Monday, March 21, 2011

Stoffa - Criminal Intent

Last Thursday night toward the end of the County Council meeting (3/17/11), our County Executive Mr. Stoffa stood before the council and stated clearly...

"Do you know what I'm going to do in my third term? I'm going to twenty five cemeteries, I will take names off of the tombstones, put them on a petition with fictitious addresses and submit them to the election commission, that's what I'm gonna do".

Wow - really...Too bad the Coalition didn't know that taking names off of a tombstone was allowed, perhaps we could have done that! But we have always strive to do things right, following the rules, and we understood that what Stoffa suggested he is going to do during a third illegal. Yes, against the law! Stoffa clearly said he is going to break the law. Should "We The People" support this so called politician with criminal intent, we think not. The People have lost all respect, but most importantly all trust in this miscreant.

Stoffa making his statement can be viewed on-line approximately 2:12 minutes into the meeting. Go back two minutes or so, and you will hear him say that the County used Tax dollars to challenge the referendum petition, which as we understand it, is also illegal. A criminal investigation is reasonable, and hopefully the presence of DA Morganelli who sat in on most of the meeting is an indicator that an investigation is being considered, if not already underway. How ironic that Mr. Stoffa can (from a negative perspective) become part of the system that he is currently overseeing...the County prison.


  1. i believe he had those remarks to stop the questions ... or should i say deflect ? they got caught with there hands in the wrong cookie jar.

  2. They (Stoffa,Angle, bo and Eckard Seamans)knew what they were doing was illegal. They just didn't expect to get caught.

  3. Stoffa has admitted to using tax dollars to consider a petition challenge. The question is then is this legal under pa rules ?