Friday, December 9, 2011

The Proof Is In The Pudding

The TRUTH Comes Out...No Tax Increase 2012

Well ladies and gentlemen of NorCo...the complete TRUTH has finally come out - and we thank the Controller Steven Barron for bringing it to light.

Gracedale was never ever the reason for any tax increase, and we know that as a fact today because we have a 2012 budget in NorCo with no tax increase at all. Yes, Angle tried to deceived us, but at this point who really cares...he's GONE.

Stoffa is not sure how to show his face because he too expressed nothing but falsity. Like a magician he tried to create an illusion, but by the grace of God he was so poor at it that The People were easily able to see the fallacy.

The message for Stoffa from WE THE PEOPLE is quite clear - walk honestly from this moment forward...for if you insult the intelligence of the folks who chose you just one more time - We The People will FIRE YOU in disgrace.

We The People want nothing more than to witness Stoffa working hand in hand with the NEW governing County Council, but if you chose instead to continue your games, arms and legs moving as Angle pulls your strings, you will be RECALLED.

Remember John - We The People DO NOT make threat's...we make promises, and unlike you we don't ever make promises we can not keep. You sir, should understand by now that unlike you "we say what we mean, and we mean what we say", our Yes is always Yes, and our No's are always No. We do not play games, and we will no longer tolerate such corrupt abuse from any of OUR elected servant's.

Do the right thing John, and you can complete your term on a positive note, do the wrong thing and be the only disgraced County Executive in the history of Northampton County.

May God continue to bless America, Gracedale, and all of The People who stood up in 2011 and said - enough is enough.

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  1. We all should be upset and steaming at Barron for this tickering and McClure for his vote...If I were the unions I'd want to strangle him and McClure because now they have to negotiate contracts in a tight budget atmosphere. Finally, if I were his fellow Democrats who just got elected to Council I'd really be pissed off because he leaves them and the County no breathing room if his figures are incorrect..What the hell were he, McClure, and McHale thinking here??? As a Democrat and a Gracedale supporter I have to wonder whose side they're on??

  2. Important to note that the budget was adopted with current salary scales and benefits in place. If the gracedale unions offer a give-back, there will be even more savings in the budget. If there is no giveback, the budget covers the costs as adopted.

    In October 2012, when the swaption comes due, there are options for the county at time of termination. There is no law stating that it must be paid for from surplus. Other swaption deals that went bad across PA were paid for using general obligation bonds at low rates of interest.

    Instituting a tax hike when there is a $60 million cushion in reserves is downright irresponsible. I applaud the Council for doing the right thing.

  3. Thank's to the council ( of you ) and Steve Baron for doing the right thing with the budget.
    As for the union's they are prepared to give back some it would be the right thing to do.
    great job !

  4. ( most of you )

  5. Folks, Bernie either misheard me or well, let's go with he didn't hear me correctly. I said, "I have the good fortune of being here for the next two years ..." Anyway, God willing, I intend to be an active member of the Northampton County for the next two years and beyond.


  6. Forget about Bernie, when it come to governing our county business his slanted opinion does not matter. What does matter is that a budget was passed 8-1 with no tax increase because it was never really necessary. CC did the right thing and the future will prove it. Great JOB CC. We applaud you.

  7. Now that Bernie's is temporarily not fat he looks even more sinister.

  8. Bernie has undergone rapid weight loss by doing what I told him not to do. Over the summer he was starving himself on a diet of coffee, bologne, fruit and valium. I told him not to try to lose more than 2 lbs a week. He didnt listen, and now his skin is sallow, and he complained of all kinds of digestive trouble. Rapid loss=Rapid gain.

  9. I'll say this much. Mezzacappa sounds nuttier and nuttier each day. Who cares about Bernie?

  10. Kudos to the CC and Barron for doing the right thing. Over the years taxpayers have been over taxed resulting in a very full reserve. There is absolutely no need for the tax increase threatened by Stoffa and the former councilman Angle.
    As we move forward into 2012 there is no reason to believe that the unions will not honor their word and give back some benefits with the new contracts. However, it's important to remember that some of the benefits they now recieve were in lieu of monetary increases. Also it is not fair to expect the Gracedale employees to be the only ones to offer give backs. There are a total of five unions that pull from the county's budget.

  11. I have always come here because of Gracedale. The point is to keep Gracedale healthy and strong. People seem to forget it takes two to tango. Mr. Stoffa is still county executive and despite any recall talk, he will remain so for two years.
    What happened last night was no favor to Gracedale's stability or any county employee. Frankly, it was noting but a political stunt.

    The executive still makes the calls and will be sure to spend down the money. You forget the other unions are not giving back a thing, they will want raises and Stoffa will gladly give them. He will pay top dollar for the rehab center. As the money is spent the County's bond rating will drop.

    This game of academic finger pointing will result in a less secure future for Gracedale, all for a political future. Those who are concerned about the future of Gracedale should be doubly concerned tonight. The vote by county council was no favor to either the unions or Gracedale.

    Politics trumped common sense last night.

  12. I agree with 6:33.
    It may however take well into next year to realize the outcome of the vote last night if the result stands.
    There is a ray of hope, that is if Barron is correct the worry will have been for naught.
    He makes valid points in regards to amassing the 60 million during a recession. And assumes it will continue at that pace. However Stoffa makes valid counterpoints. And of course we have the former "councilchild" Angle calling names and predicting gloom and doom. This due to the fact he is history.
    At first blush I think Ferraro got it right. The ball is in Stoffas' court, he could play game changer.
    Time will tell.

    I am sorry I couldn't attend last nights meeting. Allow me to wish a hearty goodbye and goodluck to,

  13. Feel good politics rarely works. Last night played right into John Stoffa's hand. He can bleed Gracedale even more and claim it was county councils decision. County Council can then say, we listened to the Controller.

    All in all, very amateur political play by the Controller. Have to hope it doesn't harm Gracedale too much.

  14. It won't because taxes never had to go up because of Gracedale, the future will provee it.

  15. Today at work [ Gracedale] there was a sigh of great relief, Ron Angle and his flunkie Dowd were no longer in control. Residents are smiling, workers are jumping up and down with glee [ well i was anyway]. There was no budget increase not the 30 % , 20%, or even 10 % that the fearmongers told us was coming [imagine that]. Ron go back to your cows with your head in shame, plot your next scam , fake some wills or fall on someones property and sue them , or go shopping for tool box's with ron jr, scam some dentist or plan on building a prison. yes today is a great day indeed. HAPPY FEET

  16. HEY where's my 30 % tax increase RON said there was going to be. Dont tell me he lied again. looks like Unkle Jimmy was right he cant be trusted. TIC TAK

  17. It is sad to see the good people of the COAF being played by political opportunists.