Sunday, October 14, 2012

We Were Counting The Day's...

...leading to the day we considered would bring the good folks of NorCo some peace at last. Well, we were wrong in our estimation, but, correct about the corruption that We The People suspect exist in Stoffa's administration.

Some may feel that we are just picking on a few specific individuals within our County Government...they are however, incorrect. We are not picking on anyone. We are illuminating what they are hiding in darkness.

Ilisa Sacknoff for example, is not a "poor woman" who a group of people woke up one morning and arbitrarily decided to haunt. NO...she is in our opinion, a menace to the very people she is paid to serve.

To provide you a little history, at one point there were 34 COAF members engaged in talks with Gracedale management, leading to talks with the ranks of Ross Marcus, who was reporting back to John Stoffa. The meetings were primarily relating to one person...Ilisa Sacknoff, who was known by the group for her infamous words "You Don't Have A Choice" (these meetings are documented), and she very well knows this is true.

Imagine that! A social worker who's title implies "social" behavior which takes the interests, intentions, and needs of other people into account...but whom instead is actually antisocial, never behaving in a tactfully social manner. In fact, her behavior actually lacks consideration for others, and in general causes damage to society, whether intentionally or through negligence.

Recently, we learned Sacknoff  is irate with her co-workers, whom she believes are responsible for comments against her on this blog, as well as providing us information about her. Folks of NorCo - if what she believes is true...then isn't that a good indicator that even her co-workers feel that her bedside manners and work ethics are depraved, and less than honorable? In our opinion, the answer is YES.

This less than desirable employee has done many a wrong deed to many family members, but, more importantly to their loved ones under her care. Ativan to her is a society acceptable standard - If the use of such drugs are permitted by society solely for the sake of doing ones nails, then society's system is horribly broken.

The fear of retribution in the early day's was a constant for COAF member's, as we're sure it is today for those that may be unfortunate to have Ms. Sacknoff as a case worker for their loved ones. In one case (which we are certain of) Ilisa had the mother of a COAF member sent to Scranton for evaluation, instead of Bethlehem which is closer for the family to visit daily. In our opinion, and in the opinion of the victim, it was done as a form of punishment to the siblings for speaking out against Ilisa. It was her way of demonstrating that she was in control, and that she had the power to impose her will. Such fear is in fact the reason that COAF organized. We understood early on that if we were to combat and defeat corruption, we would have to work together to expose the intentional misbehavior of this morally debased Government employee.

ross marcusOur problem with Director Ross Marcus, is instead of reprimanding her at the very least, or terminating her services at most, he (with John Stoffa's blessings) promoter her to a position in Developmental Programs. We all looked at each other and had to asked, what on earth does this woman have on Stoffa and/or Marcus that would make him/them promote her? Hmmm.

To further illustrate her power over the administration heads, consider that she was in line to be laid off at the end of September (2012), which would have been a perfect opportunity to dismiss her. Instead, Stoffa allows Marcus to promote her again to her fourth position within the the Government ranks. 

We have also been informed that while employed by Northampton County, Sacknoff is also employed by a private sector organization in Allentown known as Pinebrook Family Services, which Sacknoff failed to disclose to her superiors in the County. A strict requirement by the County. County employees are allowed to moonlight, however, with specific restrictions. When a County employee decides to moonlight, they MUST follow all regulations which are careful in preventing any conflict of interest. We verified that she in fact works at PFS. In our opinion, a conflict of interest does exist, and it certainly merits an investigation by the proper authority within the County. The finding of such investigation should be made public once the investigation is concluded.

Masked criminal holding a stolen leather purse, isolated on white   Stock Photo - 12935399The conflict We The People believe exists relates to bonuses Ms. Sacknoff may have received in amounts as high as $2,000.00 for each referral made to PFS. Referrals which benefit the employer as well as (Ilisa) the employee. Our greatest concern of course, is that her motivation is not those in her care, but the tens of thousands of dollars she stands to make per year by using those in her care.

We The People feel that an investigation by our County Controller Stephen Barron is in order, with findings turned over to our County Council for resolution...understanding that the TRUTH is always in the best interest of We The People.


  1. Stoffa as usuual, what else is new. He only cares about himself an dhis ego.

  2. Did a post about how Callahan is using his solicitor to get money to get taxpayer funded legal services to Abe Atiyeh. It's pretty interesting stuff. Read here:

  3. Thanks Eric. That is exactly what Stoffa did with Angle and O'Hare but it has been buried as a story. It concernms me that the guy who will probably be the next Northampton County Executive does business the same way as Stoffa. I hope some one runs against him becasue I am still uncomfortable with his lack of knowledge about the county or his way of doing business.

    Besides Angle, O'Hare and Stoffa support him, so what does that tell you?

  4. Is Steve Barron investigating?

    He should be and he should be making all of his findings public.

    This rogue social worker needed to go get fired a long time ago and September was the most recent time she could have been let go. Whatever Ilisa has on Marcus and Stoffa must be good.

    Bottom line is all above are inept and incompetent and have no business in Human Services.

    It is time for council to act against these three stooges.

  5. Word on the street is that Barron should investigate texts and phone calls from Ilisa to Marcus, as Ilisa has told every DP worker that she needs to have her phone on for Marcus 24/7