Tuesday, April 28, 2015

John Stoffa...

...Should stay on the sofa!
Recently, John Stoffa was portrayed as being "respected by employees of the county, even when they were mad at him." Really! Most all the Gracedale employees we know, as well as many of the courthouse employees he conned into voting for him during his second campaign, actually despised him. Why so? Well, the Gracedale employees were lied to. They were promised when he went to Gracedale seeking their support, that their jobs were safe. Once elected for a second term however, he began the process of trying to sell Gracedale. And the courthouse employees? Well, some were fired because he did not like the emails they shared to others about him. No, none of the employees we know respected him, they despised him instead.

Image result for pants on fire picsHe is reported to have been "a man who stood for honesty and fairness." Really? If he was so honest then why did he lie to us? And, if he was so fair, then why didn't he fire Ilisa Sacknoff, who mistreated residents at Gracedale, instead of firing courthouse employees for stupid emails? He is said to be "a rare breed." We don't think so. In our opinion, his breed is a dime a dozen. He is a politician, not a statesman. Politicians are known to lie more often than not!

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It is comical to call Mr. Stoffa "a man who actually believed in transparency." People who are transparent never lie! Mr. Stoffa couldn't stop lying to us! That's a fact! His integrity is proclaimed to be beyond reproach. That would mean he is perfect and blameless. Who exactly in NorCo who knows him believes that? Certainly not us. The truth is the truth even if two or three don't believe it!

Sam Murray may be a good candidate for judge, but having Mr. Stoffa's endorsement may actually hurt his chances.

Abe Kassis For Judge's photo.We support Abe Kassis for judge because during the recent Gracedale voter registration rally, he informed us that he believes Gracedale, as well as all Pennsylvania facilities like her are a necessity for the wellness of the residents they serve.

He believes our elders matter!

He doesn't see color, but he does recognizes injustice. Upon identifying a wrong, his experience as a seasoned ADA under John Morganelli has prepared him to serve the community at large, on another level. With a solid promise to secure justice for all!

We need people serving our judicial system who are compassionate, and who understand the value of humanity.

Don't forget to...
Abe Kassis For Judge's photo.
...Get out and vote!


  1. Thank you for staying on the job. The nonsense the crazy O'Hare wrote is typical of what he stands for. We musty never forget that Stoffa/Angle /O'Hare are liars and frauds. We must remember that they will always be in the background trying to destroy Gracedale.

    John Stoffa loves the spotlight so much he won't stay on the sofa. He still inserts himself in many areas of the county. It is a shame for Mr. Murray. he is a decent man and probably doesn't realize that the support of the great liar is a liability and not a benefit. It was his choice and it was a bad one.

    so thank you for still having an outlet for the truth about this man. The way he paid his cronies and lied to those at Gracedale. We know the real Stoffa and O'Hare is still his and Angle's stooge.

    Thank You.

  2. Remember that Ron Angle is trying to sneak into office again. he has been going on and on about how right he and Stoffa were about Gracedale. We must all be sure to get the truth out about that con man. As we all know the other blog will hide and censor the truth about Angle.

    He is a disgusting person and can not be voted back into office.. We all need to get the word out. No more Angle and Stoffa. The other blog makes them out to be heroes.
    We know what they really are and the damage they have done.