Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bill Hansell - Framers Would Want Gracedale On Ballot

Bill Hansell, one of the Home Rule Charter Framers says that the question should be on the ballot and does not understand what the fuss is all about.

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After reading this article, one will really wonder what is being hidden from The People. It is clear according to Hansell that the framers wanted to give the electors an avenue to pursue should they not agree with the decision making of the elected officials, and they did just that, so what's the problem?

What are they Hiding?


  1. This quote tells it all!

    "'They're hiding behind the financial language because they simply don't want the question referred [to voters], and that's not playing by the rules.'"

    Thank you Mr. Hansell!

  2. I would really like to meet this Mr. Hansell
    and thank him myself.

  3. The three stooges angle/stoffa/ohare are all liars and who the hell is ohare that he is allowed free passage of the courthouse and other official county buildings. I can understand angle and stoffa but ohare is not even a legitamate reporter. any idiot with a computer can be a blogger. HE is a drunk who eats 2 much and has nothing better to do with his time

  4. I think Angle and Dowd will be in church tomorrow praying that the Superior Court bails them out and let's the people vote.

  5. now it turns out tapes are missing and ron angle took contributions from eckert seamans and we are to believe nothing shady went on here. county council needs to investigate.

  6. Why is it that BO and Angle are the ones pushing for the sale of Gracedale, and where is the money to pay for the prison comming from?

  7. Is there something mentally wrong with Bernard O'Hare ?