Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines...

...Need our prayers.

We received news today that they have again taken losses to protect our FREEDOM.

We are asking everyone to say a prayer for "Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families, and all of our service men and women overseas.
They are fighting it out in Afghanistan & they have lost more marines. Nothing in the media about these guys because no one seems to care:

Please Honor THEM with a simple prayer. Let us not forget their sacrifice. May God bless our fallen brothers and sisters, and their families.


Marines - The Few. The Proud.


  1. God Bless the troops. After all our dissapointments in our local elected officials, it is good to know there are real heroes looking out for us!

    1. When was the last time an Afghani threatened you? Are those troops needed there?

    2. Regardless of point of view, we need to support and pray for our troops.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our service men and women. We thank you for your sacrifices and know that our freesom is not FREE.