Friday, March 4, 2011

The Truth About Stoffa

The Coalition spokesperson Rev. Mario Martinez during last nights CC meeting - openly stated that Stoffa had in fact encouraged COAF to get the petitions names - Why didn't Stoffa deny it? Because it is true. Stoffa stated after the meeting to 69 News that this issue is not about Gracedale, he said it is about the Home Rule Charter and what it allows and does not allow.

What? Is Stoffa serious or is he delirious? This matter has always been about Gracedale, and always will be about Gracedale. It only became a HRC issue to Mr. Stoffa or anyone else for that matter, after we collected 23,391 petition names. If we were in fact violating the HRC, why then didn't Mr. Stoffa say that during the October 2010 Meeting? Why did he encourage the Coalition to spend 90 days pounding the pavement to collect the requirements for a referendum? Simply stated, because he didn't believe that Gracedale really meant that much to The People. Well it does...and yes we did it - to Mr. Stoffa's amazment.

It is now apparent that Mr. Stoffa among others have been spooked by this new high level of taxpayer participation. A level that clearly sends the signal to our elected officials that desire to control the county beyond their authority, that we have discovered the rules, we will learn them well, and apply them whenever our elected officials go astray.

No, this is not about 23k county executives materializing at will as suggested by the CE...its about the CE doing what is right, it is about CC doing what is right, and we must say that last night we observed some changes that may, and perhaps will inspire all concerned to put an end to this madness.

And someone really should inform Mr. Stoffa that the HRC does not trump the Constitution of our great democratic society. It is quite clear in the last paragraph of the first amendment that The People have the right to petition government for redress of grievances.

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  1. Mr Angle tax increse 20%, than 15% than 13%, now 20%, 20% will give the county 16 MILLION DOLLARS per year. Why is Angle throwing out numbers it seems the bulldog is going to bite him. Why is the counsel president not making these statements? He is the head of counsel, I forgot he is not running for reelection.

  2. For Mr.Stoffa To say this is not about Gracedale it is about the Home Rule Charter. What is more important the Home Rule Charter or Gracedale our elderly, sick ,and infirmed the people that worked and payed taxes all their lives did nothing more then grow old.
    Mr. Stoffa If you are the man that I think you are search your heart and soul and maybe you can change your mind.

  3. Mr. Stoffa cannot change his mind at this late date because he has used so many different excuses for selling Gracedale since August of 10 or maybe even before with his "Gentlemen's Agreement," he would lose too much face .
    He is obedient to Mr. Angle and cannot find his way out at this time.Remember Angle's outburst some months ago how he told one of HIS people that he must follow the party line. Remember how he questioned Dowe last week two different times for not voting with him.
    Soon, we shall know the truth. Look at all we have uncovered since this process began.Stoffa, who outwardly seems to be a gentleman, is either losing his credibility really quite rapidly, or he is slowly losing his mental faculties.
    There is the smallest of possibilities that he might return to the person of high integrity and character which he once was and change his mind for the good of all.

  4. This problem with THE VOTE to sell Gracedale is NOT about the Home Rule Charter,IT IS ALL ABOUT GRACEDALE.
    Can you imagine a County Executive using taxpayers' money to file suit against taxpayers.He needs to make it the Home Rule Charter in order to use taxpayers' money to sue
    in order for him to get away with it. This has always been about Gracedale's future since the beginning of this whole mess!

  5. There are several questions to ask. Most of the answers are obvious, but worth asking in public. If there are recommendations that can be immediately implemented from the consultants report that would bring in more than 2 mil a year, why haven't they been implemented ? If AFSCME has already offered to make concessions in the neighborhood of 4 mil, and the County said it needs 6, why hasn't the difference been split and a deal done at 4 or 5 mil ? If Council has called for the an outside management firm, similar to the set-up used at Ceadarbrook, why hasn't this already been done ?

  6. Don't all these reforms add up to the same number that Mr. Angle says is needed for a tax increase ?

  7. Curent millage on taxes is 10.8 mills a 20% raise in taxes will be 12.96 mills, a raise of 2.16 mills, will give the county 16 Million Dollars. A 1.8 mill increase in taxes will bring in 8 Million. If your property is assessed at 50,000 Dollars your taxes will rise 54.00 a year, small price to pay to keep Gracedale the cost of one dinner out a year.

  8. I see Angle's sidekick hasn't written yet about being grilled by the judge on Friday. He must be nervous. I heard Angle refused to come. Is that true? Did the judge let him get away with that kind of direspect?

  9. Angle was called to appear by the Judge. Angle was to report at 1pm. The Ottter didn't require him to testify. Regarding Stoffa- his statments mirror those of Angle's. HOW SAD THAT STOFFA WILL LEAVE A TARNISHED LEGACY.

  10. Stoffa was the head of human resources in Lehigh County when the top two positions there were privatized at Ceadarbrook why didn't he do the same for Gracedale when he had the chance. Maybe to much influence from one member of council.

  11. Amon: 10:28 am.
    Gracedale was been set up to fail starting a few years ago.First by not filling the beds after the window project.Second by telling the public when they call about having someone admitted that there are no empty beds, or there is a waiting list. The present administration at Gracedale have many times presented the executive and the council with Ideas and recommendations only to fall on deaf ears.So we can't only blame this on the present administration they tryed.Most of the blame is on Stoffa and Angle.
    It was voted on for a new managment system last thursday at the County Council Meeting lets see where that goes.
    Stoffa and Angle have it in their craw they are going to sell Gracedale no matter what, and at no cost to the tax payer. It is funny how they have money for some things but not Gracedale.

  12. What needs to be done is remove all of the scoundrels on council by way of the vote and recall soffa then the county will run right!

  13. I understand Bernie is threatening to disrupt the COAF event with his flipcam tomorrow night ?

  14. Why do people even take the time to concern themselves with this man? Take a good look at him and his accomplishments in life.Who does he have? What does he have? All he deals with is how to attempt to ruin people.
    He seems to have all the necessary intellectual gifts which many would like to have; however,
    feast upon the way in which he uses them!
    Imagine what he could offer our County if he truly used these gifts and talents on the people of our County,both young and old,who really are in dire need to learn from a positive role model.

  15. Positive role model Ohare?