Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Will It Ever Be Over?

We certainly hope that everyone enjoyed celebrating the special day of Christmas this past weekend.

Beyond that - well, we must turn once again to the evil that dwells in our county. On Christmas Eve we were exposed to yet another article by the express times that brought nothing but disgrace and shame to our great County of Northampton.

The article discussed a question posed by a Councilman to a Councilwomen in form of a note during a meeting last October 8. While we're not privileged with the actual content of the note, ET printed that the note had one word on it "bribe?". The question mark clearly indicates that it was a question. So what’s the big deal? Well, we find it rather interesting that someone, especially the person who initiated the RTK request would make a big deal out of it, after he himself has been witnessed on at least one occasion passing a note to the councilman at the left hand end of chamber, and then down to others. The reason we find it interesting is that no one considered it wrong when the blogger did it, including the blogger himself.

It is quite evident that the ousted councilman has bought the fabrication publication - that does not surprise us. What does surprise us is the Council President's comment that he considered the question "poor Judgment" - so the next question we have to ask is: what exactly does that mean? Are we to understand that our council men and women cannot seek each other's advice or opinion? And that to do so it must ONLY be done behind closed doors? Let us point out that there is absolutely no transparency when they conduct any business behind closed doors.

Our opinion on this matter is that the issue raised on Christmas Eve is utterly ridicules. We actually believe that the intent of the paper publishing on this timing was merely to cause humiliation and anxiety to the officials involved during a time that they should be concentrating and celebrating a sacred day - shame on the blogger, and greater shame on ET for fueling such nonsense.

To the blogger we say: (and we don't mean to cause you any anxiety) Don’t forget that your brief is due on January 3...don't be late. ;-)


  1. Good article COAF. Many of us support you Tom! Lousy Play by the Express times, certainly not in the spirit of the season. It's crap like this that makes good people not want to run for office. That is why we have so many turds running the show.

  2. The SOLE purpose was to make Tom look bad. The SOLE result made Ron look like the horses rear end that he is. It showed NO ONE, NO ONE at all, even in his own party has any shred of respect for him.
    In doing this Bernie, NOT THE NOTE, made Ron look like look like a suspect in a crime (no news there). The "soon shuttered" newspaper which was in complicity with Ohare did the same thing. If i were in charge at Saucon Valley Country Club I'd insist on M.O.T.T. (money on the table) at the bar from the papers members.

    This whole exercise in futility fell on Rons face not unlike a very "dippy" egg.

    I don't think Bernie is thinking things out very well anymore. Ron should sue him for dereliction of duty by not protecting his reputation with due diligence, since he is an employee. Maybe a soon to be let go employee.

    And remember, you can't collect, if you didn't pay in.

  3. Villa? Why do you post this thread under the guise of a COAF member? You are not supposed to be talking about HIM in any venue. Remember?

  4. It will never be over. There will always be evil.

  5. Just so everyone knows...the Express -Times is in such lousy shape that it was delivering newspapers to my door for free (for almost a year), in an effort to boost circulation. When its circulation drops below a certain point, they loose all other media outlets that publish stories in the ET. After ET gave press to O'Hare praising his RTK request, I called and cancelled a free-bee! I told them that I dont want it landing on my porch, not even for free.

  6. Greeeat eventually there will be no ET.

  7. 4:39
    If you think I am this Villa person allow me to burst your bubble. I knew nothing about him until I read it on West Easton Footprint. BTW thanks for the refresher T.
    Now being informed I would say to Mr. Villa I am sorry for your loss, and please continue to harass the donkey. Something else rhymes with that but I don't want to offend.

  8. In addition I relish my roll as
    Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs AKA "the man behind the curtain" as the mystery of my true identity obviously gets under your skin Bernie.

    It is too laugh.

  9. This entire episode is another attempt by Stoffa and Angle to use their trained monkey O'Hare to deflect people from important issues.

    Sad to see that Stoffa is still up to his old games. Very sad indeed.