Saturday, December 17, 2011

Angle Sharpening Knives?

Any one who watches the business matters episode aired on December 12, will hear the DEFEATED Ron Angle talking about sharpening knives, and something about shotgun shells...does that constitute some sort of threat? Just asking...this statement comes from a tyrant that states clearly "the emperor has been dethrone" but the empoeror is not satisfied with the decision of The People. There is no mistake that he says "and now the tax hike is here" during the opening segment of the show - his problem is that the show taped before CC voted on the tax hike...and as we all know today...CC voted 8/1 no tax hike - so it is now clearly evident that he was deceptive, and ironically, he too voted in favor of NO TAX HIKE, further evidence of his deception.

Angle also stated "I talked to the military coup this morning and we will seize control on January 1st - and there will be HELL to pay" - Ha, FAT CHANCE can't control your mouth, how can you be expected to control anything else?

He goes on to kiss Michelle G. Young's butt who appears to enjoy his demeaning advances. And then Ianneli makes himself look and sound rather foolish asking "what do the electors want?". Perhaps Tony isn't as bright as a bathroom bulb, or perhaps he doesn't keep up with current affairs even on his own show. The People have been extremely clear (even on his show) about what we want...and when it comes to Gracedale - We The People want: all HANDS OFF. Tony then mentions something about Angle and his conscience, again displaying a level of ignorance because he does not seem to realize that Angle has no conscience.

They mock Mike Schlosshberg, who actually made more sense then anyone else...that's not to say that we agree with everything he said, but instead that he was rational and mindful of realities in our region. 

Ianneli says "Throw the bums out" and We The People say: that's just what we did!



  1. BO looks like he's on crack

  2. Angle is finished. He will make a bigger joke of himself if he tries to influence county government. Anyone who pays attention knows what the score is.

  3. Panto is over at B.O.'s blog exchanging pleasantries with him. Panto stayed very quiet on Gracedale. He must have been on the Stoffa pro- sale camp.

  4. Always drive around Easton , never throughDecember 17, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    Panto has been forced to clarify his "criminal" statement regarding the budget.

    BERNIE OHARE on his inuendo/mumbly peg blog INFERRED that PANTO was talking about BARRON being a criminal when he pled his case for the budget. Read the headline and tell me what it sounds like. Somehow the braintrust that is PANTO failed to see that BERNIE OHARE MISREPRESENTED Pantos' words. Hence he is in there back peddling, which wasn't necessary until BERNIE OHARE twisted his words to humiliate Barron. Ultimately he humiliated Panto.

    Bernie in his sucking up to Panto however has not apologized to him for MISREPRESENTING about what he said. Panto is either too stupid to read the entire thread or was too busy fixing beauty pageants in the Easton area to know that BERNIE OHARE put him on the spot with his posting inferring Panto accused Barron of being a criminal.


    And please I think Panto is burning his bridges as far as any support this group should offer him in future runs for office. Up to and including Miss Lehigh Valley.

    That is for later consideration as we have our work cut out for us removing another council member in 2012.

    In WWII they had a saying



  5. Panto called for county tax increase while at the same time he was bragging about balancing his budget with casino cash. Panto is the worst kind of preening peacock. Oh, and he has a figurative glass jaw.

  6. Sal probably shouldn't be hanging out with Bernie.

  7. No one really hangs out with Bernie, they exploit him as he exploits them. No matter what I may want, I would never attach myself to this slimy misfit. If you see the ohare picture posted by Owens on his artical dated December 11, 2011 0452, you also will agree as I do that he does appear to be on some sort of drugs or perhaps a very serious illness that he is not sharing.

  8. Panto and O'Hare are on O'Hare's hate blog telling each other how great they are. they then exchanged Christmas [pleasantries and damned those who dare say anything opposed to what Panto and O'Hare think.

    Two peas in a pod!

  9. It is really sad that Tony Iannelli has a bigot and anti-semite on his Business Matters TV show. I can't beleive the business owners who subsidize the show can be too happy with that.

    As to hypocrites, the woman on the show must be one. I believe she is married to the guy from PennDot. So he will get a huge public pension and public health-care for him and her. Yet she works for the Chamber damning anyone who gets a public pension and healthcare. Hmmm!!!!!

    I guess that makes somebody a hypocrite. Remember folks, these people are shallow and not real!

  10. What was the womans name?
    I can find out if he is an employee.
    Certain Penn Dot employees are not members of the union.
    Let me know

  11. I thnk her husband is not in a union but in management. The point is he will recieve a publiclly funded pension and has publiclly funded healthcare. That is all well and good but his wife works for the Chamber and condemns public pensions and healthcare. She will end up benefitting from both. Anyone know the meaning of hypocrite?

  12. If you are refering to the woman on the panel - her name is Michelle G. Young as high-lighted on the show.

  13. Be prepared to support the new council at the first few months of meetings. Be prepared I am pretty sure I know what is coming.

  14. Nothing is coming that WE THE PEOPLE cannot defuse with our own involvement.