Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Controller Ron WHO???

Yes, Ron Angle is trying to weasel his way back into office.

On May 17, 2015, a article tells us that "Barron helped derail Angle's council career in 2011." We feel a bit differently about that.

It is our opinion that "We, The People" derailed Ron Angle! Mr. Barron simply provided his constituents accurate financial data. Which, by the way, is what he is supposed to do as a servant of the people.

Mr. Angle on the other hand fed us tons of lies, telling us at one point that as much as a 30% tax increase was necessary to keep Gracedale in county hands. And he expected us to like it. We verified the information Mr. Barron provided, and we decided instead to kicked Mr. Angle out of office for lying to us. Yes, that's how we see it!

Let's set her up to fail!
The proof is in the pudding - We know without a doubt today, that a tax increase to keep Gracedale in county hands was never necessary.

How so? Well, in 2011 no tax increase. In 2012, no tax increase. In 2013, no tax increase. In 2014, no tax increase.  Now in 2015 an increase is coming, but is it because of Gracedale? Well, they would like you to believe that. Gracedale however, just had the best year it has had since Ron Angle and John Stoffa set her up for failure - you they could justify the sale.

Reality tells us that Gracedale is a small percentage of the budget. And Gracedale's performance over the last couple of years tells us it is getting smaller.

Reality also tells us that there are many other departments within the budget that require much more funds than Gracedale does. And those departments are more to blame for a tax increase than Gracedale is. But they won't tell you that.

The article also quotes Ron Angle as saying:
"I can't tolerate Steve Barron running for another term and getting away with it."

First of all, we will suggest to Mr. Angle that he should take some Prozac for his high level of intolerance (don't worry about the side effects), or simply learn to live with it. Secondly, Mr. Barron is not getting away with anything. He is simply doing his job as Controller. And, in our opinion, he is doing it very well.

We agree with Mr. Barron when he said:
"When you compare my record of public service with that of Ron Angle, truly there is no comparison."

Image result for dishonest picsWe understand that there is no such thing as perfect, especially in politics, but there is such a thing as honest and dishonest. From our experience with the Gracedale matter, we know Mr. Barron to be honest, that's a fact. Mr. Angle however, fits on the other side of the coin. You know...the dishonest side!

Perhaps he can garner the support of 250 idiots, that will have to be seen. If so, "We, The People will show him once again that we have no use for his corrupt services.

Lastly - "We, The Taxpayers" have to ask ourselves one question: Do we really trust the dishonest Ron to be in charge of our funds. Just remember his reputation precedes him.


  1. Agreed. The evil three, Angle/Stoffa/O'Hare cannot be allowed back in power. This will be a vile campaign by the O'Hare hate blog. Hopefully the people have had enough of Ron Angle's crazy behavior.


  3. 2:24 it is sad to think that anyonewould help that knucklehea