Thursday, April 16, 2015

Northampton County Council At It's Finest!

Image result for great job picturesTo watch Northampton County Council work today, leaves one breathless to say the least.

Keeping in mind the debacles of past governing bodies over the last decade or so.  It is refreshing today, to see and hear a governing county council, which is clearly working as it should for the people. And We, The People want to let them know that for the first time in well over five years, we are proud of you! No! - We are very proud of you.

Image result for great job picturesGone are the days of disorderly behavior by our elected officials. No more swearing, no more yelling. Arrived have the days of civil tranquility that is clearly resulting in what the county needs most, forward progress leading to envisioned goals.

The terminology has certainly changed. Instead of the blasphemy once tolerated, and people told to sit down and shut up - thank you, please, I respectfully ask, apology extended, have become the normal terms accepted today. This is awesome!

Image result for skeptic picMany in the county were once skeptical about the possibility that we would ever see this day. We on the other hand were confident that if we elected the right statesmen's using our POWERFUL vote, we could make a change, and a difference.  Many in the county are no longer skeptical because the day has arrived...and we  all welcome it!

All off you folks out there who believe that your vote doesn't matter, please think does! 

Image result for clean house picThe civil order witness today during the council meeting is exactly what we worked to accomplish when we began the process of cleaning house. Today the house is nice and neat, and clean...all we have to do is keep it that way.

We applaud you...keep up the good work!

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