Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Audit O'Hare And Stoffa!

The nerve of Bernie O'Hare talking about Steve Barron - says: "he's very generous with our money, isn't he?" WHAT!!! The audacity of this under the table reporter wanna-be - to say "OUR MONEY". According to his own disclosure, he has no money, owes judgments due his malicious  and criminal actions as an attorney, can't pay the judgements, so how exactly is the tax payers money his money too. According to his own admission, he owns no properties or anything else that would involve his fair share payments of taxes.

Bernie, you have absolutely no right what so ever to say "our money". It's not our money including you, it's our money excluding you. You do not by any stretch of the imagination pay taxes so why do you say "OUR MONEY"?

The IRS should investigate YOU...We're sure you would have much explaining to do.

And perhaps there should be an investigation of Stoffa as well, because if he knows that employees are stealing as you say they are (from the County)...then why isn't Stoffa doing something about it?


  1. The reason why O'Hare is attacking Steve Barron is because Steve is bright, has a job, and has a life, with a bright future ahead. O'Hare destroyed his own life, being the dangerous and venomous sadist that he his, and always will be. He destroyed his career, not due to alcohol, as he would like everyone to believe, but due to his insatiable appetite for humiliation, destruction, degradation and malice. His disease of being a sadist has no cure. There are plenty of pills on the market for mania, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, schizo-affect disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, antisocial personality disorder, psychotic disorders and others.

    I would bet that O'Hare has tried many of these pills as therapies for his multiple mental disorders, and failed miserably to change his ways. The reason is because the root cause of his problem is sadism ( a problem in which the subject enjoys inflicting pain on others, and needs the adrenalin rush of inflicting pain on a daily basis).

    There is no therapy for a sadist. He needs to be reported to the IRS frequently, and by the masses. He is an off-the -books business partner of Ron Angle and has wads of cash stashed everywhere, probably even in his ass crack. He keeps himself judgement proof by pretending to be poor. He is not poor people. Its a great big fascade.

    But he is most certainly poor in the department of love and lasting relationships, isnt he? Word has it , he spent Christmas alone in his apartment knitting sweaters and booties for pigs.

  2. It is my personal opinion that anyone who works in an institutional setting, ie a nursing home or a jail, be afforded the benefit of Paid Time Off. PTO is the sum total of all paid days off rolled into one. There is no deliniation between vacation, sick, personal time. Institutional settings, no matter how clean they are, are breeding grounds for germs, viruses and illness.

  3. Word is O'Hare is still payed under the table by Angle and Stoffa?