Tuesday, April 21, 2015

There Are Somethings In Life Truly Worth Fighting For...

...And Gracedale is certainly one of them.

Image result for fate picsThe members of the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families did not open their eyes one morning and simply decided to get involved in the exhausting Gracedale matter. No, we are simple folks who were delivered to Gracedale by fate.

And, as fate would have it, we all met by way of one person. No - we're not talking about our spokesperson. He was just a messenger. We're talking about a person who convinced us, not by good deeds, but by belligerent words, and by irresponsible actions and bullish behavior, that we had to undertake the matter, or our Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sister would suffer dearly at her hands. Her name is Ilisa Sacknoff.

Who exactly is Ms. Sacknoff?
Well, to have a better understanding you can read: Who is Ilisa Sacknoff. In our humble opinion, she is someone you don't want caring for your loved one. Why not, you ask? Well, simply stated, because she doesn't care about anyone she is indeed to serve!
The Million Dollar question is: Why was she protected?


  1. You have no choice, What do you want us to do with them, they are on deaths door. Well they made it another year or too. Why did she play Doctor and make medical decisions? Why did Ross Marcus tell us after she left she was the wrong person for that job, after 46 of us came out in snow storm to complain about her. Why was her boss in social services told to leave her alone? Who was protecting her and why?

  2. She walked around with her high heels click click click but would not look inside any room to see how the residents were were doing. I saw her confronted by one of the coaf members in sw2 where for some unknown reason her belt fell off. This is true!