Thursday, September 27, 2012

He's At It Again!!!

Northampton County Executive John Stoffa is once again moving his lips, but saying NOTHING.

Stoffa wants to build a new building to house Human Services, and he wants to lease it before it is built.

Stoffa won't say where the building will be built, who will build it, or even how much he thinks it will cost...but his lips are moving.

And get this, the Express Times says "His proposed 2013 budge, won't include those details because too many have yet to be sorted out, he said. The budget would most likely need to be amended in the early months of 2013, he said."

"Stoffa said he hopes to announce further details to Northampton County Council in the next month. However, when he first mentioned the potential deal in August, Stoffa said he planned on discussing the deal more fully at the Sept. 21 meeting." But did he? And notice that he said "he hopes to" instead of HE that just means that he will continue to move his lips whiles saying nothing.

Read the full story: Northampton County planning to lease new human services building


  1. How in the name of heaven did this clown get elected to anything?

  2. I am pleading, no begging the Northamgton County Council to not let this clown buy or build or lease anything in his last year as Executive. he has screwed things up enough. Please!

    The existing setup is fine for another year. Let the new Administration and council work out the details of a long term plan.

    With all the money going out of Human Services it is impossible to predict what we will have. Stoffa will only jepordize programs for lease payments on a building he hopes will one day bear his name.

    Stop it!!! Enough already.

  3. He did not bring up the building as PSSU was there. Word on the street is that they are not happy workers right now.

    Stoffa has to realize that his lack of commitment to Human Service Programs will be exposed to council and the public.

    He has lost enough money and vital programs for citizens of NorCo

    I agree enough is enough

  4. Council would be absolutely crazy to support a new Human Services building..The Governor has already forced the closure of an entire department in Human Services. If Corbett and the republicans in the AStatehouse have their way, there wont even be public workers to put in the new building..bechtel is a good solid building and shouldnt be sold. Let them move people there instead of going elsewhere...

  5. I cannot beleive Tony Iannelli of the Chamber of Commerce has Ron Angle on his TV show again to discuss, Gracedale. Amazing! The most untruthful disgraced offical in the Valley put on TV. Grucela and Seyfried were there with him.

    The sad thing is as on the O'Hare hate blog, Jerry drove O'Hare to the studio.

    Now it is obvious why Seyfried pretended to run for County Execuive, he is doing it to try and get other people to not run against Callahan. He is playing the game Angle and O'Hare helped put together. Hopefully Lamont McClure still runs. Shame on Jerry Seyfried for playing footsie with O'Hare and Angle and selling out to Callahan. He was a good guy but this was a low move for him.