Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clean - Veracious...

...Two qualities we seek in those we elect to represent us.

Clean - simply means that they are without blemish. That they refuse by their own will to sully their reputation or character conducting less than honest or ethical practices.

Veracious - truthful, honest...

Can we say that John Stoffa hold these two qualities? No, absolutely not. In our opinion, John Stoffa out right lied to We The People on more than one occasion, so we can't say he is veracious.

What about clean? Well, when a person is marked by duplicity, can they be clean? John Stoffa dealing with Gracedale, initially said he was not in favor of selling our much needed facility, but in the background he was scheming to do just that. And when Ron Angle failed, John Stoffa exposed his true colors. He sued the taxpayers (and lost) with tax dollars. Why would he do that if he was clean? No, We The People don't believe he is clean.

What about Ross Marcus? So glad you asked...Ross is known by We The People as "The Weasel". Generally speaking a weasel is neither clean nor veracious. Mr. Marcus during a meeting at Gracedale was asked if he would want his loved ones in the hands of Ilisa Sacknoff, he replied something to the effect "no...not if what you people are saying is true". He then promoted her to another position in county employment to get her out of Gracedale.

Recently, John Stoffa announced layoffs...Ms. Sacknoff was to be laid off, but days before her exit Mr. Marcus, with Mr. Stoffa's permission promoted her to another position. All this while terminating a couple of good employees for calling them snakes.

The elections next year should prove to be very interesting, if  We The People cast our votes correctly...we can have both...clean and veracious government.

It's time to remove the vermin!


  1. Then why did you pick Attorney Otter (for now) to represent you?

  2. WORD ON THE STREET IS, Why did Otter win two times over ohare and angle? Why did Otter win two times over Stoffa? bo and angles case is still before the court, because ohar filed his brief after the deadline. I do not think he can tell time.

  3. The three angry old men, Stoffa/Angle/O'Hare are just laughing stocks now. Powerless and meaningless, except to themselves. Pweople make fun of a real lawyer like Atty Otter but respect disbarred alcoholic Bernie O'hare. Just an another example of the wierd world of the O'Hare haters.

    O'Hare has his little band of haters(most his various personalities), and not much else.

    We will have some good people runing for office andf not Stoffa head bobbers. All who supported the sale of Gracedale are history. We need a new county cpouncil willing to represent all the people not just Stoffa and Angle.

  4. Stoffa should be held accountable for everything as well as his latest failure of appointing Ilisa Sacknoff and not even posting the position or letting county employees that are much more qualified for to apply.

  5. WORD ON THE STREET is that Stoffa will be asking to lease/buy a Human Service Building to Council this month. Stoffa has squandered tens of millions of dollars on the Swaption. Let several programs close in Human Services and outsource work to Private Agencies. Stoffa has also tried to sell Gracedale and failed. He has also squandered thousands of dollars for a Child Advocacy Center he campaigned and championed he would establish. If Council oks this building then all who votes for should be voted out and leave a failure like Stoffa.

  6. There is not one credible reason to sell any of the HS buildings in 2013 and lease/buy another. Vote no to more Stoffa nonsense.

    Let the new adminstration and council in 2014 deal with this in a planned and rational way. Stoffa is already assuring the treasury will be empty when he leaves office, so council needs to keep him on a short leash.

    After seven years of doing nothing but harm and making blundrs, it is tiome for "Stoffa to just fade away.

  7. The Wolf building is in shambles! Stoffa and the County should be disgraced that workers in any dept actually have offices there.

  8. The Wolf building is far from in "shambles". Some people ought to get a job in the real world and see what "shambles' really is like. The building is fine and it functions well.

    This is another no real plan fly by the seat of my pants Stoffa mov,e to take care of someone.

    There is nothing really wrong with the building that demands action on it now. A new adminstration and council can review a complete county plan in 2014 and go from there.

    Stoffa has no plan and will end up getting below market for the buildings and putting the county into a long term mess like he has in West Easton and in Forks.

    Enough. County Council, do your job and just say no to this meglomaniac. If you don't you might as well resign since you won't get re-elected and that includes Mrs. Ferraro. It happened once and it can happen again.

    Human Serticves is in the toilet and is hemmorraging money. Stoffa and Marcus have virtually ruined the Department and he wants to spend money on a new Human Sercvices building. What will he do with it other than name it after himself, store cleaning supplies in it?

    Wake up people.