Monday, March 14, 2011

Stoffa's Blunder

A few weeks ago Mr. Stoffa  made the statement that was on TV and was printed in the local newspapers,"If we aren't able to sell Gracedale, Gracedale will be CLOSED or downsized significantly." The fallout from this statement has been tremendous.
With one statement , he managed to instill a great deal of fear into residents and their families.
This was very irresponsible with seemingly no regard  for the residents seeing that there are 38 residents that subscribe to the
Morning Call and 22 residents to the Express -Times. These residents also share their paper with other residents throughout the day. Families as well as residents are anxious about their future and where they will go when and if Gracedale is shut down.
Not to mention the impact it has on prospective admissions, who is looking to place a loved one in a facility that will possibly be closed? It is in the hope  and request of many at Gracedale that Mr. Stoffa give more thought in the future before making such a statement whether it be out of anger or frustration.
The staff at Gracedale has made every attempt since the conversation about a possible sale was initially made public to assure both families and residents that no matter what happened, they would have a place to live and they would not be made to leave.
Then Mr. Stoffa makes a statement that reverses all the reassuring we have done.
Please, Mr. Stoffa, think about the impact such a statement has on the people it affects the most.


  1. I'd like to make an observation concerning Mr. Stoffa. Something does not seem right with him. I've noticed quite a difference in the things he talks about.
    I even think that if he and Angle made this supposedly Gentlemens' Agreement," the plan is going the wrong way because of Mr. Stoffa's words and actions.
    I'll lay a bet that his staff is helping him along more than we know.
    I certainly hope that I am incorrect,and all is really well with him.His health is more important than politics!

  2. Mr. Stoffa has been saying and doing things that are out of character for him. At times it appears that he is under the complete control of Angle and that blogger. Has Mr. Stoffa forgotten the people who have placed their trust in him by giving him their vote? Let's hope these recent "lapses of reason" are temporary and not due to a more serious physical/mental decline.

  3. Is this blogger the same person who flipped the bird in front of that kid?
    If it is, I guess that Stoffa and Angle could be judged by the company they keep.

  4. In front of a kid! How old was this kid?

  5. John Stoffa is a good, honorable man trying to do a tough job in an awful economy.

  6. 4:29
    He should have ran his campaign to get elected on the platform of selling Gracedale
    He didn't though did he, no honor among thieves.

  7. How do you know how many residents subscribe to the newspapers? Aren't the residents entitled to some privacy?

  8. i have thought for some time now that stoffa's not doing his job ..... i believe angle and o hare are leading him .... could it be dementia there hiding from the public ? something is very clearly wrong with him.

  9. I think Mr.Stoffa is a reasonable man, but I also think there is a problem going on with him I hope to God I am wrong.There has been things that he has said and done that I personably know he was responsible for, and he denies these things. We all know that Mr. Angle is behind Mr.Stoffa in the selling of Gracedale maybe all of this is getting to him because I really don't think he has it in him to turn his back on the elderly of Northampton County,

  10. When one walks through the tower floor or a ward where a loved one is living, anyone can see that there are many residents who are reading the newspaper.
    I,personally, could not give you a specific number, but I can tell you that many residents there are either reading newspapers or books.
    Privacy has nothing to do with it.
    While sitting with a resident who is my friend, I often take a book with me for when my friend falls asleep. Even I have been asked by the roommate if I would mind lending out my book when I was finished with it.
    People see and people talk to each other at Gracedale. They even have resident meetings where anything including reading material can be discussed.Have you ever seen all the magazines available to the residents.
    The reading of novels,magazines, and newspapers serve as a great way to spend some time discussing the material with friends and family.

  11. 11:18 PM

    You didn't need to respond to that question it was probably Goldfisher.

  12. Truth be told stoffa should be removed and i mean fired. if anyone has read the article posted this morning on this very blog you will all agree with me. it is definately time for a major change in our local government. lets work together and make the chages necessary.