Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thomas Got It Right

The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.
Thomas Jefferson
3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)


  1. Word on the street is, does that apply to Northampton County?

  2. Brenda no1 cannot be to happy that Brenda no3 broke ths news before he did. Where is Brenda no2 hiding, come out, come out, where ever you are.

  3. Word on the street is that, we need some more people like some of the ones we have now. Two of the three that are running for reelection need to go. SCOTT PARSONS FOR CONUSEL.

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  5. Whew!!!
    I tried to post and couldn't, I thought you didn't love me anymore.
    Carry on.

  6. Please read and re-read the e-mails sent among O'Hare,Angle, Stoffa, and Mark Stewart from a Harrisburg Law Firm hired by Stoffa to sell Garcedale.
    Judge for yourselves if our county 3 are really telling the truth when they said that they received NO help from Harrisburg.
    Anyone who can read O'Hare and his blog's description of this situation knows that he is SPINNING out of control.

  7. Let's hope that the Judge does his job and reads these e-mails carefully.
    He should know what has taken place with taxpayers' money going to help "private" citizens!

  8. This is going to a 3 judge panel. I guess bo did not include that in his lie sheet. Mr Smith we still love you.

  9. Word on the street is, bo does not include a lot of stuff on his blog, half truths and lies. It is better suited for the out house.

  10. Can you image anyone like Bernard O'Hare complaining that people would question his character and integrity?
    What a "hilarious" joke!
    He is losing control, and he doesn't like it.
    One could count forever and never come up with the number of insults, hurts, and dirt which has tried to dig-up,make-up,spin and/or just lie about.And he does it all for Angle,Stoffa, and ?????ok Brenda.
    Read the e-mails.
    His Achilles' heel:
    Heartbreak-he can figure out just what kind.

  11. Mr. Nobody is now talking about other people and their weight. Instead of worrying about them in order to make fun of them, he should be both happy and proud that he is doing a good job on his own weight/health program,ie, IF he were of good character and a decent person.

  12. The word on the street is, I read the SIX PAGE STATEMENT FROM THE JUDGE. He thinks he is correct, OTTER thinks he is correct. No where did the Judge say "DUMP THE APPEAL". This must be the law by bo. Again half truths and lies.

  13. Word on the street is, I hear bo is peddling his ass?

  14. You could have said hiney.
    It would have sounded better
    Let's not get like his blog.

  15. Agreed! I think that hiney is a cute word and would be "hilarious."

  16. Finally,Stoffa is admitting that the swaption is a big reason for a tax hike. Please also bear in mind that our County Council talked about terminating the debt when the interest rate fell from the mid-twenties to the mid-teens.
    However, under the leadership of the "devious three,"they waited for the rate to increase again.
    Also remember that there one member who considers himself a rather sharp businessman.
    Time to change.
    Guess who?I also remember when they said that the swaption had no bearing insofar as Gracedale was concerned.Again, the only reason for the sale of Gracedale was to use it for the financial failure of their budgetary planning previously.

  17. I think we need to give Stoffa and Council a pass on failing to act when the swaption payoff was in the teens.
    They gambled and lost. I too would have been inclined to play "how low will it go".
    Those rates were falling daily, it seemed like they would hit single digits. If they paid it off and the rates went down that would seem like a bad choice. They didn't and they went up now this is deemed a bad choice. No one wins not them or the taxpayer. It was an unenviable position. At least he is coming clean as to the real reason(s) the tax rate needs to go up.
    The sale of Gracedale would have made all of the problems disappear for a while. Then when the new problems appear there would be nothing to sell. TIF will be a new problem if the economy doesn't turn around. They are playing fast and loose with that money. We should demand they hold off on awarding any future TIF monies.

  18. Word on the street is, I think that Angle who covers all the Angles, should leave the budget alone. Last year super business man got Stoffa to inflate the budget 17% so he could cut it and make himself look good. Did it work no. They gave Gracedale 3 1/2 million to last six months well it is October and Gracedale is still going. What is the drug lounge going to cost the taxpayers? It seems no one is talking about that.

  19. Word on the street is, what hapened to the 60 million surplus we have remember, it went up 2 million last year. For a total of 62 million.

  20. Did Brenda no1 and Brenda no2 and Brenda no3 come up with this by themselves?

  21. The word on the street is that there is a potential asbestos problem in some of our county buildings.
    Is there any truth to this?

  22. Winston, please note theat We The People elected officials to properly manage the business of the county, not gamblers risking all to further thier own gain. The disastrous duo and thier hinnywipe MUST go.

  23. word on the strret is that big old flabby bad ohare can not handle the Gracedale Goons so he is going after women of the county. He is now at his lowest point ever. Imagine that ANGLE has lost his angles, and ohare his stare. November can't come soon enough. Hey does anyone know what happened to the threat oh yes thats right hes up against the fearless that have prepared to whip his @$$ again. Quit while you can.

  24. Yes we do elect representatives to do the will of the people. However I too would have waited to cash in on swaption, it looked as though it was going to go lower. I must say when it began to show an upward trend I might have balked and paid the piper. What would you have done if it was your decission?
    Like I said no one won.

  25. It is always possible to have "swapped" the swaption that Mr. Stoffa inherited from the prior administration. Whenever there is a variable rate debt associated with public funds, it should be converted to another type of debt with long term fixed rates. I never saw the requirements surrounding the swaption, but county governments have a whole host of debt financing options at their finger tips. Re-financing the swaption when it comes due should be an option..perhaps they can grab half of what is needed from the surplus, and retire the other half with tax anticipation notes, bonds, etc. Its a quagmyre to figure out, and expensive in either case. But taking that route would free up more surplus, and reduce the need for a tax hike.


  26. Because I consider myself frugal, I would have made the decision to pay-off the debt when I realized the rise considering of course that I had the means to do so. In this specific case they did have the means they just made a bad choice by waiting so long. Now I would wait termination period because I feel it is the only reasonable option.

  27. Perhaps with the help of the Fake Reverend, BO can return to helping those in need by using his mental gifts.
    His digging up dirt for the devil himself has gotten him nowhere.
    Even the Devil's money allure has brought more disgrace upon his father's good name.
    The local name of O'Hare has become "hilarious" to watch decline.Great son to be proud of.
    Since he can no longer scare people, he ought to do an about face and start being an advocate for those who REALLY need his talents.Why waste a good thing?Then the name can flourish the way in which it used to."There is still time, BROTHER."

  28. Hey Trish, how you doin?
    Commenting on your last comment
    Didn't Lehigh County just get a new lower rate on an outstanding debt they had?
    Money is cheap to borrow right now, maybe that could be done here as well?
    Have a good Sunday

  29. Not sure about Lehigh. You are right that debt financing options have lower interest rates now . Normally, its a lackluster practice to finance debt with more debt ( see USA 16 trillion national debt) but about 10 million financed over time at low rates, could be 10 million more held in surplus for the county...or 10 million more appropriated from the surplus to pay for items in the proposed budget. Its a good thing NJ prohibits these swaption deals...