Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Wing Open

Gracedale new short-term rehabilitation facility opened officially yesterday.

It is amazing that Gracedale is doing all the right things today that it could not (or would not) do in recent times to offer its services to the community.

We The People said all along that managed correctly Gacedale can become self-sustaining. But, still we are reminded that even though this wing will generate at least another million dollars for Gracedale, she will still need some financial support from the County. John Stoffa was quoted to say: "if you increase your revenue beyond what your expenses are, your making money". Wow, sounds like a rocket scientist doesn't he.

TRUTH be told "every department in the County will need financial support from the County" NOT JUST GRACEDALE. But not all departments generate any funds.

Gracedale unveils short term rehab unit


  1. Good News. Just for alls information, this was advised by the consultant the county hired eight years ago. It was planned to be implemented, then Stoffa got elected. He threw out the consultant, he threw out the study and ran Gracedale into the ground in order to make his case to sell it.

    While I am glad this happened, it is sad it took eight years and a public refernedum for it to finally occur.

    Never forget what happened here and the people involved in it!

  2. Yes other Programs is Human Services will need County dollars for funding, is that not the County's responsibility to the taxpayers/citizens of the County?

  3. Stoffa/Angle/Marcus have essentially gutted and pretty much destroyed the Northampton County Human Services Department.

    I fel bad for the next person, they will inherit a broken mess.