Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stoffa Is Trying To do The Right Thing...

REALLY??? Says who?

On May 22nd, 2013 John Stoffa was quoted in the Express Times by the "Opinion Staff" as saying: “I’m not usurping anybody, I’m trying to do the right thing.”

John Stoffa is an outright LIAR, and we have no problem saying that.

We said it to his face before the County, and we will say it again today. 

What do we base that statement on?

He told us in the 911 building during a meeting that if we really wanted to save Gracedale we had to get the names. And when we got the names what did he do? HE SUED US!!! HE OUTRIGHT LIED TO US, period.

Now he wants us to believe that he is once again "trying to do the right thing"...Yeah right - while all along we can crystal clearly see he is doing the wrong thing.

How so? Well, forcing County Council to sue him is NOT THE RIGHT THING!!! It's a waste of tax resources. In fact, because he is forcing it, it's MISUSE of tax resources. And it's JOHN STOFFA doing it - not County Council as portrayed by ET.

When is someone in authority going to do something about this reckless maniac? He does and says things that are beyond anyone's comprehension, yet he does and says, and it is accepted.

The Express Times "Opinion Staff" seems to suggest that one person (Stoffa) is better qualified than SIX, YES, we said SIX members of Council to make a decision that even the taxpayers feel comfortable with. The "Opinion Staff" also suggest that: "Council could still call off the lawsuit, and it should" - Really??? WHY?????

Since your so smart "OPINION STAFF", tell us WHY! And then tell us exactly who you "THE OPINION STAFF" are...because you never tell us that! Oh...that's right - your ANONYMOUS.

Hey ET...Please tell us - what happened to "majority rule"? Are you suggesting that the majority should be at the mercy of the few...or worst yet - the ONE!

In our opinion, the newspapers aren't worth the paper they are written on. Who exactly is the ET to tell County Council what they should do? When in fact, We The People have already spoken.

SIX - YES, count them - SIX Council members representing their constituents made a decision, not once, but TWICE.
The second time...well, it really doesn't matter because ET thinks Stoffa is the only one that counts...they appear to think he's GOD!

Well, we have NEWS for them...
...HE'S NOT!


  1. Doesn't Mr. Stoffa control the news paper anyways? After all the ridiculous stuff they have posted in the last few years you would think so. Do they owe Stoffa for something? Or are they just plain ignorant?

  2. Anyone know how the GAB meeting went yesterday?

  3. gab went well. By Stoffa not signing the contract with Naz. Amb. is costing Gracedale $1000.00 a day to use the old contract. He realy wants to save Gracedale.

  4. I was thinking about White's induction of O'Hare into his Hall of Fame this morning. This must really sting O'Hare. O'Hare has been attempting to hoodwink people for awhile now trying to crawl back to respectability. I really thought it was curious that White would do this to him. White spent a lot of time propping O'Hare up over the last several years. White knows that induction into his Hall of Fame is regarded as exposing the inductee to ridicule. Why did White do it ? Was he afrad that O'Hare was starting to encroach on his territory ? Or, like so many people, is he starting to see O'Hare for what he is, a fitting fool for his Hall of Shame ?

  5. The GAB meeting was interesting. It was brought out by one of the visitors that even before the vote on the referendum that Stoffa HAD SOLD GRACEDALE AND TAKEN A DEPOSIT. There are papers to prove it. Stoffa is beyond belief. Gracedale is improving but there is still many area where there need for change and management is working on these areas. Thanks to Stoffa Gracedale is loosing $1,000.00 a day because of his arrogance. You cannot believe a word this poor excuse or aof a man says.
    Thanks John for once again wasting taxpayer's money---oh per him "it's not taxpayer's money,it's county money" duh????

  6. John Stoffa lost another court case today.

    We will post details later today.