Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...Thank You - 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, COAF would like to thank first and foremost GOD, whom without we would not have succeeded with the Gracedale effort in 2011.

Secondly, we thank the army of people who aligned themselves with the cause, you were sent and placed right were you were needed, and you executed your roles flawlessly...and because you did not hesitate - we prevailed. Thank You.

I understand that not everybody believes that Jesus is the Messiah, that to me is sad. However, as an Evangelist my responsibility to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is to share God's word with all that don't know him, that by hearing and choice they may come to know him...I can only hope that we recognize the events of 2011 were His miracles - using us as instruments to accomplish His will.

If by way of the TRUTH, and while in process of my mission for GOD I have offended anyone - I extend an apology and beg your forgiveness...and that includes my opposition. I ask your understanding when humbly I say "I will never ever be ashamed of the Gospel...I MUST share it as the Lord wills me to", and for that I will not apologize.

That being said...I look forward to 2012. I will continue to fulfill my role as COAF's spokesperson as long as I am able to, and most importantly - as long as the members of COAF want me to. I don't know what 2012 holds in store for us, but what I do know along as we have GOD on our side, no one will be able to stand against us, 2011 has proven this fact.

May God continue to bless America, COAF, We The People, and our opposition. Let us all pray that our opposition renew their minds and receive softer hearts, that they too will fall in alignment with God's will.
Have a safe and...

Rev. Mario Martinez


  1. Sorry I'm OT here, but it's hilarious that Bernie has a post up asking his "readers" to tell him what his most influential stories were this year. Doesn't he realize he has no influence at all. He was, among other things, the Propaganda Minister for the Stoffa/Angle Administration in its quest to sell Gracedale. How many Gracedale related posts did he write. He had zero influence - except maybe to make COAF and its allies work harder. He rooted for Angle and Dowd and hated on Barron and McClure. Barron and McClure win and Angle and Dowd lose. And these are really low voter turnout races. You'd think if he were to have any influence it would be in county races or races like Bethlehem City Council. Where he was a support of Simao and Carroll. How'd they do ? That's right, they lost. They guy has zero influence. He's a zero. Everyone should stop by his "influential" blog and remind him what a zero he is.

  2. Happy New Year
    To all
    Scott Parsons is being sworn in at 3PM Tuesday
    Who knows maybe there will be a special guest in attendence.

  3. Winston, I look forward to meeting you at the ceremony ;-)

  4. It surely has been a special year. Reflect on probably the most memorable event, Ron Angle is no longer manipulating decisions on Council.

  5. Happy New Year to All and God Bless.

  6. Maybe we should have an article about most memorable moments of angle's time on council. Oldie but goodie:

    After reading this, ask yourself, who brought the swaption problem to the county?

  7. Angle favorite question, what is in it for ME?

  8. I kinda figured it was angle

  9. Mayor Callaham is talking about running for County Exec. Beware. He's being advised by the very same people who brought the county bad bond deals. He'd sell Gracedale in a heart beat.

  10. And Ronnie claims he had NO part in the swaption.

  11. It's Mayor Callahan, isn't it ? He needs a job. LVEDC doesn't want him - neither does Northampton Community College. Yes, he thought he'd be a good college president. I also hear that he wanted to run ArtsQuest when Mr. Parks retires, but no one wants him there either. He needs a job, so he'll run for County Exec.

  12. I don't think the county will vote for him. Ask the police and firemen what he did to screw up their numbers. He would sell Gracedale in a second if it made an extra buck.

  13. I think some of you are making assumptions as far as Callahan goes, and for that matter, ANY future candidate for County Executive. This meaning for ANYONE running, they will be FULLY vetted on their stance on Gracedale, BEFORE the election. That will be a top issue for ALL that choose to run. The choice will then come down to their merits as far as past performance and experience. I don't know Callahan, however, I know a few people close to him, very well I might add. My feeling garnered from those relationships is the comments being made about him selling Gracedale are not accurate. I have yet to begin the process of elimination as far as candidates for County Executive, as there are none. When I do I will give all fair consideration.
    Furthermore, I would be suspect of the source of these premature comments. I guess it is never too early to start a smear campaign.

