Friday, October 12, 2012

An Engaged Public...

...Took down Ron Angle.

BO can say whatever he wants to, and he can claim many reasons took down Ron (the slumlord) Angle. But, lets face it, in his voting district there were many good average folks who feared Ron Angle because of his demonic personalty, and his deep pocket.

However, witnessing COAF, a small band of brothers and sisters in Christ (whom Angle labeled no-bodies) take on this giant Goliath inspired them to do what they wanted to do all along, take out the trash...and take it out they did! AH...wrong date...but who cares - we get the point ;-).

Ron was truly shocked when it happened, just like John Stoffa and Bernie O'hare were. But, Ron in reality is not over it yet...but over for him it is. 

And who really cares that he's on TV saying 68% - 68% hic-up, I say?

Not COAF, not The People, not Dist-4. Why not? Glad you asked...because he can not snooker us. We know that 18% was a lie, and 20% was a lie, and 30% was a lie - lie, lie, lie. So why should 68% be anything less than a lie.

Laughter QuotesLast Wednesday I was comically confronted by a laughing individual who knows Ron well, and who said to me: "I'm disappointed in you". And I of course laughed back stating "okay, what did I do now?". He said: my wife was channel surfing when she came across Ron Angle on BM and I said STOP! - and she did...but I was looking for you Reverend, and when I realized you were not on the show, I was disappointed.

WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE HIM ON AGAIN!!! I said something to the effect: calm down...I didn't go on the broadcast because I was not invited.

I suggested that Mr. Ianelli was probably under orders from Ron not to call me. I explained to him that I believe that Ron could not face me knowing that I would bring a hat...and make him eat it too. I expressed to him, you see - only a Marine can take down another Marine, and with the help of an engaged public, this Marine was victorious.

I genuinely have a great deal of respect for Mr. Seyfried, Mr. Grucela, and Mr. Green, and they did as well as they could considering the Angle they were attacked by...Me? Well, I would have brought a hat, and Angle would not be able to speak because he would be too busy eating.



  1. Good job on this post. There is no question that Ron Angle stacks the deck in the BM show. Ianneli doesn't mind having the wild bigoted anti-semite call the shots because it helps the shows ratings. How else can he get people to watch a boring local show without the LV's most nototious bauffon, Wrong Angle.

    Angle doesn't want anyone on the show that has real intimate knowledge of the Gracedale operation. A former Human Services Director named Heckman was suggested and word is Angle told Ianneli, no way.

    So let O'Hare and Angle have their little BS TV show. The COAF and their allies won the war, even if Angle and O'Hare try to re-write history.

    Angle is finished in County politcs and we can finally get back to the business of good government without his hateful deceitful presence.

    Once Stoffa is expelled and a new council is elected, we can all get back to solid and respectful governemnt.

  2. I agree this is a good post, but watz up wit da hat?

  3. I wonder what Ianelli will do when the Revenue Captains in Washington, DC finally prosecute Angle for tax fraud?

    Word is, he is under a high powered halogen spotlight, that he makes brighter with all of his stupidity and provocation.

    The Revenue Captains are tacking up the horses and heading straight for Lower Mt. Bethel. Hope good old Ronnie is prepared when he has to surrender his weapons.