Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finally...The TRUTH!

"Stoffa is unwilling to lead."

John Stoffa

We have been saying all along that John Stoffa is incompetent and incapable of leading, and finally - even Bernie has no choice but to agree with us. WOW...the day has come Stoffa is being attack by his very own culprit confidant ;-)

What must Stoffa be thinking right about now? He's probably asking himself - why?...why, are my employees calling me a snake? - Perhaps because you are snake! And instead of leading with a thick skin, he allows good employees to be terminated.

Ilisa SacknoffIn the mean time - less than desirable employees like Ilisa sacknoff (who should have been terminated at Gracedale) is allowed to continue her government career of intimidation.

Regarding Stoffa's budget(s), his ex-best friend says "It was really no budget at all." Adding "That's not leadership. It's also bad government, making a major tax hike inevitable in the next year or two."

What!!! You mean it's not Gracedale's fault? No, of course not...if a tax increase is necessary - It's John Stoffa's fault...

...Ironically, Bernie even admits that Ron Angle has melt-downs. WOW...who would believe the turn of events?

So how does John Stoffa stack up as a leader, he doesn't. He's just a weak wanna-be that has taken the county in the wrong direction far too long. If the last couple of years have taught us anything - it is that we have leaders, and followers, and then there's John Stoffa, who really should just get out of the way. You have lost your last confidence.


  1. It is true that Stoffa is and has been a terrible county executive. He is vindictive and incompetent.

    However, I do not trust Bernard O'Hare.
    Somehting is up and we all have to stay vigilant throughout the next year.

    Please people, let us not be deceived by these evil and sneaky people.

    Gracedale and the disabled are counting on our efforts. We must not fail or becmoe complacent.

  2. Agree. I think from reading his blog that he (ohater)wanted stoffa to include a tax increase in this years budget so that he could say you c we told you so. remember the three stooges insisted that a tax increase was necessary because of GD, but stephen barron, lamont mclure and coaf said it was not necessary. By not asking for a tax increase Stoffa make liars out of all three, and I don't think ohater likes to be exposed that way. he is being careful though because stoffa is still in charge and can make it difficult for ohater in the courthouse.

  3. Is O'Hair looking to make pocket change from the candidates? He needs to suck up to the winners and Stoffa is a LOSER on his way out.

  4. O'Hare is now on the Callahan party wagon. He is writing things they want written. They want a tax increase so Callahan doesn't have to do one.

    Bernie, is just Bernie. He is doing what his crurrent patron tells him to do.

  5. I know you guys have little love for Stoffa but last year he did ask Council for a tax increase to cover costs at Gracedale and Peg Ferraro was the only one who supported him on this.. Now, due to the fact that there was no increase, the workers there had to take a hit. The fact that gracedale was saved was amazing and we owe all those involved in the effort a huge dose of gratitude. But it is costly to maintain and a tax increase should have been considered by last year's council..They were irresponsible not to do so..That was not Stoffa's fault..However, many of those same councilmen and women still refuse to increase taxes to fund the county and support Gracedale. So stoffa is bowing to that reality..I think he should fight again as he did last year but maybe he feels it's time to relax and live longer, lol...Your shots here though should be directed at the councilmen and councilwoman who don't want to be responsible and fund the county and Gracedale responsibly. Not just Stoffa.

    1. It has nothing whatsoever to do with love Bernie, it has everything to do with telling the truth.

      When you say taxes have to be increased to keep Gracedale you are blaming Gracedale for the finacial problems of the County.

      The GD employees took a hit as you put it because they care and want to see Gracedale stay where it belongs, in County hands. They did their part.

      Stoffa's mis-management of every county dept is the problem.

      He fires employees that shouldn't be, and keeps those that should be, that my friend is poor leadership.

  6. Yeah O'Hair is always willing to sell out to the lowest bidder.

  7. Stoffa has been incompetent as a leader and has refused to support the people of the county. He has mismanaged all of human services in the train wreck that it is today. He refuses to stand up to council or the State to keep programs. Stoffa has also aligned himself with Corbett and his futile block grant Funding.

    And soon he will try to get his "baby" passed with a new Human Service building. What's his plan to rent the space out to private providers??

    Tell us Stoffa, what have you done to support human service workers? Programs? Consumers?

  8. There are some interesting details about why old John Stoffa put the young single mother in an adminstrative position. He passed over more senior ansd experienced people to "take care" of this young woman. There is a pattern to his behavior.

    check it out at the courthouse. You will find out things O'Hare will never blog about.

  9. Stoffa is just a snake, ask the people he ruled when he was in Human Services. To your face he's a suckup. That's why Bernie is the better man, when he finds out you don't like suckups he gets nasty but he's out in the open about it. The hell with all of them.

  10. Word in Lehgih County was Stoffa was very close to his one time secretary when he was Human Services Director in Legigh.

    Apparently it is a Stoffa trait and this new young woman benefited from it as well.

  11. People who work in the courthouse know what is going on. Word has it that Stoffa has a long held reputation as a lecher.

  12. At least he stoped dying his hair that hideous shade of red.

  13. Rememeber folks, in next years Executive and county council races we must ensure that honest people who were clear in their support of Gracedale and the elderly poor are elected.

    Apparenlty there will be a shotgun approach of candidates thrown out there but we really need to focus on good people who can be trusted to stand on their own two feet.

    Also if Stoffa and Angle run for County Council we must ensure they are denied the privledge of serving as they have disgraced themselves.