Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr. Stoffa is misleading the public on Gracedale's wages.

As for Mr. Stoffa 's quote of the salaries  - it is very misleading . He would like you to believe everyone at Gracedale makes that kind of money  and that is far from the truth. The salaries he mentioned were supervisors and administration , that is a far cry from the wages of the people that work one on  one with the residents everyday. That is like comparing apples to oranges.
Their salaries are nothing compared to the upper echelon.
 I would like to see Mr. stoffa , angle, Mr. Cusick do the job the aides and NA 2'S  do every day , or just follow then around for 8 hours and see what it is like and then tell me that they are making too much money.
Over the years the workers chose to take the lower pay and the better benefit's and County approved that.
Tell me who determines the wages of supervisors, career service, administration ???
It is not the union --they don't belong.
It is the County Executive,and the County Council that approved it all these years so don't blame it on anyone else but your self's.  County pays big money for people to sit behind their desk's or walk the halls, and pays little for the ones that do the work that counts.  
And any overtime is do to you hiring  freeze. Mr. stoffa let the people know what the ordinary worker earns it would make more sense. 


  1. It's not just nursing that makes the place work, it's the rest of the departments too. Don't forget them. They work just as hard as nursing. And make far less.

  2. You are absolutely correct, it takes all the people in all the departments to make Gracedale the great place it is. Kitchen, laundry,housekeeping,maintenance,CSR,therapy,
    volunteer dept,activity dept.,restorative aide's,
    pastor Floyd,office workers,social service dept,
    and all the other's I fail to mention .
    God bless each and everyone of you for what you
    I mentioned nursing only because of the two people Mr. Stoffa started out with.
    In the following week I will be talking to a few of you in different get some information
    to put in an article and let the public know the truth about the wages the County payes the workers at Gracedale.
    Sorry If I offended anyone

  3. Proud of you :-)

  4. I doubt if anyone on the Council or in Administration with the possible exception of Mr. Deitrich ( he's working to become a paramedic) has the faintest idea of the difficulties associated taking care of an elderly ill human being. It takes a special person to deal with all that is required in assisting them with their activities of daily living. It also takes special people to to run and maintain a beautiful facility. I see Laundry staff speak as kindly to residents as nursing staff. Dietary staff greet residents by name. You can't put a price on what love and care the staff give to the residents. It's true the average worker doesn't receive the huge salaries. When you have Nurses who have been loyal to the facility and have earned a higher rate of pay and are willing to work overtime why do people put them down. It's still cheaper to pay one of your own than an agency person. How about all the trips, inservices, meals etc that administration and county employees take?????? Why are those costs not made public? No just point out whatever negative thing you can about Gracedale. Those Gracedale workers deserve every cent they make!!!! Would you be able to do what they do and do it as well? I doubt it!