Friday, September 7, 2012

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30%

Oops...We (Angle, Stoffa, and Berine - who really does not count) were wrong!

During yesterdays CC meeting County Executive John Stoffa revealed his 2013 budget - none of us are...surprise, surprise, surprise, 0% tax increase.

Stoffa expressed to County Council so ever charmingly - "I know of few other counties or municipalities that can boast that record," and We The People agree, but to put matters into prospective, we must examine why this is true...the simple reason that he can make that boast is: because We The People are being overtaxed.

Approximately a year ago Stoffa wanted a 1 mill increase, and CC decide to listen to Stephen Barron instead, who all along said "an increase is not necessary". Stoffa pleaded his case saying that we would not be able to fulfill all of the County's needs without the hike...but in 2012 no tax hike, and we went on to throw away 27 million dollars on the swaption.

Why doesn't Stoffa boast about how he could have paid off the monster swaption when it was under 10 million? He conveniently forgets about that doesn't he? Squandering better than 17 million taxpayer dollars. Why doesn't John brag about that?

Amusingly he went on to say that the county will have to dip into the reserve again this year to balance the budget, which will require possibly $6 million to subsidize Gracedale. Really...the deception continues - before the Gracedale Union ASFCME and it's employees gifted back 3 million (possibly more, only time will tell) Stoffa needed 6 Million - now he still needs 6 million...and he says he's not dumb? Perhaps he continues to believe that We The People are...well John, unfortunately for you - we've proven we're not.

He also expressed that the reserve cannot continue to dwindle much longer, or taxpayers will eventually face a painful jump in taxes rather than a slow increase. Tell the truth Mr. Stoffa - should any increase be necessary in the near future it won't be because of Gracedale, but due to your irresponsible waste of taxpayers funds.

We The People said from the onset that history will prove the tax increase that both John Stoffa and Ron Angle claimed to be necessary to stay afloat in 2012, as high as 30%  during the Gracedale saga, was nothing more than a scam to sell Gracedale...history has proven us right. History has left us wondering how exactly were they going to misuse the funds from the Gracedale sale? What was their plan?

So here we are, going into 2013 with an understanding that we can balance the budget, according the executive, with absolutely no tax increase. Wow! And he reasons that because it is an election year no one on council will vote for a tax increase, claiming "he's not dumb". We beg to differ. It doesn't seem very bright not to increase taxes - if in fact it is necessary. And anyone on County Council who would not vote in favor of doing so (WHEN TRULY NECESSARY) because it's an election year - should not be serving.

The fact is however, that a tax increase is not necessary, hence, the real reason Stoffa did not recommend one.

Tell the TRUTH John...that's all We The People have ever asked of you.

Why must you always force us to expose it?


  1. He cannot admit defeat with his other 2 partners.
    Gracedale was just a way for the imperious 3 to gain more money in order to buy other things and break the union.
    Their concern for our elderly is less than NIL.
    What goes around comes around.
    Wake up, Johnny.

  2. What a shameful politician Mr. Stoffa is. He boasts about there being no tax increase for a period of years, but yet in the next breath he's claiming there was a need for one last year. Which is it ? Is not having a tax increase something that should be taken credited for, or lamented. We don't know the answer.

  3. Is it true that Bernie O'Hare was found nude in a courthouse bathroom giving himself a sponge bath ? We do know that Bernie was once evicted from the courthouse for being dressed in drag in the men's bathroom. He was in that bathroom with another man, also dressed in drag, did we ever find out who that other man was ?

  4. Apparently, the sell Gracedale crowd is going to flood the primary for County Council with "secret" sell Gracedale people. We must be vigilant and be sure that the honest people we know we can trust, are elected.

    This is very important. Even if an Execuitve gets elected and tries to do what Stoffa did, without five to six votes on council the "Execuitve" can't move.

    So it is time once agin to prepare for the battle. Just remember my friends, we are fighting the good fight. There will be honorab;le and honest people running for county council, we must everything we can to get them elected.

    Also we must not let the "pretend" Gracedale candidates win.

  5. I think it's pretty clear who the real Gracedale supporters are and have been because they've been active or vocal in their support.
    Won't be hard to flush out the frauds...

  6. I think Ron Heckman would be a strong Gracedale supporter. But, I would like to see him publicly repudiate the hateful tactics of Bernie O'Hare.

  7. Stoffa is a despicable liar

  8. We have nothing to worrie about as long as we are doing the right thing for the right reasons.

  9. Heckman has been a consistent supporter of Gracedale and someone who has challanged the Angle/O'Hare/
    Stoffa baloney, they tried to pass off on people less informed.

    I thiink the fact thta he is constantly getting backhand slaps from O'Hare negates any need for a staemnt from him. O'Hare has been pretty clear that Heckman and McClure arre at the bottom of his list right after the devil. OIf course that only means he is near the top of our list in the real world.

