Friday, December 2, 2011

Cusick Is Sick And Tired...

...Of Angles games and displayed it yesterday during, and especially after the CC meeting when visibly annoyed he stated "one more meeting with Angle".

Obviously Cusick, as well as other members of county council, not to mention again the taxpayers of NorCo - can't wait for Angle's departure.

We are nearing the end of a tyrants rule...the problem is - he just can't except it. He should have listened to The People when he had the chance...especially when we told him to to dust off his golf clubs and fishing gear because he will soon have a lot of time on his hand. We guess the one that will suffer now will be his better half, she will have to put up with his crazed antics, oh wait a minute, yeah that's correct - all she has to do is order him back to the manure he has accrued.

We The People proudly but humbly, applaud most council members for finally demonstrating some sort of civility despite Angle, who after next weeks meeting...will no longer be.


  1. Do you think Angles' commending of Jenna Portnoy council coverage, had anything to do with her glossing over the fact he acted like an out of control 8 year old at the meeting.

  2. Everyone who knows Angle knows that he has no class or self-control. He seeks attention and will get it anyway he can. I doubt that he will be able to resist attending council meetings to speak at courtesy of the floor. Be prepared for his assults and tantrums. My hope is when his 5 minutes are up he is escorted out.

  3. That's why we will need to be there, in force, now more than ever for the first several months. I will be there supporting our new electeds.

  4. We shall be there to support the new people. Remember, Angle will be to Council just as all the rest of us taxpayers are.No special treatment.Let us now hope that Stoffa has a brain.

  5. We are all "sick and tired" of Angle, Stoffa and O'Hare.

  6. I read in the Express Times today that Angle is still putting Cusick down and himself up as to how to prepare and process a county budget.
    Doesn't Angle get it? Cusick is quoted as to wanting OPENNESS.Everyone in the USA is looking to our politicians for transparecy.
    If the people of Region 4 thought that Angle was as wonderful as he says he is, why did he LOSE?

  7. Last year Angle peopoesed a "no tax" increase budget and brags that council voted for it. I am not aware of any coucil not voting for a "no Tax" increase budget. I mean really! Even so, Angle's budget was wrong and needed to be amended.

    This year Angle claims he could eliminate a tax increase but he won't becasue he lost, Cusick is President, etc. Who is surprised by Ron Angle's childish behavior?

  8. O'Hares frequent deleting of comments to deter the truth from being told has earned him a few more prize photos on my blog. All are welcome to share in the fun. Please do!

  9. His blog will not let me post anymore.

  10. Don't bother trying to comment on O'Hare's hate blog, he is deleting any truthfiul statement. He is in to total damage control for Angle and Stoffa and will delete anything that sheds light on the truth.

  11. B.O. is mourning the rejection by of the voters of Mr. Angle and Rev. Dowd. One thing B.O. doesn't not is that Rev. Dowd actually voted for the swaption. Maybe council could use a little less of that kind of experience ?

  12. Who's going to Angle's last meeting ?

  13. From the Sound of Music remember the unwanted NAZI party?
    The kids always broke into song. These are updated lyrics.

    “So Long, Farewell”

    There's a glad sort of clanging
    From the clock in the hall
    And the bells in the steeple, too
    coo coo coo coo

    And up in the nursery where Bernie dwells
    An absurd little bird
    Is popping out to say Rons' coo-coo
    (Coo-coo, coo-coo)

    the voters regretfully told us
    But firmly they compel us
    to say goodnight
    To you

    So long, farewell
    Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight
    I hate to go I won't let it be be a pretty sight

    So long, farewell
    Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
    Adieu, adieu
    To you and Bernie and Reverend Dowd too

    So long, farewell
    Au revoir, Auf Weidersehen
    I'd like to stay
    but I lost my campaign

    So long, farewell
    Auf Weidersehen, goodbye
    I made you heave
    A sight each and every night

    We're glad you go
    We cannot tell a lie
    You shift, you boast
    you're a fleetly flea, a fly

    The position had gone
    To his head and he must do like the voters said

    So long, farewell
    Auf Weidersehen, goodbye


    Goodbye Ron don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  14. When Stoffa walks out, government can finally work again.

  15. Stoffa claims this is the best budget he can present. angle claims if he wanted too, he could make it a no tax increase budget. he won't because he is mad at voters. Stoffa doesn't want Angle to help him find the savings.

    The entire county government seems like some type of bad dream at this point.

    Angle won't stop being a jerk and Stoffa won'
    t even try to start being a leader.

  16. John Stoffa is incompetent. Even many of his supporters now realize that fact. he has lived off his tax increase the the huge surplus he inherited. Remember last year he offered a budget of choices. it was a ploy so Ron angle could look like a hero and present a no-tax budget. I have never met an elected body that won't vote for a no-tax increase budget.

    This year he puts in a 9.3% tax increase. angle claims if he wanted to he could make it a no tax budget. Angle won't do it because people didn't elect him. so much for being responsible.

    Makes you wonder what weird deal Stoffa and Angle had cooked up for this year.

    Glad to see Angle go. I will never stop watching John Stoffa. he is sneakier and meaner than most people know. I never trusted the guy and I still don't.