Friday, October 12, 2012

"Where We Went Wrong" wasn't Ron Angle who said that - It was none other than Bernard O'Hare III.

Speaking of their failed attempt to sell Gracedale on BM, the nonsensical ignoramus slipped and said "Where WE went wrong was, WE rushed it, WE pushed and pushed and pushed instead of taking the time" and Bernie was interrupted by Tony, who asked the question: "Who was the WE?"

Bernie responds: "When I say WE I'm saying those of us who advocated the selling of Gracedale"

Tony: "Was John Stoffa one" Bernie responds quickly: "Yes" - "And instead of taking the time to educate the voters as to the consequence of keeping Gracedale".

Wait just a minute, We The People have a question: What consequence's? There have been no negative consequences, only positive. And let us point out that We The People were not snookered as Angle continue to shout out, and because we were not, Ron Angle is out, and John Stoffa will soon be out, and Bernie O'Hare was never IN!!!

And who is BO by the way, that BM would ask him on the telecast? The only thing he said that was accurate was that the staff at Gracedale CARE, and Ron seemed to get annoyed at him for saying that.

For most of us, BO has made it very clear that he cares more about a water company in Allentown, then he does about our Gem Gracedale, which deals with human life.

Perhaps the real questions here are: Why is BO involved in this matter? Whats in it for him? And who is providing whats in it for him?

No other meaningful and real member of the press has ever been involved in any issue to this degree, nor taken a side because the media is supposed to be neutral. Real reporters report the news, they don't go out a make it! But O'Hare is not a real journalist, and in our opinion, he is just a wanna-be with no life.

Early in the broadcast, Angle asked: "why does the County belong in the business of running a nursing home"...Well, the answer to this question is quite simple, read our lips Ron - because the taxpayers who pay the bills overwhelmingly said so, period.


  1. OHairy lost his one cheerleader when Angle got his butt dumped by the voters..In 2014 Stoff a will be gone also..Bernie's only friend then will be Bernie himself..Sad really..

  2. BO has interjected himself into NORCO like a bad virus. It makes many of us sick. Some like Stoffa, Angle and a few others have had a temporary immunity but eventually his morbid toxic vile presence will devour them like it has others. Many have learned that the best defense against this used -to- be lethal threat is to ignore him. For to allow this nobody to infect you with fear, lies and threats provides him with nourishment to allow his pathetic organism to take hold. Be strong! Truth is your best defense against BO-he can't deal with it!!!!!

  3. OHairey is a puppet. However gives him attention should check in NW7 at Fountain Hill.

  4. Your point is well taken. That is why I cannot believe the Bethlehem Press pays him to be a "reporter". He is the most biased hateful person around. He is worse than Angle because O'Hare is smart and knows better, he just whores himself out. That is why he is backing away from Stoffa and pushing Callahan, a guy he once said should not be elected.

    1. Not smart. Seriously stupid and pathetic , yes...but smart, no. Smart people dont behave like this.

  5. O'Hare's life has been plagued with failure after failure after blunder. Not only was he disbarred from the practice of law, but his entire family has disowned him. He is starved for attention and acts like sickening rabbid reptile when he doesnt get it. Not only is he deranged, but seriously conflicted in all of his blogging. He contradicts himself on a regular basis, holds stance on nothing and no one, without any regard for truth vs. lies.

    Yes he is a puppet for anyone who pays attention to him. He flip flops like a tic tac in motion doesnt he? Also all the creepy photos and blogs about pre-pubescent boys to whom he is not related......I think we have an obvious pedophile here.

  6. Has another video up on a five yeat old boy. I wonder if the parents of the kids at these events don't get upset that this old sweaty man in bicycle tights is filming their little boys.

    Sounds disgusting.