Friday, October 5, 2012


Last night during the County Council meeting, We The People were privileged to witnessed the greatest, most awesome display of bi-partisan unity we can recall in recent history (within our local government).

We can say without a doubt, it was the first time since COAF's birth, that we really felt proud of our County Council.

What you won't read on that other blog is that John Stoffa's Administration was put on the hot seat during the Executives report, it was disclosed that to complete Stoffa's new archives building project, get this folks - an addition $283,000.00 (+ or - a dollar) will be necessary. Ken Kraft, Lamont McClure, Bob Werner, lead the questioning regarding the unplanned expenditure being requested.

In our opinion, it appeared that the there was some corrupt practice relating to the bid process and we won't get into specifics because we would rather encourage all in the county to view the discussion for yourselves when it is listed on line in a day or so. In fact, check back here, when the video of the meeting is posted we will place a link to it here.

At one point even Barbara Thierry chimed in with questions of her own, and she actually appeared to be in agreement with Mr. McClure, something We The People never in our wildest dreams believed we would witness.

Throughout the lengthy one on CC lost their composure - there was no screaming, yelling, or grandstanding. On the Stoffa side however, you could sense the anxiety because it appeared as if they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar. At one point Stoffa's administration had to go for a bottle of water...and you could see the sweat running.

It truly was an awesome display by our NEW County Council. Yes - We The People got it right this past election, and if we do it one better this coming election, NorCo will most likely have one of the best governing bodies in the State. This ladies and gentlemen is what an ENGAGED CITIZENSHIP can do. We believe that with a few exceptions (like Ron Angle and John Stoffa), most people who get involved in the politico arena, do so because they truly care and want to make a difference.

Did we agree with everything that was said...NO, but that's okay, we're reasonably not always going to agree. What's important however, is that we are our own convictions...striving to do what is always in the best interest of the served.

The road to this magnificent display of pushing party to a side, and working together in unity - with the best interest of We The People in mind has been long and hard road, however, last night it was well worth all the heartache we endured.

We have to reiterate - for the first time in a very LONG time...we actually felt proud of our County Council's performance.

Keep up the good work.


  1. Hopefully Couty Council holds the line on
    Stoffa for the coming year. He is incompetent and reckless with county money.

    Let him ride out his term and hopefully he won't break things more than he has. Don't agree to any major moves or changes.

    It will be hard enough for the next Administration and Council to clean up the mess he has already made with out adding to it.

  2. Unfortunately, Parson and Werner tend to do what Stoffa wants, so I wouldn't hold out much hope.

  3. Anon 5:33
    R U smoking crack? I'm certain that you were not at last Thursdays meeting, bc if u were, u would not make such an idiotic statement.

  4. O'Hare is being outrageous again. You can't post ecasue he just deletes and now he has closed comments again. Like the coward he is.

  5. Crack ? Watch the meeting. Parson and Warner voted to give the ambulance contract at Gracedale to a foreign company. This would have probably resulted in killing the Nazareth Ambulance Corps.

  6. Anon 12:13 - bernie, we know its you so we will remove you like you are removing us on you blog...Bye.