trusted now, how come he hasn't demanded an investigation into rumors about Mr. Bobble-head, a Stoffa appointed county board member? Does he or does he not have a temper? Has he harmed anyone?

  14. From the beginning the trio thought they'd win.
    Voters said 3 to 1 --THINK AGAIN!

    The elected officials--both of you
    had the voters believing in you.

    The sale of Gracedale was high on your list.
    The feelings of the public you tried to dismiss.

    Employees and the elderly meant nothing to them.
    They made their fate look very grim.

    Some brave souls took up the fight
    To make the Exec. do what's right.

    They sued them and called them names.
    Treated their work like they were playing games.

    The trio tried very hard you see
    To use taxpayer money to fight you and me.

    In spite of the odds the job got done.
    For once evil lost and morality won.

    The trio's evil seed is planted deep.
    An ever watchful eye indeed we'll keep.

    They think it's over , but by far it's not.
    The wrongs they've done won't soon be forgot.

    The time has come for the trio to pay their due.
    Bad boys,bad boys what are gonna do when they come for you??????

  15. If I were the Unholy Trinity, I would begin a process to save face. Following this ,I would begin to build confidence with the public that Gracedale can and will remain part of our county obligations.
    If they do not and try to pull a fast one, they personally will have alot to lose.
    WE ARE FOREVER VIGILANT.They should know by now that 75 percent of their voters are not going away.VIVA COAF AND GRACEDALE!

  16. If I were they, I would just say "I'm sorry, forgive me, I was wrong" and trust the people would. Then do what is right to prove my sincere words.

  17. The Rev. Martinez is a much better human being than I am. I could not bring myself to apologize to Council or the Administration for anything, After the mess they created which wasted everyones time, effort and money they should be apologizing to the taxpayers! It's going to take many good deeds from them to restore the public's trust in our local CC and Administraton.

  18. I do not believe that Angle nor O'Hare could ever say that they made some errors in reading the will of the people and trying to hurt people in every way possible.
    Angle is too arrogant and stupid and O'Hare just likes to hurt anyone who hurts his boss.
    I think they plot-Stoffa included because he got drawn into Hell-all different types of scenarios to ruin their enemies,hence, the Enemy List.Good thing that the Word is now out.

  19. Anon 5:25 pm
    You are right in saying no one should apologize
    to Council or the Administration, but let me add not all the council, we have some responsible people on there. And it is true the money they wasted could have been spent more wisely.
    They could stand on their heads and spit wooden nickles, and I would not apologize to them for some are the devil in disguise.

  20. It seems Rev. Martinez has taken the hits from both sides. I dare ask, why is it so wrong what he said. Watching the video I hear d him say "if we offended" that does not mean that anyone was offended, but that in the event that he or any other member of COAF has ever said anything that did offend, he representing the Coalition was regretful. I personally hear that statmentent in a humbling tone. Is a minister of the Lord not to be humbling? Let give this man a break. He lead us to this point, and it seems to me that he was simply trying to teach the council a lesson in humility. Can we chastise hime for that. I may not agree with him on some of the things he has said in the past like the tornado thing, but man, he has faith beyond any of us, and he is really making a believer of me.

  21. Anonymous 5:25 you are actually incorrect because any true christian will inform you that forgiveness is the key to being forgiven. Is there anyone on earth not deserving of forgiveness? If your answer is anything other than NO, the question becomes are you forgiven?

  22. 12:22 am. You misunderstand my comment from 5:25. I am by no means putting the Reverend Martinez down. If you reread my first sentence I say he is a much better human being than I am.
    He has taken abuse fom some members of council esp Angle and that blogger bo. They have tried to discredit him and spew lies at every turn. They owe him much more than an apology. You can forgive your abusers but do you forget?

  23. When one lies to you once you can over look it.
    When one lies to you twice you can forgive.
    When one lies to your over and over on meaningful
    thing's , they are not worthy of forgiveness.
    It is great that Rev. Martinez can forgive. Iam not so sure they are worthy of forgiveness.
    The trio is not only full of lies, but deceit,called the Rev. a fake- members of COAF goons, and made personal attacks on many other members, and far to much to mention here.
    They are not trying to help Gracedale now because they want too only because the voters,
    voted to keep Gracedale and they have no choice that is something the Rev. must not understand.
    The members of COAF should not owe them anything.

  24. You are right 11:05. No one involved with Gracedale or any part of county government should really believe or trust Angle, Stoffa or O'Hare.

    People keep saying Stoffa is a victimm of Angle and O'Hare. I ask you to consider, who is polaying whom?

