Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He's Too Dense...

...To understand!

The best the nonsensical ignoramus can do is call people names. And that is certainly an indicator that he is sinking in quick-sand fast.

"We The People" are the greatest three words ever penned together! They are (at least in our nation) the most meaningful string of words ever written.

When O'Hare mocks these words he makes it crystal clear that he believes in TYRANNY. He enjoys working for a tyrant...you know - like John Stoffa, who just so happens to do as he pleases without regard or concern for "The Home Rule Charter", or the Constitution of our "Great Nation", which by the way starts out by saying...

Why does O'Hare want to work for a tyrant like John Stoffa? Because Stoffa makes him feel important...something that O'Hare has lost, his sense of self worth. O'Hare will never amount to more than what he is today, an antagonist seeking attention. He will never be recognized at any level of importance especially because of his persecution of "We The People".

Politicians like Ron Angle and John Stoffa, to mention two, believe that the only way to control their bosses - you know "We The People", is to rule over them with an iron fist.

They use dense nonsensical individuals like O'Hare as their fist to control the masses. What they fail to realize is that the "Iron Fist" approach has failed time and time again throughout the world, as it will fail in Nor-Co also.

"We The People", are the backbone that holds the body together. "We The People" are the head, not the tail. "We The People" will work together as we always have to resist tyranny. We will NOT allow tyrants like Stoffa to do as they please. No... "We The People" will not submit to tyrants.

Bernie - Our inalienable rights may be trampled by politicians like John Stoffa, but they will never be taken from us, NEVER!!!

Why not?

Because "We The People" will not surrender them. We will fight for them as our forefathers did, to the last breath if necessary. We will never surrender them! - If you get nothing else from this post...

...you better get that!!!


  1. He has already lost. You helped elect a judge ( hopefully). And will elect your five county council candidates and county executive ( Hopefully not Bernie's buddy). Who will transform this county.

    If Callahan doesn't win ( he has no chance). Bernie is toast. He can then go climb in some latrine and slither back into the toilet where he belongs

  2. I had never heard the term "Fabian Socialist" before, and I was on LVR where I read an attack on the fake rev (I say that respectfully) so I decided to Google "Fabian Socialist", what I discovered was truly shocking.

  3. O'Hare is an anon coward. He writes 99.9% of all the comments on his blog. He has dozens of anon identities....at least 40 that he comments under at the ET

    He will tumble , crumble and self destruct himself into jail. itscoming

  4. Bill White is a coward..He attacks Steve Baran , who honestly is one of the nicest guys on the planet..He attacks Mario who , I believe is closer to God, than many I've ever known, and he is strong in his faith and spirit, and he just can't leave Gregory alone.. For some reason, he keeps trying to pee on Gregory's leg and just keeps missing...Bill White is just another Bernie Ohare but more dangerous because he has a wider audience. Bernie doesn't try to find the truth because it would poke his eye out.
    White knows the truth but ignores it..Not sure which one is worse.