Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angle Is Blowing Smoke Again

Can we agree with Mr. Stoffa on this presentation? Probably. It really is a no brain-er.

All of the work necessary at Gracedale should have been done over the last 20 years but politicians like Ron Angle diverted funds to pet projects of their own. Now he sits and complains that the proposal by the executive is "open ended" and he (angle) does not feel comfortable taking the word of reputable companies such as McClure and PPL.

Angle is a joke - he says he doesn't feel easy about this because he has no control, and if he did...he could once again set Gracedale up for failure. If Angle has no control...Gracedale succeeds.

Angle needs to understand that he is not such a good business man and we all know that, in fact, he feels uneasy because he is so accustom to conducting shady deals himself that he believes other business people do the same thing. Let us just say that not all business people conduct business the way Angle does, always looking to line his pocket while never concerning himself with who he hurts or how he hurts them.

NO, NO, NO... we're done with this poor excuse of a councilman. OUT YOU GO IN NOVEMBER.


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  1. Just read the articles. I would like to comment that if a 9.3% tax increase is necessary to fund Gracedale I see it as a reasonable increase and I am more than willing to pay it regardless of the hard times. However, all funds generated by the increase MUST go to Gracedale. If not the case, then the executive should outline exactly what the increase is needed for and stop blaming GD for the increase!

  2. We'll drink to that!

  3. I agree if there is a tax increase for Gracedale then that money should go into a fund that would be for gracedale only. In the past Gracedale has contributed to the general fund and the money was never used at Gracedale. The courthouse sure looks nice though.

  4. Agreed.
    Whatever Gracedale makes by ALLOWING ADMISSIONS and not telling interested families that there are no beds available MUST remain in the Gracedale acct and NOT be spent to cover other county areas in need of money.
    This solution will work and perhaps even earn more money than one could imagine.
    After the election, the man who fought COAF at every turn called COAF 3 times in order to meet with the group.He could not wait to meet with the group so that he take FULL CREDIT for providing the ways and means to SAVE GRACEDALE much in the same way he acted with the detention center in his own region.He knows that he is in trouble with the Nov. election and is trying to reverse his poor judgement and poor leadership/dictatorial approaches.
    When COAF refused to meet with him because he was not in any official capacity/position appointed by Mr. Stoffa,the administration,nor the council in order to LEAD with the revitalization of Gracedale,he threw a hissy fit on the telephone and reversed his decision to help Gracedale into BASHING the concept right away.
    For those of you who live in Region 4, re-read the letter which he sent you for your support in Nov.Now, the tax rate continues to change every time he opens his mouth.
    His wavering IN SECRET ought to alert the populace in Region 4 that something is up FOR Angle. He does nothing without a price. Check all the articles in the news over that past year about him for your own satisfaction.

    Today the good citizens of the USA at all levels are now dealing with POLITICIANS and not STATEMEN/WOMEN.

    I'll also drink to all of this at Ditzes .

  5. Union give backs should also go into this fund. Maybe they would be more willing to give back if the money was going to Gracedale and not into the general fund. Gracedale employees did not create the swaption problem and they should not pay for it.

  6. This proposal looks good. If they vote and Angle votes no , it would still pass. He will be rendered inconsequential on election day , so really who cares what he thinks.

    And this imbecile (Barney) that keeps writing about drinking has provoked a thought.

    It has to do with portioning out bits of info prior to releasing the entire story.

    It is done in the Ad world to capture peoples attention. Building up to a product release or relaunch. Something simular to coming atractions.

    More on this later,
    so don't forget to tune in next week at the same
    "bat" time,
    on the same "bat" channel.