Friday, May 15, 2015

Still Alice...

...Is a must see movie for all who are dealing with the dreaded Alzheimer's decease.

Still AliceWhile it is a movie based on a book, it tells a compelling story about a very successful women who comes to realize that something is wrong. Unbeknownst to her husband and three adult children she seeks a medical opinion, which leads her to a place she never imagined or dreamed of.

We will not reveal the content of the movie so that those of you who have not had the opportunity to see it can do so without outside interference.

We will say that if you are in the midst of dealing with Alzheimer's, watching this movie will help you understand just how this dreaded decease can impact your life, the life of your loved ones around you, and most importantly, the life of the afflicted.

According to Mrs. Sacknoff, the answer is:
"Give them all a high dose of Ativan"
We can tell you with certainty that after watching this movie you will understand exactly who  the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families is. You will also understand why we organized, and why we fought not only to save Gracedale from destruction, but also to protect those who can not speak for themselves from the likes of Ilisa Sacknoff, a Northampton County Social Worker who compromised the well being of Alzheimer's residents at Gracedale in order to enjoy an easier day.

You will definitely comprehend why "We, The People, not just COAF, must continue our vigilance today. Most of COAF's loved ones have left this world. However, their memories have not. They remain with us in our hearts. We remember, and we know first hand what this dreaded mutation and malfunction of life is, as well as what a less than desirable employee can do.

Still Alice receives: FIVE STARS from us!


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