Thursday, May 28, 2015

What does Partisan mean? 4

I started out this series asking what "Partisan" means, which has led me now to ask: what does "Transparent" mean? According to Merriam-Webster:

Image result for transparent pics1) (a) (1) Having the property of transmitting light without appreciable scattering so that the bodies lying are seen clearly: pellucid (2) allowing the passage of a specified form of radiation
1) (b) Fine or sheer enough to be seen through: diaphanous

2) (a) Free from deceit: frank
(b) Easily detected or seen through: obvious
(c) Readily understood
(d) Characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices

Image result for profound picsI layout this ground work to point out that as I continued to watch and listen, I heard the Executive make a profound speech. A speech however, with one major discrepancy, Mr. Brown doesn't listen to himself. What he was saying in his speech, in the opinion of the Council, is not what he is doing. If it were, there would not be a problem. In his speech, the Executive provided the impression that he is transparent. However, Council doesn't see the transparency. In my opinion, that is where the real issue exist. When Mr. Brown was done speaking, he returned to his seat, apparently expecting applause. There were none. Sadly, not even one!

Councilman Parsons requested the floor; he had some questions. He called Mr. Brown back to the podium to engage him in discussion. He began by thanking Mr. Brown for allowing the Director of Human Services to meet with him (Parsons) the week before. Mr. Parson goes on to say: "I enjoyed your speech, it was very good. I look forward to moving this county forward, and working with you to do that. But! You have to work with us, and that means you have to be transparent. These raises that we're talking about that you say have taken up the last two months or six months of these Council meetings was all because there's no transparency in this administration. If you want us to work with you, and I do want to work with you, I want to working with anybody who is willing to make this County move forward. And, you have to be transparent to us, and let us help you." In my opinion, Mr. Parson expressed himself sincerely.

Mr. Brown responds by saying: "This administration has provided any information this body has needed to make the decisions we've asked you to make overall." One can then hear Mr. Parson say: "I Disagree!" Now you will fully understand why I began this post defining the word "Transparent." Mr. Brown goes on to tell Mr. Parson to define the word, because, transparency "depending on where your standing or sitting, has many a different meaning overall."

Again, I reiterate, Mr. Brown doesn't listen to himself. In its simplest form, the word transparent means: 1) able to see through, 2) easy to notice or understand, 3) honest and open: not secretive. Take notice that while Mr. Parson spoke, all of County Council sat in unity with him. How do I know? Because not one of them interrupted.

Image result for councilman bob werner picsCouncilman Werner chimed in after Mr. Parsons was done. He starts out by saying: "Happy Birthday!" Thank you, says Mr. Brown. Here comes the kicker. Mr. Werner then says: "I won't ask your age because I know you don't like to share information (Some laughter could be heard).

Image result for sarcasm pics
I certainly don't encourage sarcasm, but, I don't think that Mr. Werner was attempting to be sarcastic. I think he was using humor to make a point. His point loud and clear from where I was sitting was: one who does not share information is not transparent. He echoed Mr. Parsons - be transparent!

Image result for pat self on back picsDuring his speech, Mr. Brown patted himself on the back saying: "despite the constant resistance, interference and roadblocks created by this council, we are producing excellent results." Consider that while he lifts himself up, he puts Council, as a whole, down. He seems clueless as to why they don't like it. All along he fails to comprehend why Council unanimously PASSED the resolution they did. Why can't he comprehend it? Because he is not listening to himself!

Image result for people attributes picsMy greatest issue with this specific statement is, "resistance, interference, and road blocks" are  all attributes of Ron Angle and John Stoffa. Attributes, I (taxpayer/voter) don't see in this new horizon Council body. In my sincere opinion, this is the best County Council I have been honored by.  I say "honored by" because, I believe that the better Council works together in my interest as a taxpayer and voter, the more they honor me and my fellow citizens, in their service to us.

Image result for the end pics
I will end this series here because there is a bigger fish to fry. But please, go to this link: Council sends a clear message!, to see and hear the meeting for your self. It is well worth your time. 

Image result for teamwork pics
If I was given the opportunity to humbly and respectfully (as a voter and taxpayer) offer Mr. Brown some advice, I would say: Sir, you heard Mr. Parsons inform you that he is more than willing to work with you, asking you simply to be transparent. You also heard Mr. Werner echo the same opinion. And lastly, you heard, by way of their silence (which sometimes speaks louder than words), the entire council support the expressed sentiments. I suggest that shall you do so (be transparent), you will learn the same is true with the rest of council. I suspect they are all willing to work with you to improve the county in ways never done or seen before. Moving forward in UNITY! All you have to do sir, is be willing to work with them. Not just in words, but in action. Become part of the team! In so doing, you will be part of the solution, as opposed to what you are viewed to be now, part of the problem.
I will continue to pray for you sir, and all of council. Good luck to all of you, and God Bless!


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