  14. I can only say that we on this blog MUST continue on a civil path. We are to set the bar as high as we can, and show our foes that we will not stoop to their low levels. I agree with Winston, anyone running for any position, especially CE and CC will have to endorse keeping Gracedale in county hands or risk certain defeat.

  15. Winston, no one is being uncivil. However, I agree with your essential point no candidate will run for CE without pledging to keep Gracedale for at least 5 years. With that being said, that promise must be investigated in comparison to a record. Consider the Mayor's history of in-judiciously re-directing grants that were not for their intended use. Also, there's the matter of the parking deck. . .

  16. Winston if you know "people" in the Callahan camp, you know these are pure politcal animals that are interested in power and money. Some of these people are the ones that pushed the Reibman awaption that helped their buddies but hurt the county. Many know some of the Callahan "camp" and will be letting the Gracedale groups know what is going on.

    We didn't work hard to get rid of one Republican back stabber to elect a Democrat backstabber.

    Past actions count not pretty words and promises.

  17. I went to school and grew up with some of the people around Callahan. I "feel" he would not opt to sell Gracedale. As far as political backstabbing and ambitions, I have no idea what he might do. Hence, I don't endorse him at this time. He also has not stated he will run. We currently have a Democrat "backstabber" in office. Like I said it will be Gracedale first for me and other qualities second. Name me a politician that doesn't exude these same "poor" qualities.

    On a side note. You know it is chic lately to sign "loyalty pledges". Mostly among the GOP , abortion, taxes, Grover Norquist....etc. Maybe we should adopt this "narrow-minded" idea and hold a candidate responsible for signing if they floated a sale after they were elected? It would be ammunition in a potential recall effort.

  18. You sound like part of the Bethlehem mafia there Winston. If so, you are very much part of the Callahan gang. He won;t sell Gracedale until he needs cash just like Stoffa. Besides if he wanted to be County Executive so much why the Hell didn't he run in 09 and save us from this mess with Stoffa. Don't need another career political office seeker. He will get elected and be more concerned with the next office he wants.

    I am 100% for Gracedale but my opinion of anyone signing silly pledge's when they run is, they don't deserve my vote. I beleive we should keep Gracedale but the future may be different. The real problem was not the sale in and of itself but the way this deal went down. Gracedale was making money and coming back strong when Stoffa took office. Stoffa fired the outside firm that was fixing Gracedale. Both Angle and Stoffa have never wanted to keep Gracedale and brought that up in the past. All of a sudden Gracedale was in the fiscal hole and we had studies and votes to sell lined up within a few months. Probably one of the biggest policy decisions in the history of the county and Stoffa, Angle and the new teabagger county council was ready to dump the place for a fast buck. I listened to some of the speakers both for and against.
    I was impressed with the former Director of Human Services who brought in facts that refuted some of the "facts" that Stoffa and Angle had been selling us.

    So all in all, I want someone to promise to do everything in their power to keep Gracedale but also be upfront and honest about it as time goes on.

    As to signing pledges, I will leave that to the teabaggers and the New Republicans, a bunch of hooey.

  19. Hey Winston, it was really good to see you today at the ceremony.

  20. shhh!!!!
    Oh well ....I guess the proverbial jig is up.
    Same here, thank you.
    All that was missing was a choir singing the "Hallelujah Chorus"

  21. Sorry, no ties to "Vinney" or "Pauly Walnuts".

    I also agree,
    Loyalty Pledges = "narrow-minded"

    However Stoffa stated he would not sell Gracedale under his watch. So if you have another idea that would compel a candidate to keep Gracedale, I would like to hear it.
    I went to school with the Callahan people and John Morganelli as well. John was friends with all of us. Not Callahan at that time though as he is much younger than us , I do know some very close confidants of Callahan. I am not in contact with them on a regular basis. My opinions on Callahan and Gracedale are based on feelings, from conversations. Not any hard evidence.
    To tell the truth I really don't pay attention to what he has done "TO" Bethlehem . I moved away 35 years ago, however I see people at reunions and M-fest.
    That said who would you like to see run?
    It seems from your comments you have all but eliminated most of the potentials. Is there a "dark horse" lurking in the shadows?

  22. Last night at council it was truely great to see what hard work can accomplish. Seeing the new council take there seats was great. I'm sure this council will be able to work together to move our county forward and get things done.

  23. Panto is not fooled by "Winston Smith".