Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angle & The Sheriff Sale

Angle showed up to the county council meeting with a list of the sheriff sales pending for Friday - he seemed to still be campaigning, apparently he did not get the memo that he lost. Despite his argument that no one is speaking for those losing their homes - he forgot to say that he takes advantage of sheriffs sales at every opportunity he gets.

Updated: Angle is disruptive - shut down by Cusick

Updated: Angle tries again - Ann shuts him down

Update: Angle Disruptive one wants to hear it.

Update: Every council member is civil except for Angle who continues to yell out.

Update : Angle question Marcus on Gracedale who answers all questions - Angle is gone...Gracedale will succeed.

Update: Dietrick tries to prevent a tax increase...yet to be seen.


  1. I watched this and I am curious . Did Angle try to get the other members to return the extra pay they receive to the coffers, as a act of revenge? That is what it seems like to me. He acted like a jackwagon.
    Keep the updates coming as I had to leave the office and just got back.

  2. Okay I watched the rest. Is Angle a lunatic?
    Did he always act this way?

  3. ANGLE: Okay what happens if we vote and 5 to 4 the budget is passed and 5 to 4 the millage rate fails

    ANGLE: Tom do you know

    Angle: I know

    ANGLE: Ann do you know

    ANGLE: I know

    ANGLE: see I'm the only one theat knows, your lookin' at the guy that knows, you're lucky I'm here because I know I know the answer to that.

    ANGLE: see I switched it on 'em, they don't know, but I know, I switched it because, I know, they didn't know that I switched it, because I know

    Hey Ron you want to know what I know?

    YOUR NUTS!!!!

    And Charlie Cheswick too....

  4. That was the dialog of one of Rons rants. He acted like a disturbed person.
    I feel sorry for the other council people having to endure that.
    They should muzzle him like a mad dog.

    And I finally see why you call her bobblehead.

    She's next

  5. Ron Angle couldn't bully or buy what he wanted, the election. Ron Angle is used to getting his way by either intimidating or buying it. When Ron Angle doesn't get his way the mentally unbalanced angry two year old comes out.
    Ron Angle fits the classic definition of a sociopath and government is better off without him even if he "is" the smartest guy in the room, which he isn't.

  6. Did anyone notice the obnoxious open space advocate in the back of the room, shouting out during the meeting, and parading 4 kids into the meeting to read at courtesy of the floor?

    Why didnt BO video this "cat-calling?"

  7. Not a good way to advocate for open space I'm afraid. If I can get the support from my family I will throw my hat in the ring.

  8. Word onthe street is, how much land does Angle have in open space? I know, I know, I know. NONE, NONE, NONE. Is he holding for develoment, you bet your booties. His land for top buck.

  9. Be prepared to keep the heat on. Angle will probably be assumnig the roll of puppet master pulling strings of certain council members and may even be front and center making a ruckus.