Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Baby Is Cring Again!

Well, put something in his mouth to shut him UP!!!

No one was ever fooled Ron...for your information, the only fool is the fool who believes We The People were fooled. We guess that means YOU!

Tony Iannelli's Business Matters TV show has reached the point it is no longer a meaningful program to the viewers of NorCo. When you put a has-been like Ron Angle on your show, who for so many years did nothing but bully the people around him, you lose any credibility you may have.

Last Monday, October 8th, 2012, Business Matters aired a program titled:  Gracedale, One Year Later - Feeling the Effects. The program was simply a disgrace. And anyone who views it will agree that Ron Angle was, and continues to be nothing more than a deceiver who spews slanted numbers from his slanted mouth. Folks, let us remember the tax increases that were necessary in 2011, 2012, and 2013...18%, 20% - at one point a whopping 30%, all because of Gracedale...but wait a minute, taxes haven't gone up, even with John Stoffa's SWAPTION disaster - that's right they haven't - because obviously it was never necessary.

Let us consider that with the AFSCME giving back at minimum 2.5 million dollars, and Gracedale opening a new wing producing 1.5 million, the total figure is 4 million dollars. Hmmm, how stupid does Ron Angle or any of his fiend friends think that the taxpayers are? It is impossible to be 6 Million in the hole when you have 4 million in your pocket. Your a fool Ron to believe that you can fool the people won't happen because we (COAF) will not go away. And We The People are wide awake, and we will continue to watch you and your miscreant friends closely.

As for Tony Iannelli, how could you sell out your viewers? Giving air time to system established malefactor's like Ron Angle and Bernie O'Hare. In the eye's of the tax payer's, these two are crooks, and, if you are in bed with them - what does that say about you.

...more to come.


  1. Ianelli must be one of them. Which means his business is...?

  2. becoming more and more obviously one sided toward Angle,Stoffa, and Bernie.
    He is starting to look like a fool.

  3. tony ianelli never invited the largest union at Gracedale AFSCME to attend the tv show.. does that surprise anyone? Once again, Ronnie baby couldn't keep his big mouth shut, he showed such disrespect for all on the show... It abusolutely made me sick!!!