Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Gentleman...Ron Angle? (1)

No, Mr. Angle doesn't know the meaning of Gentleman. And no, we won't define it for him.

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Anyone who had the misfortune of seeing him on WFMZ69 at 5pm last evening could hear the arrogance flowing from his mouth again. Well, perhaps manure is a better word since he had his cows behind him.

Image result for oh no picsBefore we go on. We would like to point out that WFMZ69, in their haste to report something that has not been confirmed yet, made a pretty big blunder. It was kind of hilarious. They stated that Barron is a Republican, and Angle is a Democrat. They promptly corrected the mistake at the end of the segment. But really? They had Angle checking with the voter registration office to make sure he was still a Republican. You can't make this stuff up folks!

Image result for expose deception  picsAnyway, Angle starts his comments by calling the Honorable County Controller Steven Barron names, who by the way, has "real people" (not cows) behind him. This to us is a clear indication that he is still angry with Mr. Barron for telling us the truth, which, exposed Ron's Gracedale deceptions.

Image result for county controller steve barron picsOur honest servant Mr. Barron, remained humble in his remarks, first pointing out that Mr. Angles angle is to bash Mr. Baron with name calling as he (Angle) continues to relive the past. He just can't get the nightmares out of his head. He tries desperately to wake up, only to realize he is awake. It's no nightmare, it's his realty!

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Well, what we know of the past for sure, is that Mr. Angle is always trying to baffle us with his cow manure. He commented that Barron should not be the County's watchdog because at best, he is nothing more than a schnauzer. The implication is: schnauzers are not good watchdogs. We beg to differ!

Image result for bulldog picsThe bulldog, which Angle likes to be referred as, has many similarity's with Ron. For one, he is a small dog, much like Angle is a small man. He has a big mouth, much like Ron has a big mouth. His bark is low, as low as Mr. Angle can stoop. His stride is slow, as slow as Angle can go. Well, you get the picture! 

Image result for schnauzer picsWe on the other hand prefer the schnauzer, Why? Because a schnauzer is mostly attentive to his surroundings, and to his master. He is always well mannered, but also poised, well prepared to spring into action at the right time. His bark is louder than a bulldogs bark. And, when a schnauzer runs, the bulldog eats his dust! So, if Angle (the bulldog) decides to run after Barron (the schnauzer), he will be huffing and puffing, and gasping for air. All he'll inhale is dust.

Image result for battling it picsThe news report says that over the next six months they will be battling it out for voter support. Really? We don't think it will be much of a battle. In-fact, we believe you will hear only two sounds. The sound of the honest Mr. Barron hitting the deceiving Mr. Angle with the truth, and the  second sound will be Mr. Angle hitting the floor. The lying stars will circle him.

Image result for tyson hits the canvas picsOh, wait a minute. That already happened to him. Yes, that's right! COAF knocked him out of his council seat. Remember that? Yes, it will be the second time he will be knocked down and out in recent times. He has to remember that if he dares to suffer this humiliation again, it will be like messing with the bull and getting the horns!

To Be Continued...

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  1. the fox in the chicken coop. When is he going to give the county back about 60,000 that he got in legal help in his private law suit, to sell gracedale? Why was he the only one to push for a sale? What was in it for him.