Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do What You Have To Do!

...welcome any court case the miscreant Bernard O'Hare III would like to bring, and hopefully he will include his friend's Ron Angle, and John Stoffa. If he doesn't...we will!

The nonsensical ignoramus states on his blog: "Defamation consists of false statements about another person designed to draw that person into disrepute." That statement sinks his ship because he in fact is one who has made many false statements about many people, without any regard for TRUTH. Continuously hiding behind FREEDOM OF SPEECH...he then says: "Freedom of speech does not give you the right to post vicious lies that you know are untrue. It gives you no right to pursue baseless litigation founded upon still more lies. You will find out soon enough."

The three connivers as seen here plotting will have to answer some questions too.

Yes will find out soon enough.

We The People have much to tell a judge, we have been waiting patiently for the day to come that we can share all we know. We will expose the TRUTH, and we have many many witness who will also reveal the truth, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the help us God. 

We look forward to your attempt Bernie...We The People are prepared - We do not fear you nor any of your bully fiends.

When the dust settles, all your deceptions will be clearly evident, and the scandal Mr. Stoffa has been trying to avoid will occur...and he will have none other than you to thank for it.



  2. Dont worry about the empty threats. I went through the ex girlfriend lawsuit to find that Mr. Orloski probably prepared none of it. The complaint it self is so disorganized and the product of a miscreant stalker, that no judge will take it seriously.

    His brief contra defendants preliminary objections is also a puss pocket of incorrect case law, case law that has no applicable standard to his complaint, case law that actually helps the defendent, and is obviously prepared by a non attorney like the disbarred drunken jackarse that he is.

    I think a lone, ordinary citizen with a GED and a flask of whiskey could sit on a bus, whip up some response, drop it at the courthouse, and beat O'Hare hands down.

    Dont worry about his threats. They are as empty as his recent lawsuit against the ex girlfriend.

  3. "I think a lone, ordinary citizen with a GED and a flask of whiskey could sit on a bus, whip up some response, drop it at the courthouse, and beat O'Hare hands down."

    Instead, they got Otter.

  4. O'Hare is using the old Angle approach of trying to strike fear into people by bleeding them dry with lawsuits and delays.

    In this case, it will be hard for O'Hare to prove to a judge that he has been maligned. He regularly maligns people and has for years on his blog.

    He feels that with Angles money and lawyers, they will be able to bully people into silence and fear.

    Please don't worry. The court will not allow itself to be used as O'Hare and Angle's private retribution agency. Mr. O'Hare claims his reputation has been harmed. What reputation?

    Now is that malicious, no it is a question. O'Hare is playing smemantic games with you and that is all he has. His own blog has more hate and defamation on it then this or any blog has ever had.

    So go on doing the good work, there are thousands of people wiling to help if necessary. After next years elections, county council will vote for a full investigation into the Angle/Stoffa/O'Hare meetings on Gracedale and the use of taxpayer money to subsidize private individuals.

    The angry old men will just keep wailing away.

  5. Not worried because we have done nothing wrong. They on the other hand are known to have done currupt deeds.

  6. Word on the street is, Angle stoped after the first court case what case does have?

  7. Angle should be in jail for forgery of his father's will. WTF. I have no confidence in the courts

  8. anon 5:02, English much?

  9. Angle wants to run for county counsel. He wants to run for an at large seat. God help Northampton County.

  10. Let him he wont' win