Wednesday, June 12, 2013


...What exactly does that mean?

...Does not exist in John Stoffa!
Transparency in government means HONESTY. Honesty is essential in all aspects of life to build and maintain TRUST! In light of some of the recent Federal Government scandals (IRS and NSA, to mention two) it is difficult these days to TRUST anything the federal, state, or local government tells us.

We have plenty of tax money!
In Northampton County local government we have Stoffa-Gift.
What exactly is Stoffa-Gift you ask? Well, Stoffa-Gift goes back to early 2011 when our County Executive John Stoffa revealed his true colors and sued the taxpayers misusing taxpayer resources (funds), not once, but twice.

The initial accounts, reports, and calculations, indicated that the amount of tax resources misused to litigate against the taxpayers was in the area of $11,000.00. All three involved in the scheme, Ron Angle, John Stoffa, and Bernard O'Hare the III denied ever being involved in a plot to misuse tax dollars to sue the tax payers. Their problem was that everyone in court witnessed Mark Steward of Eckerd Seaman's (the firm hired to assist in the sale of Gracedale should it occur) coaching Angle and Ohare. Of course, they both denied being coached. What about Stoffa? Good question...He authorized it!
I took an oath to serve,
and serve I will!
On December 6, 2012, our trusted County Controller Stephen Barron revealed that an investigation his office conducted could prove that there were at least two hours of tax resources misused to assist Angle and O'Hare with their "personal and private" litigation against the "Gracedale Initiative drive", which was spearheaded by the taxpayers, and admitted by Mark Stewart.
You can't hide forever!
In early 2013, when confronted with the facts and presented with the amount of $700.00 relating to the misused tax resources, John Stoffa agreed to pay back the misused tax money.
We, of course, were exultant...Not because we were going to get back misused tax resources, but, because we finally received what we were seeking all along, an admission of "WRONG DOING". In our eyes an admission of guilt.
The whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH!
We published the information in a post "Guilty...Guilty...Guilty". By the following meeting Stoffa had been enlighten by his solicitor we're sure. Who probably made it clear to Stoffa that we were correct - his repayment of misused tax funds could be viewed as an admission of guilt. Hence, Mr. Stoffa sent an email to County Council describing his return of the misused tax dollars as a gift to the County. Stoffa asked Council to vote on "receiving the money as a gift" which for various reasons, Council voted against the gift idea (and did not accept it as such). Those monies are still uncollected!
Someday soon we hope.
 Today, "We The People" continue to wait patiently for JUSTICE to visit our County! When will Lady-Justice come?


  1. Thank you all!! Here is to a better future, with better people in county government.

    Stay the course, we the people are counting on you!

  2. Bernie OHairy made it to Bill White's Hall of Fame. There is a God! Nothing will eat at this self proclaimed big shot as entering the Hall of Fame. No matter what he says, it's gotta be killing him!!! Wonderful!

  3. Yes, O'Hare was inducted into the Hall of Shame, where O'Hare belongs. However, he wasn't inducted for cruel and sadistic things he did to his clients when he was still a licensed lawyer. That's his true legacy of shame.

  4. But what happened to him? Nothing.

  5. Nothing yet lol but eventually things will catch up they always do