Wednesday, March 16, 2011

O"hare Lied - He Admits

In a March 3rd, Patch article that O'hare himself wrote relating to DA Morganelli, he openly and candidly admits being a liar.

If he publicly admits he is does not always tell the truth, then how can we say when he is telling the truth, or why should he be trusted in anything he says?

O'hare Quoted in Easton Patch saying:
"No," "I lied. "

Read third paragraph from the bottom:


  1. Otter on the news at 5 maybe repeat at 6 or 10
    Seems we might need to bake some people a cake with a file in it.

  2. O'Hare was disbarred for forging a client's name on a motion to dismiss document, pocketing the $50 settlement, then lying to the client for several years that he had scored a multi-million dollar boon. It'd be bigger news if anyone could produce evidence O'Hare has ever told the truth about anything.