Friday, April 17, 2015

The Correction Was Made!

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We planned to post a link to the Norco Council meeting of April 16, 2015 this morning. Our intent was to provide the link to all who were unable to make the meeting that evening, but would like an opportunity to watch it on-line. However, as we understand it an error occurred, and the only footage available on Norco's web-site was the first part of the meeting in the larger courtroom. By way of a request, the footage has been updated with the second part.

Thankfully, we can provide the link now. Please go to:

April 16, 2015 - County Council Meeting

Prepare yourself for - what we consider to be the most professionally conducted CC meeting since we have been attending meeting. That's about eight years now. We certainly welcome your thought's.


  1. Keep telling yourselves that. If you don't know that everyone of the R's on council up to and including the liar in chief Peg Farraro wouldn't vote to sell Gracedale, I have a bridge to sell you. Just a reminder, Peg threatened to change her vote if the "WORKERS" not "YOU". didn't give back "MAJOR" amount of money. Do you think they will do that again? And that fool Jerry Greene stated on TV that "maybe it was time to sell the place and start negotiations" with the "NEW" owners. Mark my words. I know you won't print this just knowing you read it is good enough. So quit sucking up to a bunch of backstabbing R's. And the useless union reps that stole YOUR victory and made it look like they did all the heavy lifting.

    1. We are merely giving credit where credit is due. This particular meeting, in our opinion, was conducted extremely well. That's what we are saying. In addition, The coalition is a bi-partisan activist group who helped elect both Republicans and Democrats. We need a well balanced CC in order to function in a healthy manner. We believe we are seeing that in this current body. You don't have to agree with us, that's okay. Is it possible that some are trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Yes, but if that is the case, we will again use the power of our votes to remove such a person from office.

      Please also note: we will post all comments that do not have profanity or other content that may not be suitable for this blog. In the spirit of keeping things clean, we also want comments to be sensible, civil, and meaningful. How can we expect CC or any other governing body to act properly when we are behaving improperly? Content other than that can be posted on the other blogs. We will keep our in a format that even our youth can read.

      Lastly, we understand that from the onset of this year COAF has not been mentioned as the TRUE force that saved Gracedale. We did what we did because we care. We were not then, nor are we now, seeking fame and fortune. We did what we did because it was the right thing to do. Yes, we did the real heavy lifting - we know it, they know it, and you know it. Our Satisfaction comes from knowing that we, through our sacrifices, made a difference.

      Thank you for your point of view.