Friday, May 22, 2015

What Does Partisan Mean? (1)

Image result for dictionary picsAfter watching the meeting online last night, I looked up the definition of  the word "Partisan" in Merriam-Webster dictionary on an iPad app. I found the following definitions:

1: a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person; especially: one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance.

2a: a member of a body of detached light troops making forays and harassing the enemy

2b: a member of a guerilla band operating within enemy lines.

Image result for dictionary picsI also looked at a couple of online dictionary's which presented the same meaning in slightly different words. Understanding the meaning led me to ask: how exactly is partisanship good?

Take #1 for instance, having a firm belief in a party, faction, cause, or person is understandable, but to do so blindly, with prejudice, and unreasoning allegiance is certainly questionable.

I worship ME!
Then take #2 a&b, that to me, sounds so much like the ousted Ron Angle! Which forced me to ask: how can that be good?

No! It's not good! Partisanship does not work. It normally brings about argumentative chaos and tremendous division. How do I know? Because I have witnessed it first-hand. Where? In many more than one County Council meetings.

Image result for peg ferraro pics
The Honorable Margaret (Peg) Ferraro
"Only a School Teacher"
Yes, watching and listening to partisanship at work I have heard the name of God Blasphemed by then sitting President Ron Angle during one of his heated council meetings. I heard the same ignorant person during another meeting say: "What would you know, your only a school teacher!" Those words were used and intended to stab the heart, and to humiliate our now sitting President Peg Ferraro, who emotionally shared a piece of her painful thoughts with him before walking out on him. I also read in the newspapers (if you want to call them that) his words of slander towards her, using words I can not, nor will I, repeat on this blog.

What I have just described is a brief example of Partisanship at work. How so? Well, consider they were both on the same Party.

A New Horizon...Bi-Partisanship

Caring taxpaying citizens.
Take the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families, an organized group of caring electors, and let us not forget taxpaying citizens, who set the bar high when they organized, not as a Tea-Party, not as a Democrat Party, not as Republican Party, not even an Independent Party, but as a Community Party!

Image result for community party
Not this kind of party
What is a Community Party? So glad you asked! First, take note that the term "Community Party" as a political party was first coined here...right now. How do I know? Because I googled it and the best I could find was community celebrations.  In any case, simply stated, a "Community Party" is a sincere body of citizens who understand that there is a reason the word unity was divinely placed in the word CommUNITY.

Image result for many baby together picsI recall when COAF was born some eight years or so ago (2007), the body opened its eyes and saw no color, no race, no party. Their blurry vision became clear allowing them to see in 20-20. And what they observed was truly magnificent. It wasn't black and white with shades of grey. No! they could only see right and wrong, meaning correct and incorrect.

Image result for many brains becoming one picsThey began to develop as a body, and their brain was not one, but many uniting as one. As the many became one, they began to understand that if we all work together with the greater-good of all in mind, there would be no boundaries, only true UNITY!

Image result for baby picsThis new creation is humble and beautiful. Although acknowledged by few today, they are known by all as COAF. They had visions which became dreams. And dreams which became reality! Last night, once again in recent history, COAF witnessed their dreams in the form of reality.

After the courtesy of the floor, a motion was announce to make appointments of committee members, the names were read, the vote was taken, all were approved by a 9-0 vote - true Bi-Partisanship!

...To Be Continued!

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