Friday, September 28, 2012

No - She's Not...

...Really Gone.

According to comments on our post Is She Really Gone, County Executive John Stoffa has allowed Ross Marcus to place the dreaded Ilisa Sacknoff in another county employment position. The question now is: did we really expect anything different?

We The People have to wonder - what does she have over them that they continue to shuffle her from position to position?

We decided rather than posting excerpts from the comments, to post the comments themselves.

In our opinion, if this information is true, (and we believe it is) John Stoffa is a disgrace to the office he was elected to, and to the County he is supposed to be representing.

  1. Marcus and Stoffa gave her a job today as the CASSP coordinator, which was a vacant position. Same pay grade level and salary. She will start there on Monday. Now she will get to determine if children with mental health issues get the required treatment that is recommended by psychiatrists. This position had been vacant for quite a while and really did not need to be filled as other administrators were doing the work since the previous employee left.
  1. Sad day in NorCo Human Services

    This job was not even posted to all County Employees. Stoffa and Marcus just appointed her.

    Shady business
  2. Word on the street is, her fourth job with the county.
  3. ANON 5:37 - do you know it as a fact?
  4. ANON 5:37 here. Yes it is a fact. Management never gets rid of management, they just move them around and expect different results. Stoffa has allowed Marcus to try to destroy Gracedale and now he is doing it to the rest of the County's Human Services departments.
  5. It is all fact, call and ask tomorrow for yourself. Better yet ask council. Also call civil service and check policy if this move is even legal.

    All of Human Services will be gone 5 years from now.

    Why do u think the County is now leasing a building instead of owning one.

    Stoffa and Marcus have no commitment to keeping any of these programs.
Truly a sad day in NorCo!


  1. Does County Council exist? Maybe it is time to remind all of them there is an election next year. Enough already. Another building, this woman. Yet Council is silent.

  2. Is Council afraid of Stoffa and/ or Marcus?
    Why do they continue to promote a dangerous incompetent?
    Council, do your job. Help those who need your help. You are the only hope for these people who NEED your help.

  3. Wonder what Sacknoff has on Stoffa?

  4. That's the million dollar question!!

    But Stoffa is an incompetent and inept leader anyway.