Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Disgrace Disclosed

"Stoffa said he sees nothing wrong with attorney Mark Stewart and other Eckert Seamans staff consulting with Angle and O'Hare."

Why would Eckert Seamans consult with Bernie O'Hare? Is BO A councilman? NO HE IS NOT! Stoffa believes that it is okay because he is selling out NorCO and Gracedale.

Norco - you have to read this article...what a disgrace!!!


We must now prepare to fight even harder for what is right...until what is right is done.


  1. I guess Mark Steward callled all Councel Members to give them an update, why would he call only one? This is lower than a snake in a wagon wheel rut. Now it seems one stretched truth after another, can you beleve any thing they say, makes you wonder.

  2. When is this information going to be investigated by the DA? Stoffa, Angle and nobody O'hare have been doing things that need official review. And now not later!!!

  3. There is a bill for time spent with Mr. Angle and Mr. O'hare, but they don't have to pay it. We the tax payers have to pay it. I thought this was a private law suit.

  4. The question needs to asked of County Council. Did County Council intend to have tax dollars used to support the private lawsuits of Mr. Angle and Mr. O'Hare ? And, if not, will Council refuse to pay those bills ? Call on Mr. Stoffa to pay the county back for the expenses ? Ask the District Attorney to call a Grand Jury to investigate ?