Monday, September 24, 2012


Does it matter who decides to run for Norco Council next year? We think NOT.

A few out there are illusions with the idea that seats on County Council, as well as the County Executive seat are just up for grabs next year, no not so...We The People are ENGAGED.

What does that mean you ask? Simple - We The People are involved - and We The People know what's going on due to our involvement.

Seats in government are not just up for grabs, unless of course the people don't have a clue as to who is doing what, and why.

But take note: We The People do remember who did what, and who said what. And most of all, we recall crystal clear who FAILED US.

There are also others that believe they got away because they flew under the radar, no not so...and they will discover after the election that we were onto them all along...when they get booted out.

Perhaps that's why some have already thrown in the towel...they seen what happened to Ronny boy, and they rather step down before they are knocked down.

Some out there (and they know who they are) may not realize it but they are simply has-been's who have nothing left. They can say anything they want to, about anyone they wants to...but it will always be meaningless because in the end they are but has-been's that still wanna-be.

It would be real interesting to see Ron Angle TRY to run for something next year. And we say interesting because we believe he will lose again and again - the question is: can he take such rejection again and again? Remember, he failed to win his own district last election...he will definitely fail County wide. During our SGD initiative, 9 out of 10 people we talked to about the ousted Councilman said they would drop him like the bad habit he is...if they could (they were not in his district). Go ahead Ron...RUN - as far away as you can, and as fast as you can...because in NorCo the feeling is - you can't even win a one man foot race!

The nonsensical ignoramus on the other hand seams to believe that if his ex-benefactor was to run again he will win, but we doubt the win will come. In fact, we feel strongly that if Angle does run he will only increase the odds of his opponent, whomever that may be. With that said, anyone out there considering election, run against Ron Angle and your sure to win.

No...there never was a desire on the part of We The People to be bullied, and will not be bullied again...

...Ron Angle has never been anything more than a big bully who's strong arm tactics served him well until COAF stood up and inspired the people of NorCo to say...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. For Ron, it's been down hill ever since.


  1. Is it true that soffa is running again?

  2. Angle cant even win his own district..If he runs again, especially countywide, he'll get crushed..Let him run..Please Angle run..If Stoffa runs as Bernie says he might (for council) he shouldnt run as a Dem. Either way, with his name recognition, he'll be tough to beat..The good thing is that even if the anti Gracedale folks got elected , their are alot of good Dems like Heckman and Seyfried who might run who support Gracedale..Then it wouldnt matter if Callahan wants to privitize it or not..he'll never get the votes..

  3. If stoffa does run he will get crushed too, because of his name. it doesnt take much 2 c that he cant do anything requiring brains anyway, and if there are voters out there that can forget that stoffa squandered 27.5 million of our tax dollars we'll remind them.

  4. To beat Stoffa , if he's serious about running, you'd have to start raising funds now and get people motivated to support his opposition..That's not easy when ten people or so are running..To say he'd get crushed is not realistic..He could probably put his name on the ballot and waltz in unless you can come up with a slate of candidates that everyone could agree on and push them relentlessly and fund them..Good luck with that..

  5. It's hard to imagine, but Mr. Stoffa may even be able to do more damage on CC than he is doing as Exec.

  6. He will not win just like angle will not win. With what we know today about both of these stooges, if they win we deserve whatever happens in the County!

  7. I beleive the union and COAF would send information out in the primary about Stoffa and Angle and squash them before they are noiminated. Taht is if the union and COAF ar5e still paying attention

    Many sunshine patriots out there today on the Dem list. Don't remeber seeing or hearing them during the Graacedale debates.

  8. We'll see..It would take a concerted effort to knock off Stoffa in a council race with ten or more folks running..To "send info out" as you say, it costs money..Unless money is spent to knock him out, he will get elected to council if he wants to ..To say otherwise is politically naive..Now if the union and coalition get together and support a good slate of candidates who support Gracedale like Heckman, Seyfried, Bill Wallace and others, than maybe he'll be left out..But that will take money and work..We'll see.

    1. Bernardo, and I know it's you, understand this: u r trying to get stoffa to run for council but he won't do that. Say goodby to him. He is visibly worn out. He got his butt kicked by the he pick a fight with, u no the taxpayers. It was 2 much 4 him and has visibly taken a toll on him. u r just being selfish. U want him to run so that u will still have a confidant in the courthouse. U no betr than anyone else that next year is going to be a big election year for the county, n u no that u have hurt many of the people who may be running. So keep trying to get stoffa to run, n try n get angle 2 run 2, they will both lose n u can hope different but it aint hapening.

  9. Kiss Stoffa goodbye.
    Work was doing all that had to accomplished in order to complete the referendum.
    People with that kind of tenacity will see Stoffa's loss,if he is naive enough to run,as a simple thing to do.

  10. The new county council won't include Stoffa. He won't run for Executive because he would be thrown out against anyone else.

    He is nuts if he thinks he can win another election.

    I hope there are good caniddates, intelligent and trustworthy out there. No one can afford another mistake like Stoffa and some of the rubberstamps on county council.

  11. Yes all we have to do is remember what he tried to do to GD and remember how he squandered 27.5 dollars of our money. At one point we had a 62 million $ reserve fund acc, who knows whats left. If thats not enoungh for the electors to dismiss stoffa and angle as unecessary we will deserve whatever we get.

  12. I'll tell you why it's not enough for voters to dismiss Stoffa.....He has name recognition and still gets favorable press..If he runs, you need to get a slate of council candidates that support Gracedale..You need to spend time and money to get them elected..Wishing won't make it happen..Now, it's questionable whether he'll run but if he does for some crazy reason you'll have to work to keep him off..Angle's another story..he ran years ago county wide and got his butt kicked..he cant even win his own district..No way he can win..

  13. Bernard "O'Hater" O'Hare, is really angry that Lamont McClure will be the next county executive. We all understand why. Apparently McClure will not allow O'Hare to use the public restrooms as his private bathroom. People will be spared the sight of O'Hares naked body straddling a sink.

    That is one reason why O'Hare is now workinmg for Callahan and trashing Lamont all the time.