Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Defeat...

...For John Stoffa!

The Honorable Judge Leonard Zito issued a preliminary injunction which precludes John Stoffa from entering into a contract with Lifestar Response until the judge makes his final determination in the case against Stoffa.

In his arrogance County Executive John Stoffa  has lost one legal battle after another...after another.

We look for the story in the Express Times, but as usual, it seems they didn't think it was a worthy story.

The Morning Call however, did run a story - see: Council Granted Injunction Against Stoffa

Stoffa really needs to resign! Resign!! Resign!!! No...its not an echo John. Stop pounding your head, it won't help!

Judge Zito stated: "This matter implicates a substantial question concerning the scope of executive authority under the Home Rule Charter that must be promptly resolved to prevent potentially irreparable damage to our county system of government."

We agree! This type of shenanigans cannot be allowed to occur ever again. There has to be checks and balances in place to prevent future attempts to circumvent the authority of County Council.

By the way really should resign.

Why? Because no one has any confidence in you anymore. Your incompetence is visible for miles buddy.

And You have become quite the derision in Nor-Co.

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  1. Pure Stoffa. Not a surprise to those who know him for what he really is.