Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Won't They Listen?

Bill White of Mcall recently said - "Zany twist are nothing unusual" - speaking about Northampton County politics. Well, for most of us who live in NorCo, usual politics are just embarrassing.

We have politicians in NorCo, namely the County Council and the Executive, that truly do not comprehend the significance of their bullish behavior. They cannot fathom their inability to grasp and destroy the spirit of the people, but yet...they will try one more time. Well, when is enough, enough?

They tell us "we can't continue to spend money on Gracedale!!!" but yet it's alright to waste taxpayer money suing the does that really make any kind of sense?

Who in local government, in their right mind of course, would want to go down in history as the political clowns who could not discern the will of the people? Who? Which one? Angle, Dowd, Theiry, Gilbert. We feel the others are more sensible, and understand that they simply can not ignore 23k+ of their electors.

As much as we don't want there to be any corruption in our County, this behavior surely appears suspicious. Why won't they listen to their constituency? The county executive can't really be so fatuous, or could he? Is it possible that Mr. Stoffa is deficient in common sense? If so, that puts him right up there with Angle who is clueless and senseless, as demonstrated by his imprudent act of stirring up controversy for a headline. Worst yet, he is unconscious to the reality that the headlines are negative, and by way of those same headlines he will lose his position on Council.

All We The People want is to VOTE on the Gracedale question...nothing more. LET US VOTE.

Ironically, in Egypt and Libya they are in the mist of strife seeking democracy. In NorCo we are in the mist of strife trying to keep democracy - SHAMEFUL.

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  1. Something is being hidden from the public at all cost.When one thinks of all the money which the County is spending simply to prevent a vote or to squash the idea that there can never be "23,691" county execs., one has to shake his/her head in disbelief.
    Can't these guys see that the interested public wants to VOTE,that means,for OR against the sale of Gracedale.
    Stop wasting our money and act like mature representatives !