  25. word on the street is we must keep a vigelant eye but we must also know no one is worthy of forgiveness because we are all wicked look at yourselfs, are you now acting like angle with viciouse intent the good rev as you call him is a sucker for even associating with you #@%&*%$#

  26. Agreed. They are angry and deceitful people.
    Take my word for it. There is no forgiveness after all the lies and hurt they caused COAF.
    People their age do not change very easily.
    COAF and ALL of their followers will continue to watch because these 3 can NEVER be trusted.
    I do believe,however, that there are some very fine council members who do want to do what is right by Gracedale and our elderly.
    Why would Angle REALLY care about our elderly when he didn't even care about his uncle when he was in Gracedale.
    Even with his flowing 5 million is cash, the word on the street is that he left him in a morgue at Gracedale and let the County taxpayer money bury him TWO MONTHS later.
    Of course, he blamed this on his cousins.
    This is our sincere councilman who cares about the little guy. I do not see how anyone could believe this sack of crap.

  27. Word on the street, is Angle uncle was buried at county expense, SCOT PARSON SON DID THE JOB. Vote for scott Parsons.

  28. Word on the street is. the rats are leaving the good ship Northampton, is it starting to get to hot ?

  29. Well,if it is not hot enough now, just wait.

    The real heat is about to be turned up.
    People are talking, and the amount of information is becoming to hot to handle.
    The Good Ship Lollipop is turning sour.

  30. Meet Scott Parsons:

    This Friday 7:30
    Roosevelt Democratic Club.
    Good Music, food and beverages

  31. Can u give specifics for the Scott Parsons event on Friday?

  32. bo will be there with his in your face camera. he was told to collect video by

  33. It will be a small gathering, so he is welcome. More of the same silliness/intimidation....just a symptom of why Ron has lost some support in the Northwest.

  34. So what. Fear and intimidation have now changed sides.
    He used to show up to place people on the defensive. The balance has changed.
    Let him, for once, feel what he wants others to feel.
    If that does not work for you, then throw him the hell out.
    And, do not forget, let Angle pick up his tab.
    In part, Angle is losing because of him anyway. So, let him make a good investment for Scott and a poor one for Angle.
    The tide has turned!
    I remember at the Meet and Greet for COAF, Angle sat with his head down and camera boy was trying to make time with a blond lady.
    The camera boy,let us not forget, flipped the bird at a little girl. That about sizes up the camera boy, but do not talk about his "grandson."

  35. Scott Parsons will win without going the route of the 2 goons: angle and meathead.

  36. Word on the street, camer boy does not have a grandson.

  37. I could never condone intimidating anyone, for any reason. It's just not a good way to accomplish anything worthwhile.

    Anyone demonstrating nuisance behaviour on Friday will be asked to leave, period.

  38. The above post was not meant to offend anyone, just wanted to state that there is no room for any in your face camera behaviour.

  39. The get together Friday night should be fun for the people who want to meet Scott Parsons and get to know Steve Barron better. The attendees should not have to be concerned by the flip camera of bo. Just go and have a good time. bo is a nobody--let him blog all he wants. His blog has become a joke anyway. Intelligent people know he lies, lies and tells more lies.

  40. Will these council elections have an effect on the ultimate fate of Gracedale ?

  41. the word on the street is Angle held 8 meetings to sell Gracedale, booble head showed up for the one in Bangor, what about the other 8 councel people? Looks like Angle and Stoffa need tht money for the drug lounge in West Easton. Rent $400,00.00 a year plus guards, food, transportation, and a 150.00 head count per person, one leaves another 150.00 for the next one.

  42. The word on the street is G.E.O. $2500.00 Law firm to sell Gracedale $500.00 One partner in drug lounge $3,000.00. 6,000.00 for reelection,Ther are 2 others running for election not a dime,why?

  43. From what I have heard, the $150 per prisoner fee would have to be ordered by the judge at the time of sentencing, when all other fines and fees are determined. West Easton cant levy the fee...they will likely wind up with nothing, unless the county offers another one-time impact fee. If anything, the county should require that any impact fee paid to West Easton Borough be restricted to direct tax relief for the taxpayers who live in this 1 square mile borough.


  44. Please note that the John Wetzel, secretary of corrections of the commonwealth of PA, was on television recently to discuss this issue. Due to the overcrowding of state prisons, and prisoners being shipped to michigan and virginia, it is the goal of the state legislature (see senate bill 100) to remove non-violent offenders from state facilities and place them into community corrections. He stated that the developers are in the zoning process, and this will take time to implement. Abe Atiyeh is one of those developers, I guess. Explains why he is seeking these uses, as well as detox hospitals, which will also be used by the state correctional system. The state is also building SCI Pheonix in order to shut down graterford prison, so that Philadelphia inmates in other states can be brought back to PA, and serve time closer to home.


  45. Also know that our Governor Tom Corbett has taken a beating for slashing education funding in the 2012 budget. Our former attorney general , now governor, realizes that it costs $90.00 per day to house a prisoner in a state correction facility...a high cost, that can be reduced with community correction centers. It is the goal of the state to reduce these costs, and improve the pathetic and embarrassing 43% recidivism rate in our commonwealth...since many offenders in the system suffer from addiction. There is also another law in the works to remove from employment applications "Have you been convicted of a crime?" question. This change is also thought to be a way to help those with criminal records find employment and stop re-offending. Cant argue with that.