    I would however, love to hear Callahan or even Seyfried make such a statement denouncing the hate of O'Hare.

  10. Anon 4:56, the Callahan clan man. You can't create fractures between the Gracedale suppoertes no matter how hard you try.

  11. Stoffa ahs lived off thge Reibman tax increases and huge surplus. His game is now to bankrupt the county, blame Gracedale and stick the next county execui9tve with the mess.

    Of course the local yokel mei=dia will praise him as they have done for seven years and dump on the next guy who will have the Stoffa legacy to clean up.

    The legacy, a bankrupt counyt, demoralized staff, buildings we don't need and a prison that has been ignored for eight years.

    Thank you John Stoffa. Now please leave and build a bird house.

  12. Would have been cheaper to sell Stoffa to the highest bidder to make the dude retire. We could have raised $1 million to give to Stoffa and get rid of him, then saved loads of other money he's screwed out of us.

  13. Stoffa's ego won't let him retire gracefully. He loves the attention and he knows the media will fawn over him if he runs for anythiung.

    Sadly, I think we are stuck with this guy wanting to stay in the public eyeuntill he drops.

    Word on the street is he is running for county council. God save us all.

  14. Foolishness! Stoffa won't run again if his life depended on it, cause he can't win. Let him try PLEASE.

  15. Isn't it amazing how big the Stoffa/Angler/O'hare lies about the cost of Gracedale and the necessary tax increase was. Even after we know today how they lied, you don't see any reporters going after the facts of the disgrace.

  16. Mr. Stoffa should run for Executive again. It would be amusing to see him try and defend his record. But, he's a afraid of Mr. Callham.

  17. O'Hare is back to his never ending attacks on Lamont McClure and Ron Heckman. I guess that is the price they have to pay for standing up for Gracedale.

    O'Hare pretends to be objective and not attacking anyone. Then he goes ahead and makes one of his smartaleck remarks to take cheap shots at htem. O'Hare has even tried to satrt trouble between friends
    Ron and Jerry. he is a vicious little troll.

    They stood by us, so we must now help them and stand by them.

    It is a shame that doing the "right" thing makes you a target of the O'Hare hate.

  18. Bernie O'Hare was depised by his father. He referred to him as Bernie O'Hare the Turd. Nice, eh. We should pity Bernie. Not hate him. His life is Exhibit A as to what it is like to be a loser.

  19. The Budget for this year should include both the DP and Aging Waiver programs that are closing 9/30/12. Stoffa is funding a 400,000 dollar a year center for criminals, but cannot ask council to help fund Human Service Programs? I'm surprised COAF is not involved more or knows more.

  20. Stoffa and Marcus are gutting Human Services. They are in the process of cutting over twenty five caseworkers. Where is O'Hares outrage he had with the former county executive who laid off no caseworkers but just froze pay? Theuy claimn it is the states fault but the state has always underfunded these programs. Stoffa is using it as an excuse to destroy the system. He wants his criminal money but the Hell with the poor disabled elderly. They won't get him a building named after him.

    Meanwhile Stoffa and Marcus and Stoffa's other big wheels collect compensation packages exceeding $100,000 a year.

    This is the leagcy of this mean and incompetent clown.

  21. O'Hare is in the Courthouse bathroom nude and lude!!

    Sounds to me that next council meeting should be interesting.

    Just enter the bathrooms at your own risk!

  22. Not for nothing but some of those case workers should go, like ilisa sacknoff. It seems to me though that until stoffa is gone things will continue 2 decline.

  23. Both Stoffa and Marcus must go. Both are incompetent. Even though Marcus knew nothing od HS when first hired, after seven years he is still clueless. What a waste of $100,000 county tax dollars.

  24. Check out the latest Callahan post on Lehigh Valley Rumblings. It makes Stoffa's lawsuit scandal with Angle and O'Hare look like minor league.

    Callahan is now shown to be a new version of John Stoffa. Please check it out. Do we want to go through this all over again.

  25. I hope Ron Heckman, Jerry Seyfried run for County Council. They will form an iron triangle to protect Gracedale for the next 5 years.

  26. Rumor has it that Stoffa will not present a new Human Service building plan to council at next week's meeting and instead present it to a committee in October. My question is how can you ask for a new building when you don't even fund programs and have cut four human service programs already?

    Council needs to become educated with what is really going on in human services from the workers and consumers that they serve.

  27. Well donh't bother tryoing to talk about the Attiyh/Stoffa/'O'Hare/Callahan lawsuit connection on O'Haters blog, he is deleting all references.

    So now we have the top contender for Northapton County Executive doing the same backroom crap that Stoff pulled with lawusits.

    I cannopt beleive how moraaly alike thy are.